IKEA MARKUS Chair Review – Best Budget Chair

BUT WHAT do you need to know about the IKEA MARKUS office chair before you buy one?

In a nutshell, I think this chair is fantastically comfortable and a great value but if you don’t like firm, minimalistic chairs, or you need adjustable features to make the chair comfortable for you, these will be deal breakers.

I’ve had this chair for a couple months now. I sit on it for hours doing work or gaming on the computer, and it feel just as good as the first day I bought it.

Be sure to check out my unboxing and assembly video if you haven’t already seen it:


ClarityRyZze says:

At first i thought i bought some shitty chair but i really needed one so i said fuck it and bought it. ITS FUCKING 10 Times better than the dx racer i just love it

FlorinU says:

Is the back lockable in any reclined position?

miniMEGA29 says:

How tall are you? when you mentioned about to tall or short im just wondering am i too tall. Im 175cm and im probably still growing few cm 🙂

PapiDimmi says:

This is the first chair review I’ve ever seen.

Jeff says:

yeah, check that oat ….

Skye says:

You have really great quality videos! I’m glad I came across you from Ed’s video, you just gained a new subscriber. Hope to see your channel grow, bro.

K-plus tunjevina says:

I have thunder thighs so I can’t cross both legs in mine 🙁

Idris Tokhi says:

Awesome chair! Love mine in leather.

Chris Furlong says:

Had this chair for three years. Bought it because of its “10 year warranty”. The chair broke near the end of the third year.

ProtecSirius says:

The chair was bit too narrow for me, also the middle knob (recline tension) does not work properly. Even if i set it to max, it still reclines very easily. In my old chair when i adjusted the tension it did not even move! I need to go sit in the demo chair again to be sure mine is not faulty.

Atheos says:

Does not fit under hemnes desks for some stupid fucking reason.

thomasxbl says:

Hi David, thanks for your review of the chair. I watched it this morning and went to Ikea to get one afterwards. In the store, the backrest would recline much more easily (I have it on the softest setting) and now I am wondering if it will recline more easily with time or does it take hundreds of shoppers to wear out the mechanics first?

C North says:

This guy shouldn’t be reviewing chairs, because he doesn’t understand what people need in a chair. When he sits you can see he essentially has zero room between the back of his knee and the seat, and he can’t even really put his feet on the ground either….both of those are big issues. So the seat is too high, and the seat depth is too long. That means he never really gets the full range of true lumbar support, and all of his weight is focused on his legs/pelvis, with none of it being offset to the feet. Ideally, your legs should at least support their own weight on the ground.

ketchup says:

My first impresson. Compare to my old chair that is trige from jysk. Markus is better for short sittings and work, and you can adjust it more, also colder, which will be good when the summer comes. But long sitting it kind of start to feel little bit hard. The big reason to why I switch, was because the armrest for trige break twice. Hopefully the metal that keep the backrest at place are of better quality in this one.

I think the leather version is more comfortable, espically when it comes to the armrest.

sonic_blue says:

Hi. Just wondering what the minimum seat height is on yours (from the ground to the top of seat cushion). Ikea says 47cm, but mine is more like 49-50cm. Even 47cm is too high for a minimum height imo. Really should be 45cm to fit under most desks, or for people with short legs (I don’t have short legs – I am 184cm tall). Basically I want to know whether I got a dud or if they’re all like that. Would save me a long trek out to Ikea to measure their display model. I considered taking the castors off, that would lower it another 4cm or so, but then it would be very annoying to move around. Apart from that I really like the comfort of it. Thanks

Michael Noriega says:

Which color did you purchase?

Homan Ching says:

hey this is Homan from Hong Kong. Recently I’ve been querying which ikea chair is better. After watching this video, it has ans my questions and thx for it! ur video clips ar very useful. So, keep it up!

David Zhang says:

*I have some updated thoughts on this chair in this video* https://youtu.be/MgRE2PFnfNw

Arjun Kahlon says:

Great chair but I’m hating the armrests. The metal frame is pushing into my legs.

iJames55 says:

Can this chair be easily disassembled? Could I take the back and wheels off fairly easily to transport it and put it back together again?

UpperRobin29 says:

Came here from setup wars. I’m looking for a new chair on a budget and you helped me out a lot.

Spirit says:

Thanks this helped a lot 🙂

contraflowcalvo says:

What is the width of the base of the chair with wheels attached? Thanks

Yalokin006 says:

Any squeaking in ur chair :P? had mine for a couple of months now and it is starting to squeak a bit…

Jordan Solis says:

im 5’7 will this chair be Good for me ?! <3

Oskar Przeździęk says:

yep this chair is overkill

HollywoodCharityAuction.com says:

Excellent video! I was considering buying one off Craig’s List. They didn’t give the name or dimensions of the chair, so I used Google Image Search to find out what it was. I look cushion arm rests, so I have to think about this one.

Kay Tomas Bertheussen says:

Great work on the video!

Sootss says:

chairs got a dick dawg

At Nine says:

0:52 am I the only one who sits like this?

One Round Wonder says:

every chair that doesnt have adjustable armrests is dead to me. that back support looks questionable too. i guess you cant have all that much comfortable things in the chair that might break if you are going to give it 10 year warranty.

David Foley says:

Lifesaver! I got this chair from a charity shop for £55, it was a bit uncomfortable for me and like you said I didn’t think it have much adjustable features. That is until I saw you with the egg tension tool, didn’t even realise it was there! Just need to get myself one of those standing up desks now! Thanks a bunch

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