Ikea Flintan Office Chair Review | The Best Chair for $69.99?

The Ikea Flintan is pretty affordable at around $70, making it seem like a pretty good deal for a cheap office chair. Is it one of the best chairs for under $100, or should you spend more money for a better product?

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Loulou Lu says:

Thanks for the complete and sincere review!! That was very useful 🙂

Cathal Byrne says:

Are the arm rests worth it.(+€20)

RoboDude2000 says:

Very informative review. Nice work!

keith says:

You sat on the chair for a couple of months? Damn you must got some time on your hands!

Georg Kitsikoudis says:

How tall are you? Just for comparisson

RoboDude2000 says:

Very informative review. Nice work!

Daniel Platee says:

Would adding the armrests affect anything

Tm m says:

My problem is that I weigh 54kg, and Im pretty short, I wonder if there is a recliner resistance modification, or simply return it. Too bad it felt pretty easy to lean back at the store probably due to number of uses or low QC (quality check).

Sean Bekkers says:

Good review, but in the video you mentioned ” at my height and weight ”, sorry if I’m wrong but I don’t recall you mentioning them. So, if you don’t mind, could you mention what your height ( and weight ) is?

Thanks in advance.

Anton Renfors says:

These are on sale in my local IKEA for around $50. Replacing my more expensive (but very worn out) Markus with this, as the lombar support is ace (it’s exactly what I’ve been missing and why my back starts to hurt after gaming for a while). A great chair for a great price, even if it’s not on sale!

Necati Özsırkıntı says:

Nice review mate! BTW what’s your height? I’m thinking about buying this chair and I’m 1.68m, do you think it’d be good?

Soreszzio says:

how tall are you?

Jeong-hun Sin says:

Damn, I just almost broke my wrist moments ago. I tried to catch a mosquito on the ceiling. Flitan was the only chair in my room, so I stood on that chair, and when I slapped the mosquito, by that slight reactive force the wheels rolled and the chair slid back and I fall to the floor.

While it was my fault that I stood on Flintan, my old chair’s wheels would not have rolled by that force. Flitan’s wheels are too frictionless when weight is on. So when I am sitting on it and try to lean back, the chair slides back. And when the weight is not on, the wheels do not roll well. That is, when I try to slide it back to sit on it, it is difficult to do so.

I really do not understand what logic is behind this… Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Rolls well when I try to slide it back to sit on it, and does not roll well when I am sitting on it? Even for safety reasons, the wheels should roll less when someone is sitting on it.

Josh Rachlis says:

Just assembled my gray one and was wondering why I couldn’t push it. Glad you mentioned wheel locking. And I was about to attach arm rests but searched to see if people like those. I see you don’t have them. But maybe I’ll attach mine anyways.

ConiferousJelly says:

With the wheels you say you have “a little gripe” but for me I HATE IT SO MUCH. Have you found any solution over time?

Jordan Fisher says:


Sam Tiv says:

thank you for the review. it’s very concise and helpful. i’m thinking about getting this chair.

Joey Martin says:

Does the recliner lock in position?

The Home Filmmaker says:

awesome review keep them coming!

Koharik Sabbagh says:

I’m the only one getting zapped by this chair everytime I touch the metal structure of this chair ?

f266101463 says:

Man, I recognize that voice! 🙂 HardwareCanucks!!

Aiyana Puente says:

I have the gray one, but I have a problem. The wheels keep to pop off. It was a little dirty so I had cleaned what was wrapped around between the bar of the two wheels. But now when I sit on it the wheels pop off. I have had this chair maybe for about a year now. Although it may seem cheap to you I don’t think it was very cheap and I can’t return it so It has to be fixed without spending much money. Please Help? Thank you.

Victoria Kershner says:

Thanks for the review! Trying to decide on a chair that’s ergonomically good for your back and looks like this is a good choice!

Caribbean Chris says:

Great vid, mate! Thanks for the review.

AllThingsTech says:

Nice review! I decided to go with the Markus since I personally found it more comfortable.

nag0015 says:

nice chair, but I’ll always spend a little more for a headrest

Christian Korsak says:

Nice channel man 🙂

Andrew McAllister says:

Are the legs all the same length?

ProkeyboardMasher says:

amazing quality video as always, keep it up!

Nikolaj Olsen says:

great review, thanks!

moonprojector says:

Thank you for this review ; very helpful!

CoPezz says:

I HATE the tension on this chair. Someone gave it to me for free from a garage sale. I just want it to lock in the lean back position.

U & I says:

I really don’t thinks its worth that much money

tom62739 says:

I like your cat

Hugo Hurst says:

Quick question, how long are these long sessions you speak of? I myself game for 6+ hours and are wondering if it can stay comfortable for that amount of time? Thanks

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