Humanscale Freedom Chair Review

This is my review of the Humanscale Freedom Chair. It is a nicely built chair with unique features to help you in your quest for ergonomic comfort


Raymond Cheng says:

got damn you are sexy

TuxKey says:

What is your favorite chair this one or the embody from Herman miller

David Goymer says:

Do you find that you slide forward when you lean back on the leather? Is the headrest ever a hinderance?

Avinash Arora says:

Awesome review, I’m definitely sold on this chair. Thanks!!!

phototristan says:

What’s your favorite chair that you have reviewed to date?

Pavel Vitis says:

This is quite old video, but I comment for other viewers who might be wondering… You mentioned that the recline is a bit stiff for you, this can be actually tuned. There is an inbus bolt on the bottom, just behind the cylinder, by turning it you can make the recline stiffer or softer.

This is incredible chair, since I am using it in the home-office, even sitting 12hrs a day is not a problem at all. No back problems, no neck pain, no forearm or wrist pain anymore.
But mind you, some people need to get used to this chair first (actually you need to re-learn to sit properly, in case you were using some less ergonomic chair before), thus the initial feeling could be little “weird”. You really need to use whole seat and rest your back firmly against the lumbar support. It took me about a week to get used to it.

DestiX says:

Extreme Demon?

Point of Style says:

What about Mirra 2?

Steve Rolston says:

What chair do you think is better, the Ergohuman or Humanscale Freedom.  I can not make up my mind…

Mohlianum says:

Don’t you think that the persons size makes a big difference on how comfortable a chair is? I’m about your size and have had an Obusforme for over 10 years but the seat is crumbling away and no one is interested in supplying any replacement! This has a high back and I have never like the headrest. I have been looking for reviews of the Freedom hence I arrived here.
Thank you very much for the other info

Sam Sung says:

what about the ergoHuman u changed be cause it sucks?

man from philly says:

do you own this chair or were you given this chair to review it? do you like to collect expensive chairs (not that there’s anything wrong with that – i may add a steelcase leap to accompany my herman miller embody). 

TheGrumpyGinger says:

Nice review! which one reclines back further, this one or the leap? Thanks

Same Game Play says:

That price is a straight punch to the loins. Although if I would have just spent the money in stead of going cheap I would not be shopping for another chair. I place my knees in the cheap chair I currently own like an idiot sitting backwards crouched style and leaned forward snapped the damn wheel off; just one wheel. The base is made of plastic and the cost of the chair is only 120 dollars; so yeah I went down hard.

Now I look for something made of metal or since I design things I may just create a chair cheaper than 3k. This chair is about the cost of my PC workstation and I break things often so I need something that last longer than a year and will not break with “mistreatment” (yeah let’s call it mistreatment). I will be continuing my search because if I can find a chair that works and is good for the price then I will purch and allow that to be the end of it. Until it breaks and I finally design an office chair.

neaumusic says:

this girl is so funny, love her way of speaking. tried this chair in person, and it’s honestly just too stiff, doesn’t feel very nice compared to the smaller (b) aeron. i have a dxracer (bad back support and claustrophobic sides) and steelcase amia (relies on replacing cushion every 3-4 month and bad tilt), leap chair is not uniform and it’s gimmicky, only other chair i’d consider is hag capisco

Jerry Hunter says:

She’s a cutie

MooTaters says:

Wanted to like this chair, but the zero adjustability for leaning back ruined that for me. Whether it would be a locking, or tension mechanism, not having either meant it was way too easy for me to lean back and a chore to stay up straight. Sure, it stems from how we tend to sit in a chair, throwing all our weight on the backrest…but I guess the chair doesn’t seem built for different weight groups in that way.

NBraz says:

From the chairs you tried, what would be the most comfortable in your opinion?

Claus Bertels says:

Can I work with my laptop on my lap in this chair, comfortably?

Duy Le says:


aleon1018 says:

amazon $999.00 3 stars? reviews say not high enough for tall people or long torso and to avoid the gel seats.

KrisAK says:

This seems like the perfect dual-use chair: both for office work and, when reclined, for media viewing or gaming.
The Aeron is appealing, as is the Leap, but the lack of a headrest seems like a dealbreaker. Any others I should be considering?

Mark Spencer says:

Ouch, wouldn’t hurt to adjust your white balance before shooting! 🙂


Hi, which one is your favourite chair so far?

monsiuer smartypants says:

should i get a humanscaler freedom for 300 dollars or herman body embody for 750

Hippy Gumbo says:

Is it comfy over a long period? TY

The Web Addict says:


Hans Gruber says:

I found that the fabric sags and the chair creaks a lot unfortunately. My just be my chair however.

Clint Moody says:

Thank you.

Alex Aris says:

Hi, great review, I wanted to ask, is the headrest detachable?

Simon Cash says:

You own a lot of chairs 😉 I’m looking to buy a new office chair and I was wondering which do you prefer out of the Herman Miller Embody, Humanscale Freedom and Ergohuman?

Aeon Mouse says:

Seat doesnt tilt with back rest. Massive dealbreaker, and maybe the only. Any experience with BodyBuilt? Ohhhhhhhhh!!!! BodyBuilt rules!

Ermias Giovanni says:

Does this chair come in different materials? I prefer something breathable like the Embody.

WhoChrisLiu says:

Wow your like the Chair Goddess. Herman Miller, Steelcase, Humanscale, Ergohuman. Dont think there are very few people that can compare them all. =D
I have a Aeron I been sitting on for like 5 years. I kind of like it. But the Freedom looks bad ass. Mixed reviews on Amazon though, mostly build quality and comfort. Everyone complains about the head position. I am stuck between the Embody or Freedom though. We have 2 Aeron’s and no complaints at all so I trust the Herman Miller brand. Wish I could sit in them in real life though.

So how would you you, Chair Goddess, rank your favorite chairs from first to last?

8bit Mafia says:

+moogoogaipan1999 What material (textile color) did you say you got? You said snake print, are you referring to the Cervo Leather? I was planning to pick one of these up. Some reasons are because my whole office is HumanScale and it has a headrest like the ErgoHuman but higher quality.

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