How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair 2017

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Choosing an ergonomic chair doesn’t need to be difficult or break the bank!I review what to look for when choosing an ergonomic chair.


ogzasu nurkan says:

Do we need head and neck support ?

Abdel Karim says:

Hey Steve!
Whats the name of the last chair?

SuperBizalz says:

What name and model is the fully adjustable chair in this video?

I’m still thinking about buying a Herman Miller Aeron chair, but they are just SO expensive, so I’m trying find a less expensive alternative.

Ciro M. says:

what about the ones that looks like a car race chair

TheSarah10001 says:

Hi Steve, I’m torn between the Herman miller Aeron & the Herman miller Embody I was wondering if you knew which is better for lower back support?

Steven K says:

What brand are those chairs?

Wolfgang says:

Pls tell me what chair should I buy for gaming, you don’t mention the chair names, and i can’t go looking for chairs on the internet doing research on what things they have and not, dont have that much time, I love your channel but hate how you don’t recommend and name any chairs, like pls reply with names of all three chairs, I really wanna know the name of fully customizable one.

metropolisfpv says:

Hey Steve, thanks for this video!
I’m currently on the hunt for new office chairs for my girlfriend and I. We’re both gamers, and I’m also a software engineer, so we spend a lot of time in our chairs. Thankfully, I sit in a Herman Miller Aeron chair at work but unfortunately, the ones we’ve got at home are both your typical, high-backed, leather chair from a place like Staples and causing different issues for both of us. I think they may be Staples’ ‘Serta Executive’ possibly? Anyway, for her, she needs proper lumbar/back support, and for me, the well-worn cushioning of the seat pan gives me incredibly rough pain in my rear that causes me to shift around a lot.
Do you happen to have any recommendations I could look into? What’re your thoughts on the Leap V2 by Steelcase, HM’s Aeron, or even their Embody? I’ve been thinking about trying to get some Aeron’s for us, but finding a refurbished Size A for my girlfriend is proving tough! An Embody would be nice, too!

I should also probably note that my seating position of preference is a reclined one with my legs lifted up. Probably not ideal right? It’s definitely comfortable, though I should probably change that.

Thank you so much!

Shiro Kotomine says:

Very helpful.

Versus says:

If I had to guess I would say that was a Steelcase, Office Master, or maybe a Hon. Not cheap

Leonida Monaco says:

What chair do you recommend for someone who is 182 for 76 kg who has back problem ?

wayne jackson says:

Well, thank you for the informative videos on ergonomic chairs Steve. But, the Office Master PT78 doesn’t match the fully adjustable chair in video and I’m quite interested in buying one. Any further information which can help me locate that exact chair would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Wayne

MrSean2106 says:

What chairs would you recommend for someone who’s 6’3 and weighs around 120kgs? I’d also prefer something with armrests that can be moved out of the way completely as I record a good bit of guitar music in my office studio. I tend to work seated a lot too.

thanks for the help!

The Hydrating Nuke says:

I’m looking at the chairs listed in the bar above the description and holy crap! Unless the chair is made from unicorn leather, I cannot think of any possible reasons it should cost nearly $2,000.

Raqib Zaman says:

Great video! But do you have any suggestions for avoiding anterior pelvic tilt from chronic sitting? Also, what is the fully adjustable chair to the right called? I need a chair like that one.

Alex Wilson says:

Still no ID on that last chair? I have liked your videos so far, but need to link to the chairs you’re talking about my man!

Mr. Twenty-Ten says:

Mr. Steve, I have a long history with back problems so sitting up straight is often a burden. What chair would you say offers the most support for your back? I also have long study session/gaming sessions so I tend to sit down for 3 or 4 hours at any given day. Thank you.

Dehi says:

Thank you very much for the video, very helpful!

Jonathan Brindley says:

Is there any chair you would recommend to a gamer who plays for long periods of time?

fyuc hue says:

Steve, what do you think about the Okamura/Teknion Contessa? I’ve been hearing lots of positive things about it on reddit but there’s not to many reviews on it on youtube. The few that I’ve found were videos in Japanese with translation not available. Any insight would be appreciated!

Derek Roth says:

I’ve been scouring for good, clean information about exactly this. Well made video, very informative.

Christopher Silverberg says:

The first “designer” chair seems pretty useless. Too clumsy and presumably too expensive as well to use as either a customer chair or a conference chair. In addition to being too low quality to use as a primary office chair. I am at a loss to see any use for it.

lul? says:

Hello, is the Herman miller chair decent? My friend is selling his used one for $200. Great vid btw

Edit: I think it’s called Arone

Igor Guarany says:

What name and model is the fully adjustable chair in this video? Thanx

Nathan Theissen says:

Can you recommend me a chair on a $500 budget? I am 5’10 and 150lbs. I would be sitting in the chair for quite a long period of time each day. It would also be for home if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance Steve!

anate says:

Hey Steve! Great Video! What are your thoughts about this chair?
My parents bought me it but I don’t really know if the chair suits me. Is there a gaming chair that looks somewhat nice and gets the job done? Thanks!

BlazinNSoul says:

I need a chair that I can work in for 15 hours. Has neck, back and Lumbar support. That won’t make my ass feel like it’s falling asleep after a couple hours.

Not to mention my back which I would need to hire a private chiropractor just to get me through the day.

Personally there is not an office chair that I’ve ever used that has met my needs. I might actually take a gamble and try a gaming chair. :/

Peet du plessis says:

Thanx Steve, it is nice to hear an expert explain something

Drew Shore says:

want a good ergonomic chair check out

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