Herman Miller Embody Review – The Ultimate Office Chair (4K)

Full Review: http://bit.ly/1Ec3G7f
Purchase Link: http://amzn.to/1ce23ej

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Herman Miller Aeron: http://amzn.to/1JsLNB6

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TheOberth says:

Thanks I guess.   As a result of your video I am officially poor haha

AL BUNDY says:

my company is so cheap they’d never spend $600 on each person’s chair!

alfaq says:

Thanks for the review! Nicely done.

Sergio Flores says:

Is that an uplift desk? If it is, how is the surface of the table?

AL BUNDY says:

can i get that in my car!

Soul says:

Thank you very much ! Good Video ! 🙂

Richard Smith says:

Hi – I’m 6ft 3 and weigh 105kg, I have read people have had issue feeling bits of the plastic from the “spine” jabbing into their backs and this has stuck in my mind since. Supposedly not something that happens immediately so impossible to tell from trialling a chair in store. This has kept me from purchasing the product. I am therefore wanting an embody but considering settling for an aeron as a friend has one and it definitely does not have this issue.
What are your thoughts op and others? Have you experienced this?

Dixie Normous says:

yay i just bought one!

TimTalksTV says:

just get a standing desk, it’s way healthier than sitting. And you can cut the price right in half.

Chase Thomas says:

He guys what was the final call for long term use? I’m also 6″3 230 anybody with similar weight and height have any issues?

hawtstickybun says:

Couldn’t agree more, I made the switch last year and my body, specifically neck and shoulders are thanking me for it.  If you have the money it’s a no brainer just buy it.

Milos Momcilovic says:

so expensive and comes with no head rest, I really don’t get it.

kinetic static says:

purchased mine yesterday, I was in two minds about whether the aeron would have been sufficient but I’ll take your word for it that its not

Anne Holladay says:

Thank you for this. I have watched quite a few videos but you were the only one who showed how the backrest truly flexes and moves. I am off to buy mine!

fondoo says:

im 5’10” and 175 lbs. the HM embody chair is a winner. i also own aeron chair and the embody chair is sooo much more comfortable.

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