Gaming Chair Vs Ergonomic Task Chair – Worth It? EWin Racing Chair Review

Testing out and reviewing the Ewin Racing Flash series gaming chair to see how it holds up against a $1000+ ergonomic task chair from Humanscale.

Use the code ‘hazel’ for 10% off at (US) or (EU). They do free shipping to mainland US states and all of Europe, which is impressive considering how giant and heavy the box is and how many stairs my poor delivery guy magic-ed it up for me.

Shown Chair Link:

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Marc Vlietstra says:

Oh my hat, this review had me ROFL 😀

LKP says:

I had been thinking of whether to get an ergonomic chair or a gaming chair, didn’t realize there was such a price difference….that certainly plays a part on which one I’ll get to rest my tentacle on…a $1000, ufff that’s hefty….

MisterD90 Gaming says:

I spend some stupid amount of time, as yourself, at my PC and sitting in a chair, but im poor and 6foot 5, so 90% of chairs are tiny, so i have a £20 chair from a charity shop… 7 years later and its still here.

Woven says:

i hate living in australia, everyones just like ok so theres america and europe? yep thats it
im referring to the websites being in europe aswell but thats it, it triggered me

Rachel Cass says:


Ohini Anahi Uhki says:

I play on a bucket, anything’s an upgrade for me, but, buying a 1TB SSD for my birthdate next week, so let’s see if I get myself a gaming chair in the next months! Great video as usual Hazel! 🙂

raborne Vines says:

So, not sponsored, but self-promoted.

The Bzo says:

it does not have a bottle holder? what kind of a chair is this then?!?!


I love watching your sexy ass play wow. Sexy.

darrennorniron says:

My chair cost £5 lol

Kevin Henson says:

Thank you for this. This is by far the best review I have seen in regards to an EWin chair.

Jesi Sunstrider says:

if you are going to create commercials then at last strip naked

Irving Cobian says:

hahaha the sturdy dog!! i have a second hand office chair that is orange, best of all it was free hehe

Deez Nutz says:

Yeah I’m not paying $1000 for a chair, that’s insane

Greg Jones says:

Thought about it, but then I noticed they hate Canada.

Brad 94 says:

really good honest reviews, like how honest it was 🙂 makes a change with some of this other shadey youtubers.

Zac Browning says:

Knowing that you get an affiliate bonus makes me even more likely to want to buy from them! Now to just get my PC off of my TV and back onto my desk >_>

Harry Thundershock says:

Pewds chair is 399.

Jakob Kaine says:

Good review, now I just need to find a decent chair that doesn’t buckle under me after a few months. Being 1.9m and 23 stone is good for my job (Bouncer/Doormonster) but it plays hell at finding furniture.

MarcusBloomfield says:

I’m going for $250 option as it’ll still be a major upgrade for me (I use a kitchen chair and my back hates me). Also, Can you do more gaming products reviews? Mechanical keyboards, convertible desks for those who want to game standing at times, and keymouse options. Thx

C Berger says:

The reading pattern is called boustrophedon, generally only in ancient scripts. Weird that they did that, but maybe the chair was designed several thousand years ago???

Micah G says:

More “Worth It?” videos please! Including all PC gaming accessories! Mouse, keyboards, headsets. Don’t even have to buy new ones and whatnot, just review your currents, I’m sure they are all high-end anyway!

EvolutionOfMe says:

I use a $59 office chair

001Elpato says:

Herman Miller all the way if you sitting most of the time through your day.

freezaplanet419 says:

I have a ~$200 office chair. Works well. But that could be before I was using a wooden chair. Too bad my desk has a drawer so it blocks the arms of the chair, so I had to add pillows to keep me from slouching.

Sascha M says:

Noble chair ICON – > for bigger guys is the best you can get

Peter The Pug says:

If you buy a cheap one then yes

Grogin says:

Do you have a link to the ergonomic chair you normally use?

Cideon says:

Good video, put me in frame of mind to splurge for something nice next paycheck. I’ve stuck to general office chairs in the <$100 range, replacing when they get super creaky or I can feel the screws through the cushion. Not sure which type I'll get, but I'm eager to get one of the above (or at least a slightly lower end version heh). Thanks for the informative video!

KithkinWillowblades says:

I have a disabled veteran friend that plays wow in a kitchen chair, and it fucks with his back all the time. If I had the money I would send him one of these but alas I am on disability so can’t safely afford to do that as you put it :p

vBDKv says:

No, they are not. I hate mine. Neck pain galore.
I also pay for my chairs, unlike you. lol

Mephy says:

I have osteopenia and thin skin that breaks very easily, I would love a chair that actually supports my back and is softer on my skin sores but they’re just so pricey. 🙁

Mini Me says:

Short answer : no.

Siren Watcher says:

Yea I have a Herman Miller Aeron… they are indeed a fantastic chair. Nice to see you comparing a gaming chair to an ergonomic chair. It is something I have wondered about myself, ty hazel :).

T1337P says:

im an occupational therapist, and i can tell you, most of those gaming chairs are really bad for you, unless you are a female, or really scrawny guy. If i was to choose wether to get the ergo chair for the 800-1000$ in 2/3 months or the gaming chair now, id save up the months.

Herr Lykanthrop says:

I have alot of backproblems cause of a work accident. And i have to say, since i have a gaming chair, i sit alot better at the desk. Before i had a normal desk chair. So i vote for the gaming chair.

other3176 says:

Just buy a recliner

Vylonious Bloodwing says:

Just a humble opinion from has wanted to buy one of there chairs for years but can’t justify paying that much.
Armrest appear weak on Ewin and need more area for the to rest on.

Melanie Deann says:

OMG thank you for this review Hazel. I have always thought they were gimmicky and of course never matched the design in my living room where my desk is so I have never considered one. After this I would consider one, but certainly not for my living room setup. Maybe for our office setup 🙂 I think I am more interested in your other chair! Would love to see a review on it too.

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