Gaming Chair for BIG GUYS | Vertagear PL6000 Review

I’ve finally found a PC gaming chair that’s FAT MAN FRIENDLY in the Vertagear PL6000 with a 440 pound weight capacity which makes it great for the BIG AND TALL crowd. Available for $379 at the time of recording this video.
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Typo says:

how does the butt cushion feel?

K A R M A says:

This looks so nice but it’s $440 now. Does anyone know of a similar chair for bigger guys that is a little more budget friendly?

Acid001 says:

I have a HUGE problem, I’m 6’5″ AND I’m big. At my heaviest I was 485, and gaming chairs I couldn’t use. I used things like recliners with wireless KB and mouse, threw the KB on my stomach and mouse on the arm cushion. My WoW guild was amazed I could actually raid playing like that when the topic came up about how your set up for raid, considering we’d raid for at least 4 to 6 hours pushing heroics down on progression nights.

Glad to see a big guy doing some reviews on chairs like this. I would easily fit into that chair now, as I started to lose weight in Feb of this year, I’m currently down to 355 pounds. I’m still big, but it’s a massive improvement. Went from 7x to 3x shirt size so far and 8x to 4X or 5X on waist.

Glad to see you are taking care of your weight Joker, don’t let it own you anymore. My last GF died before 40 years of age in her sleep because her heart gave out. That was a huge thing for me to deal with, and one of the motivating factors to change my life this year, among some health issues that caused me to lose a job last year.

Anyways, bit off point, but this is a very specific type of review that you just don’t get to see. It’s like when you see clothes catalogs, even the Big and Tall ones, they have tall, normal build models, and you are like but WTF does that look like on a big guy!? Most chair reviews are done by people of average weight, so you have no clue if it’s gonna be comfortable or not, or not break from your weight!

I’ll never be able to afford this specific chair though lol

Rand M says:

Are you still using this chair?

Marwa Kalloub says:

Do you still recommend to get it as New year gift? .. thank you for the review , I really appreciate your answer

alcaron82 says:

Hey man, thank you so much for this review, I just got mine and it really is a great chair! Thank you for the great info!

Selftaughtgamer says:

Nice Review!

Richard Lelys says:

Hey Joker hows the chair holding up after a while? thinking of getting either this or the trigger 275.

GamerX12 says:

How tall are you ? And wide I am also a lil over 300 but I’m 6’1 so it’s stretched bout a lil- nvm it is stated in the video

getdrinking says:

Im a big guy aswell. About 18stone right now
Hows the width of the chair for big guys? As you know its not all about weight with us, but also about the spread when we sit.
My legs and buttocks spread like a pancake when i sit, as does my back to a lesser degree.
So im concerned i womt fit inbetween the raised backs, sides and arm rests.

Arcturus OW says:

I’m a really big dude, and I also suffer from pretty severe chronic pain too. I’m a gamer and most chairs just don’t work for me or cause me alot of pain, and it’s starting to get frustrating. I’m not working right now because of a severe accident I had which caused me some bad injuries and lots of surgeries, so affording a chair like this is….. really difficult on disability. I want one, it would make my life alot better until I get healthier, cause this looks like a well made product, but damn it’s just out of my price range. Great video none the less, gives me hope that there’s atleast chairs made for people who aren’t average sized.

Clay Hopkins says:

OK almost a year since this posting…How is the Chair now?

Darth Revan says:

Got this chear i fucking love it

Ted Cronk says:

At 6’5″ and 265 lbs. we are proportioned very differently so i can’t ask you if you think it would be a good fit for me but could you tell me after 7 or so months now how you feel about the chair? Thanks your videos btw. I enjoy them.

hemanownsyou says:

Is the chair still holding up?

FreezeCoronel says:

Ste Ded :v

Sundowner Mc says:

amazon reviews a lot of people say it breaks well under the weight limit. Looking for something that can take some punishment

Sandor Clegane says:

Good job on the weight loss. It ain’t easy and you killing it

Miles Lee says:

Typed in google search “Gaming chair for big men” and this video popped up.
Amazing informative & review video!

Diabrotic says:

Now that this video is almost a year old do you have an update on this chair on how it has help up.

Ralliscite says:

Bloody hell finally, i big dude doing a chair review, iv been really on and off with buying a gaming chair just cos i was worried about the size, im pretty biggish my self weighing at 125kg-127kg and bloody hell its hard to find a chair that i can say “yep, i can sit my fat ass in that”, all i can say is great review, great quality and you’ve got a sub.

Armando Ramirez says:

Thank you so much for this review. It really helped me to get an idea of how well it would fit me. I’m a big guy as well 6feet 290lbs, and i give you props for showing yourself on the chair since i hate being on any camera lol. thanks again!.

Javii Pagan says:

GREAT REVIEW MAN! I’m big guy too. How’s the cushion holding up? I always have trouble find a chair with a good seat cushion that doesn’t flatten out over 2 months?

Erick726 says:

Does this chair lean back 140 degrees or 170 degrees? I like the chair and from the store pages it looks like you can’t lean back as far as in this review. I’m looking for a chair where I can lay back and nap and it’s a deal breaker for me.

Mobydick says:

I am sorry but you reminded me of the people from Wall-E, stuck in their chairs all day! 😀

Druan M Strobel says:

Thank you so much i’m a big guy and i could not find a good chair until now you helped me out thank you also i just subscribed

HyAcey says:

Hows the chair holding up so far? been looking at dxracers/needforseat buy none of em look comfy.

Daniel Snell says:

You just earned yourself an affiliate sale <3 I appreciate the big guy review!

Glen Baisley says:

Thank you for this review. I have wanted a Secret Labs Titan chair for the longest time but I weight 330 lbs. and am over the weight limit. Seeing as you now have had this chair for almost 10 months, how has it held up? I see your head is right up to the end of the backrest. How tall are you? I’m 6-2 and like a high backrest which is why I was looking at the Titan. Also, are the armrests padded?

Fudge You says:

Sucks that they don’t make enough of these chairs to accommodate taller or even wider and heavier people. At 6’4″ and not a big budget I have never been comfortable in an office chair, but if I want to bite the bullet. That bullet is gonna cost as much as a new ryzen 1800x…

TwoByFour says:

DAMN 550 to 370?!!! That’s insane gains you go brother

TheEko311 says:

Year later.. How is this chair holding up?

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