Ewinracing Gaming Chair Review 2018! Watch before Buying!

Looking for a racing gaming chair ? Are they worth it ? Checkout Ewinracing: https://bit.ly/2DvoqNc
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So, is a gaming chair worth it? It all depends on your requirements and preferences. Two important things to keep in mind are:

An expensive office chair is usually more comfortable overall
An gaming chair is usually cheaper and offers better value for your money

That’s not to say that gaming chairs are uncomfortable – far from it. They do, however, sport some counter-intuitive design decisions, and are arguably not worth their high price tags unless you are a passionate gamer and want a chair that suits your lifestyle.
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Lo-fi Guy says:

If you don’t want your chair to look like a car seat for the same money or less get a second hand Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair or perhaps a decent Steelcase office chair. You won’t find better.

Jake paul from Walmart says:


Zeruketsuka says:

Instead of keep saying cheap vs expensive why not just say the actual price? Those are relative terms leaving the entire video vague..

TechMagnet says:

Sorry for the rendering Error 02:25 to 02:33 … The EGPU is amazing but as you can see, sometimes it just bugs out 🙁

Nam Tien says:

Why not itx Desktop PC an the Notebook for mobile?

No One In Particular says:

What about Pewd’s chair? It’s only 399 very cheap amiright

bhips ahoy says:

Just buy a comfy office chair they look like crap anyways

EXO 2xii says:

Just go to a real store ppl and test them out yourself. These gaming chairs are a joke just get something comfy

Drumm3r leon says:

I bought this gaming chair iliketogo.shop/s/1dd/ cheap and the ratings are good

Haitian Refugee says:

Was it painful working in your skinny female jeans?

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