Ergohuman Office Chair Review

Review of the Ergohuman V1 Office Chair


kid table says:

awesome straight forward and exact review!! thanks

Dreighen says:

Just assembled my ergo chair, I got mine from ebay for 589.00, I love it!

Hugh Janus says:

i like how your nipples poke through your shirt. they make you look very sexy

Philippe Heritier says:

Hello everyone.
I just got my chair a few minutes ago. Some 35 kg to handle and I ordered this chair because I have pain in my back. Ha ha!
This Chair is a marvel.
Neither too hard nor too soft it perfectly fits my body. As a composer like you I presume I have to sit some time more than 10 hours a day. So it is a must have.
Now in October 2015 it is much easier to assemble than what I have seen on your tutorial. There’s only 4 screws to fix.
If you measure more than 1.95 meter, the headrest is a little too low. It’s the lonely cons I have.
The price is pretty good comparatively to Aeron. And it looks pretty robust.

DevoriaKING says:

Thank you

Han Fan says:

Thanks for this awesome Review 🙂 was looking for one of this

Gren Donsy says:

Thank you, for taking the time to make this genuine review!

Austin Boyce says:

Thank you so much for the review, it really helped me make my decision!

stabnshoot says:

Could you provide a link to your website? I’d be interested in checking it out!

nome nemo says:

all right, I found your review after the construction. it seems you’re quite satisfied. until you review a new one it seems you find better. But I still like this one more for the headrest, because I use it also to lean back when I watch movies on my home office pc.

thanks far all your reviews. and wow, what a fine car you have, I love that one. even if I find that for quite less money you can have a mazda mx5 witch I find not worse at all. but yeah, of course a BMW is much more cool and fashion. but when we have nice weather here I prefer to ride my Ducati, and have a covered car for winter. I see two monitors here, you should have really a good job. what do you do, work with finance or what? I’m not from the revenue office anyway, I’m italian. a typical italian lazy guy looking for a smart beautiful rich american asian girlfriend to feed me. sorry, just stupid crazy jocking, lol… 🙂 

argon says:

dat nipple, I love you.

stooie says:

Hi I’m tossing up between the the mesh or leather model. Just a it concerned about the leather being too hard to sit on and also too slippery. How did you find it? Any particular reason you chose leather over mesh? Thanks 🙂

nomane bear says:

I keep coming back to look at this chair and your videos in regards other ergo office chairs. Would you suggest the leather seat over the mesh seat model, or have you tried the mesh seat? There is no nearby store that is near where I live which has the ergohuman to try out for myself. I also have a bad back and the seat is just as important for me as the lumbar support. Thank you.

xLetalis says:

How would you compare this to the Herman Miller Embody

Anonymous Hippo says:

You have reviewed a lot of high end office chairs.  Which one is your favorite?

jayehs says:

Which one did you like better?  Ergohuman or embody?

Michael Bishara says:

Thanks for a great review, just bought it!

Su Yan says:

I’m having trouble deciding between the Leap, Embody and the Ergohuman.  I’m from Australia, the Ergohuman can be had for $520 Australian dollar (mesh version), shipping included and comes with 10yrs warranty, the Embody almost triples that, the leap doubles that amount, lacks a retailer, and a 4 weeks waiting period so I can go pick up that chair myself.

I’m 5 feet 9, do you recommend this chair?  How is the build quality?

FDSeoul San Diego says:

If you make hundreds and hundreds of thousands of $$$ by sitting in front of the computer screen as your daily grind, spending $600+ USD for a chair is not is worth talking about. Poor people will never know what it feels like nor ever understand why they make high end consumer goods in life.
Nice chair.

Olympus Mons says:

It looks cold in there 🙂

manju david says:

If you want this chair so call me

timtranslates says:

I’ve been using his for several years. No complaints. But I have a little backache today so decided to check I had everything adjusted properly. It looks like the lumbar support is lower than it needs to be for me, even though I’ve got it in the highest position and I’m not very tall. Do you find the lumbar support fits nicely in your lumbar area? Also, I noticed the manual says the headrest should fit in the back of the neck. I’ve always rested the back of my head. But I can’t seem to get it far enough forward to fit in my neck area,

Riot55 says:

I noticed you also had a review for the Embody as well. I’m trying to decide between this Ergohuman and the Embody… I feel like I would like the head rest on the Ergohuman because I often sit back when on my computer. Which do you prefer?

Sam Sung says:

Hello i’ve noticed this video is more than 2 year old how do u consider having using this Ergohuman chair for this time? is it good so far ? any new features?

Dreighen says:

Wow, you are a doppleganger for my friend  very close friend Leah, she’s Korean and you two could be twins.

tigerbalm says:

I has those Logitech speakers!  Umm…why is the clock on the floor?

classic end says:

600$? where did your purchase this, and is it 600 after taxes? (Nice speakers and monitor, is it asus? if so we both have the same stuff (: )

mininijafan says:

darn those tits i love you

moogoogaipan1999 says:

@Everyone Thank you so much for the comments.  Speakers are Logitech Z906, Monitors are Asus VG278h.  I purchased this chair from the

Adam L says:

Official presentations of all the models released by the manufacturer:
Fotel Ergohuman Plus Grospol – Opis i Funkcje – wersja HD

yohookup83 says:

how firm is the seat? I have lower back pain and hard surfaces work best for me. Is it only mildly better than the mesh?

Armand 959 says:

I found the chair to ber quite good apart from some things: the seat height doesn’t go low enough. I’m 173cm and my feet are just touching the ground flat without shoes on. Although I find it fine, it might be a little too high for shorter people. Second is the lumbar support – good for sitting upright but once you sit at an angle or recline, it arches into you, and it can’t be adjusted back, only up and down. Third is the top edge/frame of the lumbar support is quite hard and digs into you.

I also have a different type of arm rest to the one pictured – it has a round end. Would anyone know if the arm rest that I have is a newer or older version? and can it be adjusted to slide forwards or backwards like the one in the video?

Julia Trench says:

I’m thinking of purchasing the Ergohuman chair. I noticed you also did a review of the Herman Miller embody chair. Which one do you prefer?

C North says:

must be a little cold in that room ;P

AS says:

Hi. Thanks for your office chair reviews. I purchased the same chair (Ergohuman V1 in Leather) and assembled it this past weekend. I like the chair but it has a very pungent chemical odor to it. I have been airing it out but the smell doesn’t seem to go away. It fills the entire room and makes me sick, my head actually starts hurting. Even my clothes when I sit on it starts to smell like it, so I’m a little worried about what kind of chemicals my skin is absorbing in contact with this chair. Did you have this problem with yours? I contacted the online vendor I purchased it from and they recommended giving it a couple of weeks and contacting the manufacturer if it doesn’t help, or shipping it back to them at my expense round trip which would be ridiculously expensive. I’m not sure if my chair is defective or if this is an inherent issue with the building materials of this chair.

J Hat says:

thanks for the review. ended up buying one of these

MEGA-Testberichte says:

Good review. Thank you. Helped me while looking for a new chair.

Liam Kao says:

nice nipple

Pedro Gomes says:

your place looks pretty cool i wish i had that chair ! lol

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