Epic Full Mesh Computer Chair in my Nerd Cave! – Costco Bayside Metro Mesh Chair CORC-6

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I’ve used the chair for 2 days now and still like it but I find the reclining function a little annoying because you can’t stop it at a certain point, it’s all or nothing. I also found that the chair prevents me from slouching or sitting a bad posture which I both like and dislike very much because I’m starting to realize how much I depended on that crappy posture to be truly comfortable.

It was time for a new chair in the Nerd Cave so I stopped by Costco Wholesale and noticed this Bayside Furnishings Metro Mesh Chair Model # CORC-6 computer chair for $100 USD. It’s a full mesh chair similar to a Herman Miller Aeron Chair for a fraction of the price. It’s not as configurable as a Aeron but it’s very sturdy even with my 280lb ass on it and it’s very quite and move smooth (and reclines smooth). The chair has a maximum weight of 300lb but I can tell that is a very low estimate since I can bounce up and down on it and it’s very sturdy.

The chair was very easy to assemble but if you watch the video closely you will see I assemble it wrong the first time and have to reassemble it again (typical Barnacules move). I also put a funny sound bite in the video also, comment if you hear it! (Thanks VegasJaime for the sound bite!). So far I am loving the chair and I’m sitting in it right now while I do this write up on the video while it uploads!

The thing I like the most about this chair is the support it gives you on the sides when you sit back into it and the lumbar support. This is going to solve my back pain issues and also being able to move the arm rests back while still having the chair keep you upright is a huge plus!

The chair has a basic control to move up and down and lock the reclining function and that is it, no tilt adjustment or back adjustment. You can change the tension to make reclining easier or harder but that is about it. And the great thing about Costco is if I find out I don’t like the chair after using it for a few weeks, months or even years I can just take it back and get a full refund (god I love Costco!).

Chair Manufacturer (Purchased form Costco Wholesale in Woodinville, WA)
Metro Mesh Chair Model # CORC-6

As a software developer I spend a lot of time sitting so having a good chair is the difference between being miserable and being content and happy. And let me tell you that it’s very hard to write good code when you’re in pain 😛

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Dave Butler says:

What is the old chair’s name?

lol wut says:

The weight limit is real.
I broke this damn chair after I gained weight LOL
Also, don’t plop on it..that’ll break it for sure.

Ekras says:

Your old chair might have stopped squeak if you tighten the screws in a diagonal rotation, you should never tighten the screws in a circle, the pressure will be uneven.

GetInspiredWithArt says:

This chair can’t turn back. 🙁 did anyone here that? nice man boobs haha. I heard it in somewhere in the video.

Trojan Blazefyre says:

wife sounds like a bitch tbh

smith jon says:

song at 3:05?

VeggeMight says:

Just got a Herman miller Mirra,makes me smile every time I sit down.

Rowlett54 says:

Sexy Voice: “Nice man-boobs Barnacules”


David Smith says:

Please wear shoes… : )

TheGoldenCyanide says:

6:00 WTF??????????

Jeffrey Medina says:


Rusizzle says:

5:59 “Dead quiet” pretty sure i heard a squeek coming from the chair one second before.

Its Bamm says:

thanks for the review. picking this chair up today.

mikeysclips says:

5:30 What is “something like that”?

Oo2k10 says:

Very nice review man. Keep making more videos like this. subscribe!

MastaMonkey says:

Why the fuck do you have 4 headphones? LOLLOLOLOL

Scott says:

Hmmm I bought the herman miller Aeron chair several years ago, I am similar in size… what I noticed is those plastic edges on the outside of the mesh, will try very hard to saw their way into your thighs. Wonder how the chair worked out. I returned the Aeron after a week.

Johnny Sidhu says:


ironmaiden0902 says:

is that chair good for jerking while watching porn ? coz i want it a lil squeaky while pumping my cock

Sarah F. says:

Trying to find a head rest for this chair.

tigerbalm says:

You stopped banging on da floor?

ChimpGuy says:

“FAT PEPOLE WORK HARDER!” FUCK YEAH MURICA!!! i want that T-shirt! 😀

BlockABoots says:

Hows the Chair after a years pounding now Barnacules??

Michael Dominic says:

Just picked one up for $69 at Costco. It was the last one and the box was smashed. No damage to the chair.

TF Devastation says:

If I get a message office chair will there be a wire running to an outlet or a battery?(most likely situation)

TikiShootah says:

man’s looking for comfort, and his first notion is to go to Costco?

EehKayBee says:

Mind me asking whats the name of the other chair (One with the head rest on)

Daniel Shmidt says:

My mom just got me this chair , can’t wait to use it

Ellen Nelson says:

I just bought this chair… how the heck do you adjust the tilt? All I can do is go up and down.

Nazrul Hoque says:

Really good review

D: says:

ah, telfair… what an experience. could seriously fall asleep in that.

X Spock says:

6:15 Made me subscribe to you! ahahhahaha

TheCheky says:

Quién es este payaso?
Estáis locos o qué

Shiblets says:

I just got this chair yesterday!! I was curious what your video would be about. I agree, the box was super heavy xD

Hathakhm LaFox says:

Amusingly enough I bought this same exact chair from Costco a few months back and love it too… I love how the arms pivot up and doesn’t interfere with my wide thigh spread uber manly big man sitting… lol

Robert Simmons says:

Absolute JUNK. I bought this pile a cheap Chinese made TRASH and the back bent. I’ll probably return it.

DanielRichards644 says:

our new office chairs look just like your old chair minus that headrest setup.

CratylusCO says:

Should of taken the old head rest off the old one and put it on the new one!!! 😀

potatochobit says:

been a few months, I still cant find a good office chair with synchro tilt other than the mesh type backings.

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