Epic Chair Upgrade! Maxnomic Classic Office – NeedForSeat

Testing out the Maxnomic “Classic Office” chair from NeedForSeat.

Maxnomic Classic Office: http://bit.ly/1n2Xjhb

The Store: http://www.awesomesaucenetwork.com/store/

Kevin Macleod – http://www.incompetech.com

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Quantum Rage says:

i spent $40 on my chair..

Austin Trent says:

Hey does anyone know how tall he is by chance? I am looking to buy a Maxnomic chair and am 5’5 200lb currently. was looking at the pro gaming series but the extra leg room seems great on this one… I just wanna make sure my head reaches the top.

olly smith says:

Those washes weren’t bent out of shape there ment to be like that

itsmeyourmom says:

you’re dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zachary Atkinson says:

My body is Reggie

Joe Diaz says:

Do you all play nothing but racing sims? Is that what made these nascar chairs so popular suddenly?

Beyblade420 says:

“Less support than Donald Trump” damn… what a time

Frenchloaf says:

Work or Jerk needs Kappa I know what you’re on too!

Mark Siemens says:

lol.. Less support than Donald Trump….. Guess that chair must have tons of support then considering who is President right now 😛

SnowBallYT says:

my chair is so hard it hurts my butt , but i dont want to spend money for looks . i just need it to be comfortable . have no idea what to buy (UK)

Cheetah says:

What he means is that this will increase you fps to 1000+ for a small very small price of $500… best fps I’ve ever gotten xD

KingSpadey says:

The funs are so punny

MKTech says:

High quality stitching? I can’t help looking at the left hand side wings where the stitching is obviously not straight. $500 is the price of an entry level Aeron, which is far better built and has a 12 year warranty. Also that isn’t leather it’s PU vinyl. This looks a marginal step up from the Office Max “leather” executive chair. You should really look at buying a decent chair (although its hard to argue with free), if you spend a lot of time sitting.

DopeKevin says:

What brand D5 reservoir/pump are you using in your pc?

Jager Mitchell says:

That Trump joke didn’t age too well. #AmericaFirstYouCanadianBastard 😉

Damien says:

looks very similar to dxracer with some of the parts

Risky Memes says:

sorry did you say “gaming work or JERK needs”?????

Shin says:

what monitors has he got

xLOVExGODx says:

Better than the Dxracer?

Balls of Steel says:

Okay, you can buy Herman Miller Aeron for 2x this price, one of the best chairs in the world with 12 years warranty.

supreme84x says:

Yeah… I can maybe pull $100 to $150, but I’m not spending more than my GPU, on my chair… I’d rather sit on a box and have a beefy GPU than this shit.

Andrew Ryes says:


8bitplay says:

“that have less support than donald trump” But if the maxonomic chair has more support
MAXONOMIC – 46th president of the United States

Adam mckenzie says:

nest years ces lol

Mike Gayner says:

So, is anyone able to comment on the quality of this chair themselves? I’m curious.

Dylan Pompa says:

i just got my dxracer today… its was like $500 this chair better hold up… it was a beotch to build

Brandon Grimaldo says:

479…. ha

Zachary Atkinson says:

The joke about Donald Trump ,men were you wrong ,we all were

Error Team says:

Worst chair in the market.only lasted a year .dont get fooled.!!!Nazi company also. nuff said.

ITSAssassin says:

the script on this video tho lmao

Kactus says:

i like that “less support than donald trump” joke. *lenny*

Score Footy says:

Damn.. this chair has more customization than a lamborghini

Derek Comingo says:

i cant afford 500. 100 150 for a good one. what is this bent washer hahhahahaha.

ViiV Creations says:

those are lock washers, you really should put them on because the regular ones will loosen up over time

RiftWolfen says:

my chair is wooden and kinda broken and part of the seat is being held together with tacky glue i’ll take your bad leather one even :/

Dan Kron says:

If every review on the internet was as funny and entertaining as this one… Thanks for sharing…

Cyberpunk Computing says:

Proper desk ergonomics would require you sit strait and not reach for the keyboard. These gaming chairs are designed for aesthetics and lack the long term comfort that a premium office chair would have. If you’re going to spend that much on a chair I wouldn’t waste money on a racer styled chair. Check out the Steelcase Leap Chair, Steelcase Gesture, and Herman Miller Aeron. The Vertagear Trigger seems fine as well if you must have the gaming vibe.

Flynn Francis says:

Less supportive than trump he says

Andrew Givens says:

The underside and arm rests look exactly like corsair new chair. Yet they say the corsair chair is all in house lol

Special k says:

thumbs down for Donald Trump diss

John Karns says:

The first move would be to dispose of the cats…..OMG too much money to have a nice chair destroyed by a cat…or dog, rabbit, snake, squirrel, cow or even another human—say a child or crazy girlfriend/boyfriend. LOL

Jwoshy Woshy says:

Could you do some budget chair reviews? I don’t want to spend as much on a chair as I did on my graphics card, lol.

DeathStar United says:

Work and jerk eh nice

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