DX Racer F-Series Gaming Chair

DX Racer sent over their F-Series, a chair designed for gamers with a smaller frame. Could this be the ideal gaming chair for someone like me?

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Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat – Check out his channel here: http://youtube.com/adhesivewombat

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Heiner Schlesselmann says:

Check Out Noblechairs its a new german Brand

Scatter Dawn says:

how about you put one of those bucket seats for your car

Plocký /) says:

So if im a more relaxed sitting person the chair is good?

raz benyamin says:

I think I have a different series but it said it has rocking feature and when I pull the lever thing I feel no difference

Andre Gamer says:

if you want the most comfortable chair ever but the embody chair its 1200 but its awesome

Trevor Vampran says:

Reflector in the shot at 2:49 lol. Must’ve been a windy day.

Nether4 Gaming says:

2:87 And now for all you been waiting for……

Linus say’s “Hug my butt”

Sheol_IK says:

Do not buy a DXRacer chair. If anything goes wrong with either the shipping and you are unable to receive it or if you receive it with some production flaw – you’ll get to know a terrible customer service. Or you won’t, cause it takes them forever to email you back. That especially applies if you want a refund – not only will you lose money because of their shitty refund policy, it will take them months to respond.
Don’t buy DXRacer, do not support this company that treats it’s customers like shit.

Miki C says:

Is this guy Eminem of tech review?

Huntaroffish says:

I live in a very hot and humid country.
Would this chair heat up and thus be uncomfortable quickly?

EricWW2 says:

Ikea “MARKUS” chair is the only chair a man needs.

Cris12HD says:

rip the price

xVinsanity18x says:

Many forums advise upgrading to a office chair with better ergonomics such as the Aeron by Herman Miller or Leap by Steelcase. Any thoughts?

scienz0220 says:

as somebody who owns chairs that cost over 1000 and has a medical need to sit with correct posture, I think that this brand should be avoided

Stastro says:

“Lumbar support”. Ha.

California Good Stuff says:

I like a softer chair so I can be comfortable while I am editing.

ChibiSteak says:

Does it have RGB though??????????????

Glenda Bruce says:

is this good for PC gaming???

Risky Memes says:

3:16 Finn is that you??

Dyslectric says:

I’d hug linus’s butt…

Garyx24 says:

Picked this up open box at the Dx Racer warehouse today for $220. I think that was an excellent deal.

frank edley fuentes says:

you might want to try warlord gaming chairs 🙂

Tiriaq says:

Thank you for the F series. I really need a smaller chair than most are made. I want to know if it has the same functions as their bigger brothers?

Skrenja says:

I need a new chair. This or a Corsair T1, what should I get?

Andrew Givens says:

if you grease the threads of the bolts the chair will creak less and won’t get stuck if you need to take it apart years from now.

dogboy0912 says:

Smol canadian gets sucked into comfy chair

Devin Taylor says:

Fucking peasants complaining about the price. I was thinking of buying an Embody chair for $1700, this chair is cheap compared.

viperdemonz jenkins says:

OH/RB1/NE have you tried this one? it is a great chair got it in green/black.

surakon ranger says:

DXRacer SJ08 $455 piece of JUNK !!! That’s what I own, Don’t buy DXRacer

Koniotaur says:

2:23 Linus spitted himself

Lamborgatti -47 says:

0:35 psh I already have a death adder

Gear Grinder says:

It looks like a good chair, but I need something with arm rests that can be removed with ease. I have a G27 wheel/pedals/shifter mounted on a GTOmega wheel stand, but I have to remove the right arm rest to allow room for the shifter. I don’t want to have to remove/reinstall 4 big allen bolts every time I want to do a bit of racing. (The office chair I have now has a single bolt with a wheel knob for the arm rests… comes off and re-installs in under 10 seconds.)

Neroyz HD says:

Gt omega is the chair you want

Duke Favre says:

But i’m a big boy!! i need a big boy chair! 🙁 Bad Linus! no cookies for you!

Cookiekinggaming says:

Buy a pc or buy a chair?

Harper Roscom says:

how many chairs lean all the way back like that?

Gordon Ramsay says:

Aka Manlets

Alec S says:

why all these racing chair have absolutely flat back??
i wouldn’t recommend any of them to people with back pain issues.

Adrianne says:

Take a look at a herman miller aeron or embody chair reviews, then come back to this video. It makes this chair look like trash.

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