Buy the Best Gaming Chair! | Gaming Chair Roundup 2018

It’s that time again! the 2018 chair roundup video is here! Let me know in the comments which chair you like best. Full reviews listed below.

Deer Hunter
Full Review:

OPseat Master Series
Full Review:

OPseat Grandmaster Series
Full Review:

Tesoro Zone Balance

Anda Seat
Full Review:

Secret Lab Omega 2018
Full Review:

NobleChairs Epic Series
Full Review:

LFGaming Stealth
Full Review:

Watch Last Years Roundup:

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*Full Disclosure : I received a product sample to make a review. I was not paid to make this video. My opinions expressed in the video are my own. My integrity is not for sale.

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skygunner27 says:

Gamdias M1 RGB FTW!

JesseVlogs says:

Great video Brainbean. I’ve had my eye on the Secretlab Omega and Titan for a bit.

Gabriel dulong-lamoureux says:

@Braindead SecretLab or DxRacer?

William Smith says:

If you want to game you want to be supported and comfortable for hours, not looking like you only bought half of a racing simulator. The main differences between these chairs are the looks, the prices and the shapes they’re going to form your spine into. Herman Miller or something similar is the thing to go for, you can get them second hand for literally a quarter of the RRP. If you want to relax and watch TV get a sofa. I’d love to see a comparison between ‘gaming’ chairs and ‘office’ chairs.

Varialz says:

Best budget chair roundups? (Max 150$)

Pykuthepingu says:

Where the thermal take chair at

LordVerdo says:

1400 dollars for a chair.

My god.

adam mackenzie says:

i own the Black/Red X Rocker 2.1 w/Bluetooth — nice sound !

xd Sli0h clone says:


Raging Chaos says:

This is just stupid, spend it on a new gfx card.

snow says:

But can u do disss

BlinkOnceBuddy says:

@3:04 thats called Perforated leather FYI not breathable mesh.

Sulo says:

Can you test pewdiepies chair too? (Clutch chairz throttle pewdiepie edition)
Because there is actually NO COMPARISON videos or something like that
With the titan and the clutch chairz throttle.
Would be cool if you would try it out.

Max Hahn says:

wheres clutch gaming

Legandâry says:

You don’t need that many chairs, I’ll take one. 😉

Nigel B. says:

This is very helpful, as I am looking for a gaming chair. Thanks!

KGL Nero says:

“Gaming chairs” these are just glorified sports car seats with armrests on wheels. Imo these things are just a scam, $300+ for fake leather and plastic but because they look cool people will buy them.

teamtaylorswift says:

gaming chairs are a scam, most of them offer zero lumbar support, use fake leather and are all for looks ! plz do mesh chair reviews

XpReFlEx says:

May I have one plz I really need one I want a good chair to stream hey I’ll even take the pink one

taintidpictures says:

nice shirt

SuperRichin B says:

are gaming chairs even better for gaming

Nasur Akhtar says:

What’s the best Gaming chair with a small recliner or kick stand?

NotSoJDM says:

how tall are you? i want to get the secret lab chair but idk if i should get the titan or omega. im fairly skinny at around 130-140lbs and about 6’1. they reccomend the titan but im not sure if itll be too big

flick_eer says:

take a shot every time he says chair

CaptainMericca says:

My DXRacer chair is old and the pillows are crud. Where can I get quality replacements?

Retrogamer1010 says:

I use a lawn chair with a clothes basket for a foot rest. Actually very comfortable.

Dominic Francis says:

$1,400 for a chair???? Holy shit…that’s the cost of my entire PC build… Meanwhile, I went all in on my chair, a $40 Walmart special.

King XF says:

Lol how was refilming it

FirechickenExpress says:

How many fps do they add?

Varialz says:

Best Budget Keyboards (mechanical under 100) (show different switches)


If you want to get a chair don’t bother with “gaming” chairs that just charge you a massive premium for a car seat. Might as well splurge on an office chair from reputal manufacture with more than a decade of warranty. I bet most of these chairs especially the more economic ones will fall apart within a year. There is a reason these “gaming” chairs include “pillows” which is laughable.

However if you want to chase the “gaming” chair fad then by all means go ahead and buy one to regret it later.

Toney's Reviews says:

I like mine the Arozzi. On my channel I have a review of it.

Jesus MLG says:

Is it true that the Omega 2018 uses a very firm memory foam? How is it rated so highly?

Captain I Win says:

I mean if you wanna give me one i would take any of them cough cough

HypeSwaay says:

I found a 150$ gaming chair Look at this on eBay

Tyler Fuchs says:

My birthday is coming up and i’m looking into getting a gaming chair but not trying to spend more than 200$. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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