Buy the Best Gaming Chair! – Gaming Chair Roundup 2017

With the holidays coming up it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the best gaming chairs on the market in effort to help you decide which is right for you.

Secret Lab Titan $339.00

Thermaltake GT Fit $329.99

Cougar Armor $294.99

Tesoro Zone Balance $229.99

OPseat $199.99

Kinsal Gaming Chair $179.99

*Full Disclosure : I received a product sample to make a review. I was not paid to make this video. My opinions expressed in the video are my own. My integrity is not for sale.

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1967 kID says:

Nice Vedio, but I live in Puerto Rico and it’s hot I’m getting a all mesh chair the humidity it’s not good even on leather.

Bryce Lundin says:

I’m broke

Dragunov says:


BFKC says:

Test Songmics. Just have some common-sense and compare cheap stuff for comparison’s sake!! Bloody posers, everywhere. Useless, integrityless.
Most “accepted” cheaper companies, somehow, only sell small chairs for midgets, and that is another thing that pisses me off. Even DXRacer are mostly for midgets! Nobody knows that, only if you look in the smallprint, i.e. look with the right eye in the reviews. And, yes, if you are below 180cm, fuck you! The generational comparison shows that you not the average or trend, however chair companies are all for these little fuckers…

Neo Smith says:

What is the point of the racing design? People plan on hitting G forces while working/gaming LOL? They are tacky and look cheap.

nothingEvil101 says:

nice t-shirt!

Ermin Bicakcic says:

One thing you did not mention, but for a bigger guy is base build quality…. Many lower quality chairs will start “rocking” after some time if base is not good.

Werewolf486 says:

All arm rests that can’t be flipped up are bullshit.

SBF Stuntman says:

I want a non-leather gaming chair. Anyone know where i can get 1

Gavin Ganzorig says:

“most inexpensive one, $179” *closes video*

KinG JeZ says:

Which one is the softest??

GravelsNotAFood says:

“Do you want the usability, and comfort of a metal fold out chair, with a piece of cardboard taped to it? Do you love spending outrageous amounts of money? Are you to stupid to realize an office chair will always outpace any gaming chair?”
If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations! Gaming chairs are for you!

bemused says:

Protip: If youre gonna spend a shitload of cash on a chair to sit at your desk, dont buy any of these. Buy something from an office furniture wholesalers. Big companies get decent chairs for their employees which are good for posture, because they dont fancy getting sued for repetetive strain injury or similar issues. Gaming chairs are, by contrast, built to look good and nothing else. They also cost more, which is just plain retarded considering they dont last as long and are worse ergonomically. Oh and inb4 a load of butthurt dxracer owners try to justify their purchases below


Titan vs Pewdiepie’s throttle series ? who wins ?

wowcrazy70 says:

Are gaming chairs even worth it? About to just buy an office chair

Rhygarth says:

why do they make them look like car racing chairs ? i dont want a bucket seat with a race harness i want somthing comfy

Mr. Mister says:

I bought myself a Sharkoon Shark Zone GS10….And I am so happy that I made the right choice…The chair is extremely good. Looks nice and it is actually pretty big wich I was surprised a bit cause on pictures and videos u cant get the right picture of it..

Mathew Nold says:

Just bought the Titan, but its being sold so quickly that its on back order until april 🙁 I hope my back survives until then!

Cole Dooley says:

Gotta say you give some great tech reviews!

foomp says:

Honestly, if you’re going to spend hundreds on a gaming chair, just save a little more and get an Aeron or some professional grade office chair. Good warranties (usually), better trusted service, etc.

Francisco Muñoz says:

I like the titan but I have the doubt of the background measure of the seat, I measure 1.80 and I do not like that the legs protrude too much from the seat. I would like to use it also to study, would you recommend it to me?
Thanks for Video review

Thatwooper says:

I have a mission sg i think its pretty good

Aren Burns says:

Great video

RatchetSprite says:

Cougar it is.

Korawich Kavee says:

__/ 》》》 __ __

Drewbie UnderFire says:

Sweet shirt

Erick726 says:

Please don’t buy a gaming chair.. These chairs are based on race car seats and are very uncomfortable compared to office chairs. The only good thing about them is how adjustable they are but the arm rests feel flimsy. My office chair finally broke and I got a Vertagear and although it has padding the seat is extremely hard and short so the back of my legs have no support and if I use it for extended gameplay my butt and under my legs are sore.

Chidiebere Anyahara says:

You missed the knee-tilt function of the last 2 chairs. That’s a big selling point.

Gregstaaa says:

they should all have locking wheels imo, sitting on hardwood sucks. i bought a gaming chair but it broke (d.r. racer) so might go back to office chairs. Good video and very informative thx man !

Heinzkitz Velvet says:

My biggest complaint with ALL of these chairs is no padded arm rests. They’re ALL hard plastic, which is NEVER a comfortable feeling. This morning I ordered a Topsky chair with pull out leg rest and padded arm rests. Can’t wait for it to show up in the mail.

TrickRage says:


Wane Braddy says:

2 different socks thumbs up

Bolt Gamer says:

I chose tesoro in red
Good job
Btw you didn’t tell price of that

X MKG says:

Tesoro or opseat?

GateCrashers says:

maybe next time sit in the fcuking chairs !!!

n3mi says:


Kos or Kosm says:

thank god i saw this video before buying the xracer chair titan looks so much better

LeBron James says:

This will help me choose what chair i want for gaming give me a shoutout if you play blacklight retribution my user name is 3sp00ky5m320

Indie says:

YESSSSSS Coheed and Cambria are the shittt! Nice shirt dude!

W4NN1 says:

All of those chairs are trash and pretty much every 100$ office chair is better for sitting in front of a PC.

Shawn M. says:

Gaming chairs aren’t worth it. Get a good traditional office chair for $100-$130. They are way more comfortable.

Strato Driver says:

How could you miss the best of the features of the Titan… what about recline or locking lean angle?

piikaa mc says:

But can it do this

GateCrashers says:

what is a good chair for a short person ?

MagenticArcanine says:

Can you please do best budget Gaming chair under 250

nathan rowsell says:

check out clutch chairz, way better then dx racer i own both.

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