Best Gaming & Office Chair: DXRacer vs Herman Miller Aeron vs Herman Miller Embody Review

Best Gaming & Office Chair: DXRacer vs Herman Miller Aeron vs Herman Miller Embody Review…Plus tips on buying an office/gaming chair on a budget {playing Overwatch as Soldier 76 and Widowmaker)

Click here to see my review of the Herman Miller Embody and the Steel Case Leap chairs:

This past week I decided it was time to buy a new gaming/office chair. With so many chairs on the market, it’s a tough choice choosing one. In my search for the perfect gaming chair, I checked out Dxracer, Steelcase, and Herman Miller chairs. I’ve used the Herman Miller Aeron chair for the past 8 years and was keen on getting that one for my home office; however, the Herman Miller Embody chair also caught my eye. For those who stick around to the end of the video, I share some tips on how I got the Herman Miller Embody chair for a fraction of the retail price!!

*I’ve been getting a lot of inquires about the supplier I used to get my HM Embody chair. Please note, they only deal with local companies and not individual customers. Due to this, I’m unable to
provide their contact info.*

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Questtt3 says:

Myxo14Gaming…thanks for your review. Having used the Embody, Aeron, and now Leap (Gesture too?)… I’d really appreciate hearing which you prefer…especially for working at a desk (computer, etc). I am an 6’4″ 220lbs and found the Aeron “C” a little short in the seat (only comes a little beyond mid-thigh)…can’t find a Leap or Gesture to try but heard good things…only briefly had a chance to try the Embody. Thank you!

Ponte Ryuurui says:

i fucking HATE aeron chairs, extremely uncomfortable, pinching my lower hamstrings, but then I am 6.3
i wonder hows that embody performing

OneOneEight Rvolution says:

MAXNOMIC is significantly better than the quality of a DX chair.

Tanner Fite says:

Can you give me a contact for the supplier you got your chair from?

arthur berube says:

i just ordered aeron and i really needed to hear it was that comfortable , that was alot of money and it was between that and a dxracer so im really happy after hearing this review

Jonathan Welke says:

Hey man I have a gesture chair. been using it for a year now. best money I ever spent. I too got a great deal. went into a supplier. and they had an extra one that was top of the line. 1400 Canadian, that a company had ordered but never ended up getting. she gave it to me for 700. man. but now I want the embody. do I switch?!

Cam Pitcher says:

Thank you for bringing up this topic. I feel like no one ever talks about it. Like you, I started out with a costco chair, then switched over to a DX racer a few years ago because it just seemed like that’s what everyone was using. I would say that I like my DX racer more than cheaper $100 costco chairs and what not. It has a lot more durable build quality and I know it will last me a long time (10 years +) but I definitely would not say that it’s all that ergonomic or comfortable. I’ve always been confused as to why all these racer chair companies don’t build lumbar support into the back of the chair itself, they just give you that back pillow and I honestly find it really annoying. The pillow is always moving up and down on me and without it, the chair isn’t nearly as comfortable. But seriously…if I could get a deal on a herman miller like you did, I would buy that up in a heartbeat. Those things at retail price are WAY too expensive.

newworld park says:

rofl where the fuck’s the chair

IanHimself says:

I disliked this just because you hid the like bar.
Not a bad review, please don’t hide metrics, people hate it.

Hasin Zaman says:

Came for the comparison, stayed for the story

rquarantine says:

are you gonna show the chair……………….daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

GameBrosTMT says:

How much do you weigh and how tall are you?

Henry Jenry says:

nice video man enjoyed the story and ur experience

Albert Chen says:

where is the chair?

Ken Wilson says:

I have a DXRacer TC30 Tank Series and love it. This thing is solid and built to last a lifetime. No leaky pistons, no flattened seat cushions. Comfortable and versatile. I can sit up straight for office work, or recline to watch a movie with my feet up. I think the comment about people not using the cushions was ill-informed. People don’t use the cushions because the chair is so damn comfortable you don’t need them. I do use the head cushion, because it is super comfy when reclining. The back provides plenty of lumbar support without the lumbar cushion so I don’t use it. Of course, like anything else, they have cheap versions and deluxe versions. The TC30 series is top of the line. I’m sure the cheap models will not garner as much praise. You want great you have to pay for it.

Dantai says:

I got the local place to send me the Herman Miller Embody for a week trial – ughh it’s soo good – but they quote me $1400 with taxes in….

$350. You got it for $350 so lucky. I’m going to bug my uncles to see if they can get in touch with their office managers furniture supplier. But I don’t think we have that many options here in Halifax..

Dantai says:

Have you tried a Steelcase Gesture

Brucie Kibbutz says:

i have a dxracer and it’s just okay. not something i want to sit in for extended hours after years. currently looking at a raynor ergohuman.

Eric L says:

You’re comparing $300 chair to a $1000+ chair?

not quite an equal comparison

David says:

shouldve listened to you.. went on to get a dxracer instead, and regretting it. I tried the Herman Miller before at my old job and it is by far the best chair.


I have the areon and i think its worth it its real quality and the dx racer seems kind of cheply made to me

Final Boss says:

same experience. aeron > embody. Embody has the best back curvature as well as shape/form/looks but it lacks in comfort. There needs to be an extra layer of padding otherwise you start to feel the exoskeleton after sitting in the chair for 10 minutes. Also the arms are bad. Steelcase’s Gesture chair has the best arms.

Fun fact, they are essentially using the H-tree design for the back exoskeleton on the embody chair. H-trees or modified h-trees are used in clock tree synthesis on microprocessors to ensure that the pulse arrives at the same wallclock time at all leaves of the tree.

saynotoovercompression says:

I JUST got my aeron at $447, and damn do I wish I had an employer who had connections to the supplier. $260 USD is a fantastic deal for a chair of that caliber.

VaporTrailMix says:

Good to be a mature gamer, stumbled on your vid doing my research and you’re one of the very few I saw that compare gaming chairs to office chairs. That’s the mindset I’m using I’m basically looking for the best chair to spend hours on. So thank you for helping us wade through the gaming chair BS. A chair is a chair guys the office industry has been at it way longer than “gaming chairs”

gimmeadollr says:

Thanks for the video, I suspected DXRacers were more a well marketed chair than a well built chair

Jay Liu says:

How’s this compared to Steelcase Gesture?

Nicholas Doering says:

Where in Canada are you? I’d love to contact your supplier if we’re in the same area.

TowerOfLatria says:

My wife has a Herman Miller Aeron chair, and I like it, but I sometimes miss the high back of my old office chair. I’ve been going back and forth whether to buy one or not, and I just can’t decide!

Семен Глуз says:

Greetings! What would you recommend for me? I am around 175 cm/5,7 feet tall. Choosing between aeron and embody. Heard that embody lacks the headrest. Which one is more comfortable ? Thanks in advance!

Tommy Dstea says:

Did you try the steelcase chairs?

Nick Rodrigez says:

I wish I could go to a store and try a DX Racer chair or any descent chair… This country sucks.

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