Best $83 Gaming Chair Review: Pros & Cons

Here is a review of a gaming computer chair that I paid $83 for. I tell you the pros and cons. I hope you like this review.

Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair:

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Luxury Racing Car style executive chair
PU and mesh fabric upholstered face
Ergonomic back design with lumbar support
High quality butterfly seat plate
360 degree swivel for the chair
Pneumatic Gas Lift for Instant Height Adjustment
Variable tilt mechanism to relax, lean back. Tilt lock mechanism
Heavy duty chair base with casters for greater stability
Easily cleaned and fade resistant
Dimensions(cm):(DxWxH): 27x27x(43-47) inch
Back size: 21×28 inch
Seat size: 20×21 inch
Adjustable height: 19.2-23 inch
Seat/back thickness: 4.7 inch
Item Weight: 37 LB
Max load: 225 LB



Patrick Mayhew says:

Very imforative thank you!!

Shanti Roy says:

Looks very similar to the one I’m looking at for $200.

Crazed 43 says:

I might buy this one day

Lucky Otaku says:

Just like that.

DexterOMG says:


Wave Edits says:

109$ ):

TheThIeF says:


OldDog NoTriks says:

No lean, no buy

Project Hell says:

201 euro now have to dissapoint you

cody greenly says:

220$ now RIP

Haris Subhan says:

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow awesome video I am from pskistan

XGenerationsGaming says:

Shit im fat as shit

Sketchy says:

I’m totally gonna buy a white one fuck how much it is I put looks and comfort above price

Rodier Ratafakus says:

200$ now

Jakub Stopyra says:

could you do a review of it after few months of using this chair?

Mark van Ginkel says:

Lol ”I’m really tall I’m 187 cm” bruhh I’m from the Netherlands and 187 cm is average here.

jamilskannal says:

Sucks this chair isent here in Sweden 🙁

Biplob Nahid says:

Very helpful and informative video. You may click here to get more information

Carter KW says:

Pause at 4:24 he looks like Markiplier

Shredpirate says:

Thanks for the review. Would have loved to get the chair for 83 bucks. Also you look like Markiplier lol

yung succ says:

Wtf it’s $201 now.

Patrick Mayhew says:

Cool gaming chair they are so sweet i eventually want one as well

TolioysGR GamerX says:

Now 210 eip

MobileDecay says:

What’s the difference between a Gaming chair and an Office chair besides the silly racing stripes?

William Wang says:

200now fml

alll playlist YOUTUBERS says:

I need that

Patrick Mayhew says:

Best bang for the $ great choice good quality as well

Patrick Mayhew says:

Great style that chair gets my approval

merc benz says:

There’s a new Sheriff in town and it’s called the “Ficmax Gaming Chair” A beatifully designed gamers chair with a massager. Check it out here:

Zuma One says:

Good video..usa

Cali United says:

where can i buy that carpet lol

BenTheDipper says:

83 fucking $ my ass!!! 105 for the piece of shit i could take a fucking shit and make it into a chair and it would be better then that 83$ shit chair

Bobmarley420 says:

Nice vid!!!!

Annonymous User says:

I just need somewhere for my ass to sit and be comfortable

Tjomas Leal says:

How’s the chair now? A portion of reviews for chairs in this price bracket tend to have issues upon arrival or break within a couple months. I’m considering taking the gamble on this brand

Patrick Mayhew says:

Great for lumbar support wow amazing

Moo N Oink Gaming says:

thank you for your help and opinion

Sami HF says:

it doesnt look comfortable at all lol

Monica Guillen says:

joseph gordon levitt


$105 now. WEAK!
The chair company sucks your video was great. I really wanted that price that chair looks legit for $83

SanPvP - Minecraft and more says:

why dont u review it after gaming?

TechMoose says:

You look like markiplier wtf

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