Seems like a fair fight

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Luka Sarich says:


Matthewthesloth 25 says:

Didn’t know he did pornhub too

Bigdaddypizzacorn 64 says:

You see Kyle there is a much better chair for the reasonable cost of 399$.

Halfcentaur says:

went to a staples to look at some of their chairs, the biggest problem was the quality of the plastic. even a $100 chair on amazon felt better than some of their more expensive ones.

RivalGamerTV says:

$115 for that staples chair? You can get so much more in a chair for that price. My chair is $150 and its extremely comfortable

Haxsterion says:

this would seem like a fair comparison if they had cost the same

The goat Pear says:

It’s just a chair

Linda Hayes says:

$700??? That’s a new video card for me.

Ryan Clayton says:

Too long to watch…did he get it for free and give them a good review?

Ethan Shenk says:

Ok for price of the two chairs first look the more expensive chair is like way over priced like 700 for like a 450 dollar chair maybe 550 at most like a racing chair would make more sense if it was high enough grade and gonna last 50 years but like 120 or so for the Basic chair like what is wrong with these people thats like a 70 or 80 dollar chair i could get a decent racing chair for the same price as that and it would support me better and be alot more comfy like what are these trash chairs and trash as in the price not quality



Joe D says:

Big Buttery Corn. Right?

Richard Wallace says:

“I’m a poor person” buys $700 chair

phook phook says:

Was looking for gaming chair reviews (not office), but stayed for the chuckles.

Chase Alvarez says:

700 dollar rebranded ikea chair for twice the money of a dxracer. This screams scam me.

Jake77 says:

hey girl, you like bbc? hmu

Andrew says:

You lost me when the virtue signalling bitching started about the leather used in the chair, and how the smell of that wonderful leather put your wife off. Seriously, people whining about natural leather being used in products need to go live in a plastic bubble. Oh, wait those are made from petroleum. Oh oh, what ya gonna do now!

Louis Burley says:

$700 is a lot of money. However, if you spend any time in it it’s worth it. It’s like spending the extra on a good mattress. You’ll be able to sleep well and you’ll be glad once you bought it.

Tldr: it’s expensive but probably worth the cost. I’m cheap lol

Skrew0 says:


why buy that when pewds is only for *399$*

and it cant do *THIS*

Bosko Jal says:

Did he say tight foreskin ?

Sam Dunlop says:

Comment 2000

Roland St Germain says:

Two days ago I bought a Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Chair. I spent hours going through product reviews online without finding anything even halfway decent, regardless of how far up in price points I went. Instead of taking a chance on a chair based on a picture on the Internet, I decided to go to Staples and go through their showroom inventory. There were over two dozen chairs on the floor, and I tried them ALL!
One thing I noticed was that the coolest-looking chairs that were meant more for gaming than daily office use ended up being some of the most uncomfortable ones I have ever tried – and if your first impression is a bad one, chances are it’s not going to get better with time. The Hyken (and yes, the model I bought was in the same red as the model in the attached link) made an immediate impression on me that none of the others came close to even matching. Got it home, installed the larger rollerblade wheels I got for Christmas so it would roll better on the carpeting, and as of Day Three of my daily testing, it is nothing but fantastic!
Not only was it comfortable for long sit-down sessions while recording and mixing music, but the mesh back provided outstanding back support, to include the lumbar region – a sore point (pardon the pun) with nearly every other chair I have owned. The headrest, also made of mesh, was like a cradle made especially for me.
Best part of this deal was that I got it for $149.99 – a healthy price reduction over its usual $229 list price – but you know what? I would’ve spent $229 on this one without thinking twice.
Get it while it’s still in stock!

Beau Chang says:

You let your wife sit on a bbc?

MarvinMfz says:

It definitely looks like better quality but $700?!?!? I wouldnt even consider $400.. $300 maybe.. but even then… Im getting a Furmax Gaming chair for $165..

NOTION says:

I have a BBC for any girl to try to sit on comfort and pleasureeeee

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