Autonomous ErgoChair Review!

Looking for a comfortable new chair for your office? Need ergonomic design to relieve back, neck, and butt strain? Do levers make you excited? Like bad jokes? This video might fit your bill.

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che broadnax says:

I have never been entertained by a chair review until this day, sir.

spyc says:

YESSS!!! Another one!

recycl0ps says:

did they gave you the chair for you to review?
How is it compared to the mesh chairs at staples?

Tthefunone wsx says:

subscribe this hoe. you need a couple million. As a side note if anyone reads this, what do you think of my current build. (I havent built it)

Volodymyr Burenin says:

Nice chair. My chair has arrived today and it definitely feels better than Herman Miller Aeron. However, I have one more opinion of another person who thinks that Aeron is actually better. Arguable… and very personal.

DeusWulf says:

I have been waiting for a review of this chair. Still curious as to whether or not they actually designed it though, as its being sold elsewhere under different branding.

Kevin Schott says:

Great video man, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this video. Also sweet rig, lovin’ that xmas themed interior lights!

Mike Demopoulos says:

Ordered my chair on Nov 2nd and has not shipped yet. ordered the desk same day and shipped yesterday.

Henry Charlotten says:

my girlfriend got me this chair because I was telling her that mesh based chairs are just overly expensive even DX racer style chairs. I was so excited that she went out her way and got this for me. I’m coming from a basic office chair as my daily chair and the metal on it is bent so far back when I lay back on it lol. this review I been dying to see and you finally made one. I been hearing a lot of good things about this chair especially for the price. I wanted a maxnomic chair till I heard it’s not comfortable for the lower back but this seems to be the sweet spot. thanks for the review I just subscribed to you.

Ahmso says:

keep the cheesy pun they are great one might say i chairish them

Michael Kristian Remedio says:

great video man. lol love the jokes and been waiting on a review on this chair.

OneOhNine says:

Okay.. is your subscriber count really only 1K or is YouTube messing up again..? I mean, I’ve just seen your last 10 videos and they’re all high quality top notch material. I’m talking about should-already-have-a-couple-million-subscribers quality material. In all my years of lurking around the weird side of YouTube, I’ve never encountered a channel that deserves more subscribers as this one.

007vsMagua says:

Thanks for another entertaining video review. I’ve been searching for a new ergonomic chair with a headrest. I’m a big wide man and the racing chair designs just don’t work for me. This chair looks like it could work for me as the breathable mesh allows for good cooling in warm and humid environments. Considering how much other such chair designs, that meet my requirements, could cost $1,200.00 the price seems reasonable. If there are other options I should look at and consider please share.

Ross Baldwin says:

This is my new favorite YouTube channel. I love the deadpan delivery and puns. Great work man, keep it up.

Gabriel 1892 says:

loving your jokes!

counteru strike says:

i’m sorry I guess everyone has their own likes and dislikes but I definitely DISLIKE this chair!!. I have this chair and I am right now looking to see how to return it. I hate it!!!! I’m 6 foot 210 lbs and the thing barely goes down far enough for both my feet to sit flat on the floor without applying too much pressure on the underside of my thighs. The seat… damn.. the seat is hard as hell!!!! I have a 99 dollar non ergo chair that has more comfort than this. The arm rests “would” be nice if they locked into place. Yes the up and down motion locks but the forward and backward motion does no just like shown in the video. The biggest issue I have with this chair is the fact I did not notice in this video at the 15 seconds mark when the lady sits back in the chair she “slides” down the back of it. Now, this was the 2nd thing I noticed besides the hard seat cushion when I first sat in it. I didn’t see that she slide downwards into the chair in the video till after I got my chair and went back to view the video to see if they slide down in it like I did. I luckily only paid $175 bucks for the chair.. if you plan on spending more than that I highly suggest you look at something else.

DragX Gaming says:

I am 16years old and already have terrible back problems from my shitty chair. Is it work the $400 or should i just go for a cheaper chair

Mizmatch89 says:

Your humor sold me! Now to dive in the rest of your videos!

Bryson Young says:

Congrats on hitting 1000 subs! (And awesome video. Keep up the good work)

Karl Z says:

Fun review, I like your attitude and presentation. But really, why are you wasting your time and money with such a cheap, disposable POS? Looks like you have a nice computer rig to play with, you should think about the chair with as much care as you put into the rest of your system. In three years this chair will be dead and you’ll be throwing more money away on another crap chair.

Do the homework and spend the thousand dollars to buy a quality product that will serve you well for twenty years or more. Like the Herman Miller Aeron (classic version) or the Steelcase Gesture.

You have no idea how good a chair can be compared to this consumer grade crap.

Thanks for the entertaining review and be well.

Martin Freimann says:

Recently found out about Autonomous and I must say they have some pretty cool stuff and the prices are reasonable as far as I can tell. Planning to grab an Ergo chair myself. Fantastic review, you have really awesome content I’m currently binging on heh. Keep up the fantastic work. 🙂

Talha Shah says:

Great video. I bought Ikea Markus and I love everything about it except I can’t sit on it crisscrossed with arm rests attached. What other seats in this price range did you consider, if any? If you were to do it again, would you still buy this chair? It’s strange that there are either $100 staple chairs or $1000 premium office chairs (Steelecase and Herman Miller), but nothing in between that is reputable and trusted high quality.

Erasmus_Tycho says:

Like your review. I ordered the chair and am wondering how easily the chair arm rests come out. Does it require tools to add/remove them? I work from home, so I spend most of the day working but I am also a pretty big gamer and it’d be great if I could remove the arm rests easily if I want to play a VR game or if I want to make a second set of arm rests that can mount my Throttle & Joystick on them.

Roser Pink says:

can i have that chair 🙂

Rory McCracken says:

I’ve watched this review a bunch of times since you posted it, it makes me laugh and dulls the pain of waiting for my own ErgoChair to arrive later this month. I’m beyond excited because my current chair sucks. Loved your reviews of this and also the standing desk, and have subscribed for future reviews. Great channel, keep up the good work!

Sipho Bunchean says:

You’re funny. That’s cool!

Magniankh says:

How rattly is it?

Kay E says:

… the offending pun was awesome. x)

Draxion says:

Can you just take off the arm rests?

Chris Shao says:

It’s been 2 months. what do you think of the chair, is the mesh padding, do you think will sink excessively overtime (3 years)? worth the monayy?

Mikalton says:

butts love this

Seth Man says:

Hilarious. 😛 I have a DX Racer King and I am about 6’3 280. Ergo chair looks nice and the price tag is nice also, but I’m gonna stick with my DX Racer for now.

mastuh mind says:

Yo, how’s it going fam, I’ve had this chair for a few months and it is definitely better than a wooden chair, for sure.

Is it worth the current retail? Meh…

Wanted to ask you a question though, does your chair get mad dusty near the lumbar/back? I think the backing creates dust every time I recline, so right now my lumbar support and the surrounding areas are caked. Lemme know fam.

Roger Cotrina says:

Hello @ALittleDIMM,
great content you have in your channel. I wanted to ask about the seat height of this chair. You mentioned you are 5’9″. Do your feet remain completely flat on the floor or do you have to use a foot rest?

Mark Smith says:

excellent video! I hope they ship to hawaii

Kadomex says:

I was considering this chair until they jacked the price up by $50. Now the bright colors are all $299 and the neutral colors are $349. I thought $300 was a great price but at $350 I’d rather just put a La-Z-Boy at my desk for $300 and spend the $50 I saved on a game, lol.

Kyle Kuehlwein says:

As always, enjoy your videos!

Craig London says:

Easier than offending someone in 2016…probably even easier now it’s 2017 😀

sherwin phillips says:

That chairs have a hell of alot of adjustments

N,N DMT says:

I appreciate the great review because I am SO ready for my chair to show up! I ordered it on Oct 26th and it’s not getting shipped until Dec 28th – Jan 4th. My current chair is killing me.

DeusWulf says:

Finally got around to picking one up. Not nearly as comfortable as I thought it would be. I also prefer to sit cross legged half the time, so the design is definitely a plus. Hopefully the padding softens up a bit. The lower back support cushion does not feel good, they should have gone with some memory foam for that one as it just feels like someone putting a stiffy in your back.

Stephen b says:

I wish we could have more reviews that weren’t obvious clickbank shilling

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