Are Gaming Chairs Worth It? 7 Things to Consider Before Buying A Gaming Chair

Racing-style chairs are incredibly popular right now (and have been for a few years). But are gaming chairs worth it? I’ve reviewed multiple PC gaming chairs now and in this video, I go over seven different factors that—based on my experience—I think you should consider before you buy a gaming chair.


My current recommendations for gaming chairs are:

For average-sized users:

* Secretlab Titan (9.4/10) -

For larger users:

* DXRacer Tank (9.2/10) –

For smaller users:

* Secretlab Omega (9.0/10) –
* DXRacer OH/FD01/NR (8.4/10) –

Budget-friendly options:

* GTRACING E-Sports Chair (8.4/10) –


For more chair reviews, check out our PC gaming chair buyer’s guide:


Mike Bahia says:

Really good review video. It is SO difficult trying to find an ergonomic decent quality chair with “proper” lumbar support for under $400 in Canada…

MidLion :3 says:

Any recommendations for someone who’s 5,9 and 115 :/

Cypher says:

I sit on an uncomfortable wooden chair for 6 hours a day, comfort won’t bother me

Sc0pee says:

Gaming chairs are overpriced junk. Just buy a good quality office chair and it’s a lot better.

Ziqel says:

Bought a dxracer it almost fucked my tailbone. Went to ikea and bought a regular office chair…. i did a 10hrs marathon on it and it only tickled it.

Michael Navedo says:

What’s the name of the chairs at the 1 min mark?

Stephanie R says:

I am thinking of buying this gaming chair by the price, reviews and ratings it looks like its the best!

dlkdbdkdi eofolsjid says:

My caming chair is a box

iEclipse says:

1:44 your*

JM2K12_us Gaming says:

This feels very biased

fluidsc says:

never get tech tips from a guy that wears a flat-brimmed hat.

Qif Ry says:

and here i am with a 10 usd wood chair

gimmedaalbatross says:

Part 2: How to Stay a Virgin

VAC2 says:

There is a small company where I live (Cincinnati) that makes custom computer chairs. I got one about a week ago and its amazing! They actually take measurements of your body when you buy it to make it to your size exactly. The down side is that they are expensive (Mine was a little under USD 1,400.00 for a the basic(ish) one) but they are totally worth it and it will last a longggggg time. They also make custom desk and like reception chairs ect. Check them out at

flipbeat says:

Try Ewin good pillow chair and I love they chairs.

Christina Lamb says:

I am thinking of buying this gaming chair by the price, reviews and ratings it looks like its the best!

Nearly Evil 665 says:

1:50 did you realy need to use me s an example?
1.98m = ~6″5′
~110 kg = ~240lbs

FrakGaming says:

I was gonna keep watching your video, but then i saw you play PUBG third person. 🙁

VG Swiizy says:


Alexander Hold says:

6:40 i Guess they never miss huh

Always Right says:

these chairs can easily be priced around $70 but due to the power of advertisements they cost upto $400 and more.

Zach Faulkner says:

this guy sits like a bot.

Rust Atmos says:

*But can it do this*

smartcow360 says:

hey, when i download boycott advance and download a rom file and put both on my mac i cant open the game with the emulator can anyone help?

Ragesauce says:

I have a lazy boy chair i got for free, I can actually lay down and play in it. Fuck gaming chairs.

timthamm says:


Yep says:

The main reason I want a gaming chair is because you can adjust the back, back n forth. I have a nice office chair but its stuck in one position that has me leaning back (similar to 2:35) and I hate it now. I want to sit upright since I have back problems.

thegayhare says:

I bought a second-hand wheelchair at a storage auction for my computer chair. Its designed to be sat in for long periods of time, and pretty comfortable. The only downside is no headrest but for something I paid 5 bucks for its aces

Fosh Ray says:

Gaming chairs make your pc run faster duh

Lam Ha says:

Very informative and quality review !! Perfect youtuber!!!! Gold medal!!

meredith allison says:

Thank you for this. I’m trying to buy a gaming chair for my 11 yr old son and had no idea there were so many options! Your video helped, but I’m still overwhelmed. If anyone can reccomend a chair for under $150 for a kid, I’d really appreciate it! (He’s 75 pounds and under 5 feet tall)

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