Z Review – 1more Spearhead VR [A Fake Gaming Headset]

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aki-sid.95 says:

I’m still using the Takstar Hi2050 that you recommend almost 2 years ago for gaming. Love them!

NITRO says:

Hey Z can you do an updated video on the SHP’s?

Nano says:

Should i go for a pair of modded M40x’s or MSR7’s? What do you think?

Rigboi says:

Are monolith m560 good for gaming

Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur says:

The silicone thing that holds the pads doesn’t look vey durable tbh

Robert Parkins says:

Can you get back to reviewing things that actualy matter? ZMF headphones, RME dacs, Focal Utopias etc?

Kentololable says:

How does the mic sound though?

Marcus Quiles says:

Hella funny man. Always get a good laugh in

Jun Boo says:

Haha despacito.

Chibi Squad says:

Waaaait a minute …. XEar is Roccat tech isnt it .. i have that exact feature on my Roccat XTD 5.1 digital headsets .. i wonder which company owns which company here

Daniel Jordanov says:

I thought Z duct taped this shit but no lol.

Chibi Squad says:

10/10 still a better bag than Fallout 76 collectors edition sucke- eeerrm purchasers received

Chibi Squad says:

You like anime girls you should check out Gene and the Weaponoids from Phantasy Star Online 2

thomass says:

Cool review but… Laptop wallpaper??

Screw B says:

more loli papes plz

Justin Pullin says:

So are these the headset to get that you get if you have to have a headset?

MCgranat999 says:

Danger Will Robinson… (Sorry, I had to)

Rabbi Goldovich says:

Yo Z, do you like classical, and trance and eurohouse? Whos your favourite composer?


I know i dont like them, but i want to buy them…thank god im broke.

Noah Simsic says:

i LOVE extending my pink rod

Ahmed Elgohary says:

Can i have your thoughts on the Sennheiser x Massdrop pc37x gaming headset it looks really appealing and good from an audio perspective in fact some said it was similar to the Sennheiser hd 598

putin Aragon says:

Should I sell my shp9500s for these because for some reason people are selling them for 200 dollars


Dolby dimensions headphone review may be?


But where will it end up in Z’s list for gaming headsets?

Gee Beave says:

I cant find Xear on HeSuVi I wonder if there’s a update?

Sanjhai Gopinath says:

Plz make a video on Difference between 1more vr and vrx

Joseph Giubardo says:

I wish you had included a mic test, it’s an important part of any headset for me.

Sebastian Franz says:

Short question what would you recommend? Klipsch rp 160m or kef q350( i mostly listen to metall)? Also nice Video.

PSYCHO says:

What wireless headset should I get my friend for PS4? He lives in an apartment building and he games on a 65 inch Sony X900E 4K tv. Wireless is the only option.

He currently uses a GARBAGE Turtle Beach XO Four plugged into his PS4 controller which means he has low audio aka no amp like my 2013 Astro A40.

I read mixed opinions on the Steelseries Arctis 7. The Arctis 5 has better reviews on Amazon. I want to get him something very comfortable but with loud sound. He has a big head. I don’t want to pay $300 for the Astro A50 which I hear the audio cuts off sometimes.

Please give me suggestions. I want my friend to have a great headset for PS4/Xbox One gaming. Should I get a cheap audiophile headset and attach a mod mic to it???

Falqonone says:

This vs DT770? DT770 right? Purely regarding sound

Mr Man says:

Will he doo teh Lenovo headset that gives you cold ears?

Krasimir Donkov says:

will you be doing a comparison between the QC35II, MIcrosoft surface headphones and 1000xm3 ?

Sándor Papp says:

I think that takstar pro 82 copy its not gigabyte,made by cooler master.

Tysun Yihan says:

27:10 “Z Reviews is messaging me” ?! What tf?

GTR886 says:

I got this because of you and hated it!

Randall Lawkin says:

Those look classy

Dylan Angel says:

the mic is pretty shit even with the usb in, sounds distant and muffled. probably end up getting blocked by people for using it

森秋子 says:

…but shiny!

MrMiggoH says:

The benefit of having a boom mic on a headset is being able to make it not pick up too much background noise.

Sándor Papp says:

I would like to know the 1more how little bit better than pro 82 with usb cable or 3.5 jack cable with an amp?

Taylor Time says:

Not sure if my unit is just special or what, but there’s a world of difference between the 3.5mm jack and the USB port. Like, even hooked up to the X7s fed by an SDAC, the bass is anemic and it just doesn’t sound very clear? Going to USB, clarity, bass, width, imaging, literally everything is immediately and obviously better. I checked this also with the SMSL M6, both with the Spearhead’s included cable and with a V-Moda cable.

Maybe it’s just my pair, but via USB, totally a match for the M40x, actually sounds really fun and bassy. Has anyone else had that experience?

Greg Snell says:

See there is a ModMic wireless out now. Could we get a review?

zareef razzaque says:

the only reason you get the mic next to your face is so that you can loudly breath into your team’s ears

Albert Fajarito says:

“Driver goes in and out, in and out”

Jamie Bower says:

ovulate=oscillate+gyrate? LOL

sultan alkubaisi says:

Z review the focal utopia

Wizbone says:

5:53 Man, I really hate it when my headphones ovulate.

Slade Day-Carreiro says:

Very often integrated mics in USB headsets won’t work when using them over a 3.5mm, because they make the mic reliant on USB power to work so they have to add an inline mic. The fact they kept the jack 4 pole at the top is weird though.

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