XTAL VR Review: The Best Wide FOV VR Headset Available? XTAL First Look & Review

This XTAL VR headset review will tell you all about the features and news regarding the best, and also the most expensive, wide FOV VR headset on the market today. XTAL is a 170 FOV and high resolution VR headset with custom developed lenses and OLED panels aiming the professional industry, and this review made during the VR Days exhibition, goes in-depth and step by step through all XTAL features, pros and cons and also comparing the current XTAL version with the new upcoming XTAL headset which has many improvements added.

Is XTAL the best wide FOV VR headset available on the market today? This review of XTAL will let you know all about it!

XTAL is already now available for order from the official XTAL website of VRGiners. You can also read more about the XTAL features and news, frequently updated here:

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Vane Fal says:

Is it really worth buying when this new tech is on the horizon: https://youtu.be/vs5CShcWF9s ?

elitespa says:

5000 $????? OMG……

Andrew Elias says:

No games support foveated rendering currently. I applaud them for stuffing everything but the kitchen sink into one headset, though. Auto IPD itself is pretty sweet.

ar03d says:

this is basically the pimax 5k plus business edition but with less FOV

Armin Noroozi says:

“Look mum! I’m on TV!” 😛

racerxvids says:

Looks great but it lost me at 70fps. 90fps or bust!

Steven says:

But will it run DCS? lol

Kamran Latifov says:

I dont mind playing 1080P as long as it is renderen in 4k screens. I dont haveproblem with low resolution lik 1080p, I have problem with PIXELS! Its because of the pixels we can not see the distance. Anyway… lets hope )

The Pacifist Gamer says:

It’s so bulky looking. I’m so used to oculus rift and fov is not that bad if you tighten it, plus it’s really light. Is it kind of tiring to wear it?

alanharrington says:

2020/2021 Rift 2 will make this redundant; until then we can all dream of affording such extravagant equipment.

lolmao500 says:

You need 2 RTX2080Ti to run it lol

bboymassUK says:

Just purchased mine.
Be here soon.

Fuck it.

RowdyDemon70 says:

Super expensive and not even wireless… pass

bucky says:

Interesting! Good review!

Sacre Baikal says:

Would my 1080 TI even be good enough to run this?

Gamerx Planetx says:

70 hz no thanks

brandon dymock says:

2:16 she got asssss

Darcey Lloyd says:


damonschumi says:

Coming in future a xtal for consumer ? Thanks for reply greets

Lhun says:

One thing about this that is EXTREMELY unique compared to other headsets is the lenses. If these style lenses could be applied to current headsets along with their intrinsics we could go pretty far. Samsung’s idea of using a subpixel diffuser plus lenses like this, plus either windows mixed reality inside out or vive style lighthouse tracking, for around 500usd would be the best vr headset on the market today. Right now it’s hard to top the odyssey+ and pimax for visual fidelity, but the field of view suffers in the odyssey+ due to the older style lens. The sweet spot fov is 150-180deg, then it’s perfect. We’re almost there. By 2020 I think we’ll see that theoretical headset, and it’ll probably be less than 170 us dollars.

lolmao500 says:

Consumers can accept maximum 1000$ for a vr headset

Ace Riaz says:

Excellent job Swe!! Just let Oculus buy one and pull it apart and then increase the speed they bring their product to market that we can afford :). That really is crazy money! Could not stop laughing at Seb’s photobombing, You 2 really are the light of VR

duked19 says:

Great preview and also great photobombing by Sebastian! Now, I want a similar in-depth preview of StarVR One! =) Also, tethered is sooo 2017! =) Any date for when they (and Pimax) go wireless?

wotever99ninynine Hamilton says:

1440p? for $5000? but my wmr headset for $200 has 1440p??? lcd not oled.. but still… and xral has a wider fov so those pixels are stretched/ less dense (more sde) so unless this is brand new custom made clever oled screens with no gaps between the pixels i just dont get it…. why so low res? even without sde that res would look blurry and not sharp….

Kraig says:

Is it weird that I actually like that this is so ridiculously large? Feels like the VR of my 80’s childhood dreams 😀

Pumpkin Tomb says:

I’m happy to pay $3,000 for a VERY good vr system but $5,000 is too far

D B says:

$5000 for the headset. $5000 for the cervical blocks every six months of use.

JAY95 says:

Looks heavy af

Lez Marwick says:

Interesting that you state at the end that this is the best VR headset, but MRTV says the StarVR one is better.

Glitcherific says:

Got to buy a nasa computer

Wakusa says:

pimax can do better and you get it for 500. lol

bill carson says:

What is the input to this headset though ? Is it 4k input ? Or is it up scaling like the Pimax ?

Falkaroth says:

That Vr headset looks realy heavy !

Does it come with an ant game ?

pittsburghjoe says:

Those eight were not base stations

Nathan Williams says:

Damn they are starting to get big again, remember those mammoth vr headsets we had in the 90’s.

JackSpike Gim says:

please tell us How about weight?

635574 says:

So the only things left to improve is the far edges and the refresh rate.

Rick Hart says:

Sweviver, plz learn to set your in game settings to match the resolution of your headset.

Haliff Roslan says:

if xtal is 5000 euro, guess how much the much better starvr one will cost?

Goe Bann says:

Nice, very nice video!
I hope VRgineers get in contact with Razer and make a perfect VR headset.

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