Xiaomi Mi Game Headset Review | An Almost Perfect Headset

Been a while but today we review Xiaomi’s first Gaming Headset!
Xiaomi Mi Game Headset: http://bit.ly/2MhLr7z | $78 | Sale
Gearbest Brand Exclusives Sale: http://bit.ly/2LBEp0M

Latest Software Download: http://bit.ly/2n47cwQ

English Patch For Version
(Outdated, but you can still translate it your self)

– Go to the Software Directory
(./Program Files (x86)/Mi/Gaming HeadsetLan)

– Open skin_Cs.ini

– Copy & Replace With: https://pastebin.com/aEPYAiZr


If you have any questions feel free to ask

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michael martin says:

Why don’t you add a link for the mi gaming software to get the headset to change colour ?

Filmgod94 says:

Its selling in the official xiaomi store in HK for 31usd now

Aman Pandey says:

I don’t know why you dont get views :+|

Ivan Chua says:

Thanks for a nicely balanced review, i went out to get one myself! loving it. subscribed. cheers!

Gabriel gomez says:

Where do I get the program for the headphones in English?
mine is in chinese.
thanks for the video, greetings

Physiology Shark says:

Can you set it wireless?

somewhereoutthere says:

Pls unbox and review the 8th Gen 6 core mi gaming laptop.

Life Kommando says:

Don’t mind me

SkyLLeNd says:

genuine leather or not ?

BiancaYT says:

Does the 7.1 available to 3.5mm after setting up from usb/pc?

MrFenkins says:

but… what is going to happen if I will connect two cables at the same time?

Smruti Ranjan Samantray says:

Thumbnail forced me to watch this video

xiaomi lover says:

Amazing video great job… Tell me please how does it compare with the XIAOMI fortable HiFi headphones 1st generation

praveen raj says:

An Almost Perfect Review! Great Work!

kpopislife says:

How did you get rid of the hissing sound when the usb connector is plugged?

Prateek Choudhary says:

No mute button on 3.5 mm cable? I wanted to use it with ps4

liutcm says:

nice little review, but it’ll be better if you focus more on the audio quality! 😛

- Reflexz says:

Does it work on PS4?

Jeff Ngooi says:

hi. how did you set up the microphone via usb? i could play PUDG with my friend using the 3.5mm jack and audio splitter. but if i connect via the usb, i could only hear, and not be able to use the mic.

lyrics 2 you says:

Long time no see

Tebe says:

Life Kommando, can you help me? It doesn’t let me save the Pastebin link in the program files.
(Edit) Nvm i just had to run notepad as admin..

Mahibul Ahsan says:

Does the 7.1 works on Ps4 ??

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