Xbox One Stereo Headset Full Hands on Review – Should you Buy?

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Xbox One Stereo Headset Full Hands on Review – Should you Buy?

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SDFcommander says:

Thanks for the review! I really appreciate it. I am going to pick up a pair.

Mr. Realistic says:

If there’s no “shakage” while wearing them, why you complaining?

Kyle Desrochers says:

Honestly I don’t care what they look like, I won’t be gaming in public.

Sauce Gawd says:

Honestly I don’t care if someone watches me play video game or the angle of the aux port

Corey2base says:

$80 wtd??? I got mine for $35??

Leftwitch says:

This headset is a nightmare for anyone who wears glasses. After 15 minutes with it on it starts to squeeze your glasses into your face and makes buying apple headphones a better option since this headset is easily breakable.

Gungoose 360 says:

Good review bud! I usually stick with Dream Gear but the last pair just failed on me after only 2 months so I’m trying the Official route… So can you tell me, if I don’t need the adapter (using newer controller) and I don’t wanna use it, can I still adjust and mute the sound? Is there a control switch on the wire? Or do I HAVE to use the adapter for adjustments and/or mic muting? Thanks!

Le Mute says:

I think the Mic thingy is too short people can barely hear me when I speak normal

Colby says:

Don’t bother buying this.They break way too easily and I took good care of them and they just stop working.Ive already bought 3 of these.

MrDeathprof says:

Wtf $80? I got this for $5 at goodwill.

Joseph Azzato says:

they are cheap plastic I love the sound of them don’t get me wrong but these things have just been falling apart on me 🙁 they are glued back together in so many places its redundant :'( I am buying some akg’s or some thing like harmon nc bt headphones with condenser mic adapter for chat. why? because I Hate having to buy new headphones and this time they will not be cheap plastic that starts falls apart all of a sudden from normal use!

Kevin Neiford says:

Is there a way to change the volume on the headset itself. ?

Fortnite iSFUN says:

Nobody cares if it’s bulky “no hate”

scorpio sx says:


Dapolocrew says:

Great Video thanks because I’m trying to see what should I get for XMAS

Luke Hickey says:

Can you use it on pc?

Squeezy Luckyy says:

Some things I would like to mention in this that nobody has is that this the ear muffs get very itchy after long periods of wearing it. Also I don’t know if this is the case with anyone else but the mic is so damn sensitive! I had to put a little mic muff thing on it and I feel like it’s still too sensitive.

Kyle Desrochers says:

Do they have surround sound?

OSTS27 says:

don’t buy this product. I had 3 and they all lasted exactly 6 months I treat them well and never break them. my one at the moment I have had for 12 months and is half the price. it may be comfy but will break easily. be careful.

fóřțñïțè loser says:

Can you talk with these?

I M a g g z I says:

Is there anyone out there who’s had these for a good while without them breaking? I just don’t want to buy them if they’re going to break within two days like an Xbox 360 headset I bought a while ago. If anyone knows if these headsets are quality or not, then let me know and it’d be greatly appreciated.

memeologist _ says:

I’ve heard these don’t have very good build quality and tend to break, is this true?

YoYo DJ says:

This thing is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE was great for about 8 months nice cushions and was preety solid sound coming out not to mention a not bad mic
Problem 1: A piece of plastic that hold some of it together was cracked
Problem 2: That Broken price of plastic get off ( has to tape back together)
Problem 3: Input cable was loose and stopped working when I plugged it in have to twist it around for it to work
Problem 4: Mic is Broken just like the rest of the headset besides the sound
Worst part of it all is I can’t return it because it has a very short warranty
Total Waste of 60 bucks
(Edit) Update left ear cup has fallen and only one earcup turns on at a time
(Edit) Update 2 is now official broken

Mark Ochoa says:

When would you be shaking it ? Almost all headsets look huge and last but not least why would you wear these in public lmao @ the cons

SenorTqco says:

Another good of headset are the Turle Beaches 50p. There about $35-40. Really good in sound and mic quality is fresh. It’s good ( if your on a budget ).

E6ROCK says:

I would not recommend this headset. The wires going into the controller did wear down and eventually my left ear piece stopped working.

The Gaming Cat says:

I have gotten 2 of these headsets and they broke in a short amount of time i dont recomend this head set

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