Wireless & AFFORDABLE Corsair HS70 Wireless Headset Review

The Corsair HS70 is a wireless gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound, plus it is very affordable given the competition. How do they sound and are they worth it?? Check out my review!
• Corsair HS70: https://amzn.to/2sxgeVN
• Corsair HS60: https://amzn.to/2LoIe6n
• Corsair HS50: https://amzn.to/2IWozfX

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minor league gamer says:

Do they work with PS4?

Peanutty says:

if anyone plays at 100%, i wonder how you still have ears.

Garrett Zickgraf says:

Honestly don’t know if i can ever buy an electronic before Frank reviews it now.


open eyes by who?

Renaldy Akbar says:

What headset do you recommend for playing fortnite on pc? Please I need help):

reydna says:

How’d you get colorware to paint the white g502 mouse you showed off a while back? They told me they wouldn’t do it

skew says:

Is it possible to use a cable that connects from the headset’s micro USB port to a 3.5mm source so you can use these with a smartphone?

Necrolepsy says:

Did you paint your G502? It looks sweet

BlaziDude says:

I’d just live in a wire and but the HyperX Cloud Alpha or Cloud Revolver, some places do sell the Revolver for under 100$

Reckzod says:

Can you use them while charging?

Χρήστος Καλουδιωτης says:

Tell what stand so you have??? Plzzzzz

Endorion says:

“affordable” – headphones $100

Kenny 1230 says:

hears $90 fuck that

Chidders.Org says:

Can you use these with a console as well? Or only on a PC?

Edison Chow says:

And what is dat clock under your monitor please? It looks so good!

N K says:

I’m using the void pro but these look pretty nice

Joey Seidell says:

Great video! As another eye glasses wearer, curious, who makes your glasses? New subscriber!

Renaldy Akbar says:

Soo these or hyperx cloud 2?

Noah Bryant says:

Haha when frank was 12 he had like 64 google accounts and he made a “random” YouTube lol now he’s huge. Haha nice videos love the content

David Redmon says:

put out the “random” box logo!! high key flex

Zyro Zen says:

Can it be used wired?

Zyro Zen says:

Some say the bohemian rhapsody could be also used for audio testing

George Michael says:

Can I use it wired for my phone

SidKillz says:

Is this openback?

Mango says:

Do they work on PS4

Menxer says:

does it come with a wire?

Gage Taylor says:

you mentioned the cloud x at the end. id love to see how these compare

Brandon Key says:

Great thumbnail.

Jeongwoo CHOI says:

Listening to this on my HS50’s.

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