Victrix PRO AF Active Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset Review and Mic Test

The Victrix PRO AF gaming headset was introduced to the public this year at Twitch Con and received quite an impressive reaction from many of the streamers that tried it. You can see their reactions in this video.

*Full Disclosure : I received a product sample to make a review. I was not paid to make this video. My opinions expressed in the video are my own. My integrity is not for sale.

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My Video Production Gear
Camera: Canon 80D
Extra Glass: 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens
Camera Slider: GVM 32″ Automated Slider
Mount on Slider: Manfrotto 496RC2 Ball Head
Tripod: Magnus VT-4000 with Fluid Head
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Voiceover Mic: AT2020 Condenser mic
Live Mic: AT875R Shotgun mic

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Sceancrotty Nesi says:

like the review!!!!

Nick Toon says:

$200 for base, $250 w/ controller. Mostly cause it’s for “esports”

UndertheDRADIS says:

going to guess 300 bucks. for the PRo AF

Txufx says:

out of all the headset u have reviewed, which would u recommend the most? planning to get new one

Fl0W says:

I currently have the cloud 2’s and they are about to die should I get these over the Cloud Alpha?

matt coston says:

Are more video game videos coming? I just ran across your Pantheon videos. It looks like you haven’t talked games in like a year.

Wiki_matt says:

When does it ship

Shreddah says:


marvelous LIE says:

Well, this looks incredibly over designed.

Mk says:

How’s the noise cancelling on the mic? does it pick up keyboard clicks or background noise?
how loud is the mic monitoring? how long does the AA battery last?

Tom van Giessen says:

It looks PRO AF!

Melonic says:

The 80’s vibe tho 😀

Eddie Cristobal says:


MalteEden says:

Wow, a new actuallay inovative product, i’m diggin it!

ori boy says:

It hurts my soul so much that you aren’t more popular on youtube

Eggplant says:

Matches your background and my body.

Sharkbait says:

I was just listening to the old Minecraft soundtrack and now I’m sad as fuck (I know it’s not related to the video but I wanted to comments)

Edvin Landenmark says:

Sick new intro

TheGoldenMewtwo says:

im early 😛

Justin Boisvert says:

Where do we but it

Dalt says:

Love this bro. KEEP uplouading

Luca Shi says:

Looks like Project Vayne from lol

Stefan Adam Fadilla says:

i cant touoch that padding but i can imagine it so soft.

Absolute Zenith says:

Guessing 129 bucks

connor csoky says:

If I already have a blue yeti is it worth getting the more expensive version

GrenadeASC says:

€129,99 base, €169,99 with inline controller

Hi Twerk says:

Yes! More!

• Riftis • says:

Just pre ordered a pair. They’re $200USD for preorder, or $300 on release. That being said, they charged me $25 in tax and $50 for shipping to Australia on top of that, so in reality they cost me $275USD.

Kwint says:

Why do you have so less subs. Wtf you deserve so much more

Jeffrey Wood says:

$300 w/controller

B18BC5 says:

how would this feel to someone coming off* a set of steele series siberia prism elites?

ProsumeThis says:

Wired Bose noise canceling headphones cost $300 – if this has good noise canceling + has bunch of other features for gaming + if it’s as premium of a build as you describe – I don’t see how it can be any less tbh.

King Yakko Gaming says:

This headset seems pro as AF ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wizahp says:

The headset retail is set for $300- Headset Pre-Order goes Live 2nd Day Of MLG ATL – Headset Release is June 11th- Headset Does have a mixamp (Its Called the TeamAmp)- It comes standard with ILC

Gfriendot5 Anti-Umji says:

gosh you are so underrated.your reviews are definitele on par or better than those 1m subs tech from sydney <3

Daess σ_σ says:

Your quality is awesome!


Great review bud this is really great to see and know what is to come I applied for the beta hopefully get picked if not I will be in the market. I have gone thru 4 headsets in 2017 looking for something new. Well once again thanks for show casing this and also I think you should do more review on things you explain and honest about the product. I will sub your channel give you a thumbs up and also share to twitter and facebook.

GuNStArHeRo says:

the purple makes it ugly and the mic audio is trash. i’ll pass lol.

A Goose says:


Ika Pika says:

You know that for the pros when the name is literally PRO *AF*

The Best Gaming says:

Haha in the title i thought you meant the headsets were pro as fuck

wmdcrazy says:

Will I be able to use this on xbox one x? Want a new headset but something better than turtlebeach or a astro! How do these stack up in comparison? Cheers

Edvin Landenmark says:

This kind of review seemed like it was really fitting for you, you seemed really reallaxed and you talked really good about all thhe points needed to be saitd.

Il-Sentinela-lI says:

Best intro ever!

Josh says:

One thing is that you don’t take off one ear to release heat it is so you can hear the game but hear what is going on around you at the same time and also the ponding noice can begin to cause a head ace so if you take off one ear piece it is dull and not overwhelming

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