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Mayhulk says:

40$ Amazon for me

roxasrini says:

How are these headphones with glasses over a long period of gaming time?

James Dees says:

Hey so I have both Xbox and PS4 pro and I got these for the Xbox one and I Know it has Enhance sound for the Xbox one but does it have enhanced sound for PS4 pro as well??

azim2k10 says:

the 150 says ps4 yet no surround? wtf… so should I get the xbox version for ps4 pro instead?

Xani says:

You should do a hyperxcloud Kingston headset review

QuickSilver SnD says:

Which are better xo threes or xo ones?

Schmidteren says:

The only good turtles are the NInja Turtles. This is only what they produce. Turtle shit.

Nelson Garcia says:

Does it work on your phone.

Xani says:

You should do a hyperxcloud Kingston headset review

Leopoldo Rincón says:

Cool review dude, but I gotta ask…….what kind of high end gaming headsets or headphones do you recommend? Would be really interested to know. 🙂

Thomas Williams says:

If you got a super Human hearing adapter, would the feature work on this headset, for a Xbox one?

Chryptopher says:

Can’t understand why this channel ain’t bigger…excellent work.

Stuart Mccairns says:

Convinced me to buy these.. thanks dude


No good for Racing games then, with wheel use ? I need a USB connection ?

TGPineappleY says:

does it work with pc?

Ivan Manzo says:

I got these and recon 200, which should I keep?

Kaitlin Bell says:

I got mine for $65

Mazharul Alam says:

How does it sound if you plug it into an astro or turtle beach mixamp?

Lewis Li says:

Just wondering if its worth upgrading from the Turtlebeach Recon 50X because the only difference I think there is would be the 50MM speakers other then that I think its the same headset besides the design of course

Thecrowrip1 says:

wait so is there surround sound with the xbox one?

Alex Law says:

You say the surroundsound feature requires windows 10 but the headset is also compatible with the PS4. Does the surround sound work with PS4 games?

Spey says:

How can you start SOURROUND SOUND?

TyZeHD says:

do these have voice playback?

James Dees says:

Does it matter witch one you buy it for ? Will the surround sound boots thing work for both ? Like how the Xbox one setting go? Send me a link to hook them up to the PS4 lol please

Leonardo Sigolo says:

so does this headset work with ps4? cause i bought it and it just doesn’t seem to work on ps

Young Mist says:

Does this headphone have loud background sound? because myKeyboard Is super loud and I wanna kill my self!

defiant8483 says:

I’ve been debating getting these or the Astro A10. Can’t make my mind up.

MiStAFLAKO says:

Why can’t I pre-order the Blue version in the U.S. on Amazon?

CO2 DeliriousGaming says:

Guys what should I pick? These or the Astro A10???

Michael says:

Does it work on Windows 7/10??

Volkan Gok says:

Does the surround sound work for xbox one s

Lucky Shadow21 says:

13K viewer and also I need an adapter for them right? Cuz I just plug mine in yet it doesn’t work and says I need an adapter

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