Turtle Beach Recon 50x Headset Review

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This product can be found on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Turtle-Beach-compatible-controller-playstation-4/dp/B00YXO5U40/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475024764&sr=8-1&keywords=turtle+beach+recon+50x

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Jimmy Butler says:

Dont get them. They break easily

mr c says:

Does it block out all outside sounds though?

succ says:

can you hear game audio and chat audio at the same time?

a youtube account says:

Also the cord is a magnet

KidGamez says:

i just came here to see how other people like the head set i love it

Cervone 47 says:

Does anyone know why my brand new ones make noise like static could it be the controller I have a cheap one ??

Rinne Berlinetta says:

Just got these today, sound quality is terrible and they are not able to go very loud…

dou1994 says:

I didnt understand ????

Danny V says:

Dude, it’s “volume” not “valume” 😀

Mr Right1210 says:

QUESTION!!!!!! Anyone and everyone feel free to answer!! How do I turn my game volume up on my headset? I know you have the master volume connected to the cord but do I have to go to settings on my Xbox to do that?

Desire says:

the headset works for ps4 as well, so the fact that it runs off of the controller battery isn’t a downside for ps4 users

lets blame whitey says:

can you make a setup

Salman Mohamed says:

Bought em!

Darren Robertson says:

Hi mate great video! What’s the difference between this headset and the xo one cheers.

Saggy_ alex says:

Haha i got the ps4 wersion for xbox one

Helpless Doggo says:

is it good for rainbow six siege i like to hear when an enemy is coming

Abraham Vázquez says:

These headshots are good for rainbow or pubg ? And other question what is more good stereo headshet Xbox one or turtle beach recon 50x?

Edwin D says:

These can reached down to 32hz for me, im impressed for the price, very. The cord is a little short for my liking though. 40$ they are well worth it. Using these for my pc btw.

HawtNoob YT says:

these look better in real life 🙂

Dirty jew says:

how long is the cord?

christopher leishman says:

should have had a VALUME button

ghd110803 says:

Just bought these…thanks

MX-250-LIFE says:


Alex 660 says:

Is it worth it

Roman Soldier says:

Can you use the Xbox version on the ps4? Because I might get a ps4

Pumpernickel says:

I literally just got that Turtle Beach Recon 50X for Christmas and the fucking aux jack FELL OUT. Its been 4 days since I got the piece of shit and it already broke. Didnt even throw it or anything like that, haven’t even jammed it into my controller. Was playing CODWW2 and I noticed that the aux jack was in my Xbox 1 controller but the cord was no longer connected. What a waste of money

Good guy L says:

Looking for Xbox one headset under 100. What’s the best one?

Mlg Waffles says:

do these work with pc

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