Top Gaming Headsets of 2018……What’s Yours?

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Corsair HS50:
HyperX Cloud Stinger:
HyperX Cloud Stinger Core:
Sennheiser GSP 300:
Turtle Beach Atlas Pro:
HyperX Cloud Alpha:
Razer Nari Wireless:
HyperX Cloud Flight:
Turtle Beach Stealth 600:
Turtle Beach Stealth 700:
HyperX Cloud Mix:

So i finally decided to make my Top Gaming Headsets of 2018 video. Keep in mind this is “My List” and obviously I have not tried every gaming headset out there. Let me know your favorite gaming headset this year. These are the ones that are readily available for you to buy online and in stores without issues. I didn’t include the Audeze Mobius due to them being harder to get and on backorder from time to time. Although those are the best I have tried this year I didn’t want people to order them and then have a hard time getting them in for Christmas. Enjoy the video!

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Cool Doge says:

What’s a good gaming head set (cheap) for ps4 and pc

MR. GAMER says:

Can you do budget edition but with a mic

Daniel Moysés says:

Thoughts on the hyperx cloud pro?

Landon Wiley says:

Astro a50


try turtle beach 800

Konkes says:

razer kraken 7.1 pro v2???

Carlos Diaz says:

Surprised after watching your Mobius video that those didnt show up on your list at least in an ultra premium category.

gaming 4 the people says:

Waiting on black Friday to see if I can pick one of these for cheap

SushiPlayz says:

Astro a50

Newt says:

3:04 I guess they never miss huh. You got a boyfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss ya. He gone find another girl and he won’t miss ya.

soldierboy 23 says:

Awesome awesome video gamesky. Very well put together. Your content continues to get better and better. Good job bro

DeathArrives says:

sennheiser gsp 100 was a great great headset for me. One day though i was trying to take it off and it snapped… yeah not a fan of plastic headphones anymore.

Devin Barajas says:

Logitech G Pro vs Turtle Beach Elite Atlas.
I dont know what to get for the holiday season. I have watched your reviews on both but I cant decide on which to go for do you think you can help me out on pick which is the best? Thanks

Michael AlphAtomix says:

Turtle Beach Atlas Elite or HyperX Cloud Alpha?

Team Alpha says:

Dope Team Alpha Gaming Approves 😉

Ninjas loot15 says:

Astro a50?

face0907 says:

I shut off this clip when he mentioned Turtle Beach….. Booo~~~

Sampra says:

i have hyperx cloud revolver s

Xycrol says:

The stinger sucks. I saw reviews and had it before and the mic broke in 2 days

pink penguin says:

I have the razer kraken kraken 7.1 v2

anthony casteel says:

I love my sennhesiser headset!

wasa jazz says:

I’m looking for good sound and a great microphone. PS4 and Xbox compatible. What do you guys recommend?

Tyler Richardson says:

No Astro A50?

Daniels Breiers says:

Audiotechnica ADG1X, the best gaming headphones you can buy on market for sure. I got them 1 year ago and I’m in love with them.

Randy Washington says:

Best one for games like Battlefield??

x DeRosear says:

Have had the Steel Series Arctic (forgot the number). They’re wireless and were like 150$ when I got them. Had them for over a year and they have been perfect ever since. Very comfortable, great audio and has good noice cancelation. I have heard people complain about static sound problems while playing and stuff but haven’t experienced anything in over a year. I recommend.

Stan Tucker says:

stingah lol

Lucas Gomez says:


Zerog says:

No love for Arctis Pro+GameDAC?

Robbie Holmstedt says:

what do you think about Razer Timat 2.2 V2

star Lord pro says:


MrBluePoochyena says:

Corsair HS70’s are my only gaming headphones/headset i like sound wise (or should i say are usable enough), Otherwise i use either my Sennheiser DT599’s, Philips SHP9500S’s or Shure SRH440’s for gaming. If i don’t want to be confined to 1 spot in the house while watching vids from PC or talking to friends i use the HS70’s

noor R.l says:

Senn or corsair ? I want a good mic and something i can use for music


You should try out astros there really good

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