Top 5 Gaming Headsets Under $50 – 2015

Looking for the best Gaming Headsets under $50? Well here they are. ►Links below◄

►Top 5 Tech Playlist:
♦Amazon US♦
SADES Arcmage:
Creative Fatality:
Turtlebeach Ear Force X12:
Xbox One Adapter:
Logitech G230:
Etekcity Scroll H5GX:
♦Amazon UK♦
SADES Arcmage:
Creative Fatality:
Turtlebeach Ear Force X12:
Xbox One Adapter:
Logitech G230:
Etekcity Scroll H5GX: N/A
♦Amazon Canada♦
SADES Arcmage:
Creative Fatality:
Turtlebeach Ear Force X12:
Xbox One Adapter:
Logitech G230:
Etekcity Scroll H5GX:
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Rebirth Fire says:

Cloud 2s cost £49.99 right now. Guess whether I bothered watching all of this video or not.

xKxthryn says:

I have turtle beach headset, I’m here because everyone says that my voice is super low, and no matter what settings I change my voice stays super quiet to where I’m being asked, “What?” in Discord all the time.

PPG says:

Bloody G501 7.1 is da best!

iTank - says:

Are these compatible with A laptop


can someone give me a link to something where I can put the mic and earphone things into a USB cable or a joined stick thing because my laptop only has 1 hole.

MGPianoCovers says:

And the hyperX cloud stinger?

TheKingXD says:

I have G230 and they are amazing

Tom Harris says:

so close to 2 mill!

Suca Wonka says:

Don’t buy anything from turtlebeach they have nothing to do with turtles!


Like the first one

DedSec Wrence says:

Headphones that you can buy in Greece
(Αν είσαι έλληνας, Translate:If your greek)

Turtlebeach Ear Force X12 Price : 44.99€
Logitech G230 Price : 59.90 €

Logitech G230 Price : 39.99 €

Kill The weebs says:

Why did you fake using them??Looked so cringy seeing nothing on the screen

Drummers Eve says:

I have the X12s and they’ve always buzzed no matter what Ive used them on. Gets louder as I turn the volume up. I was thinking about going to the Sades A7.

Bruce Jenner says:

I like this gaming reviewer, handsome 🙂


hey I’m just now starting a youtube channel and i record on the ps4 do you have any suggestions on a mic that can work beautifully?

Acemi Üstad says:

SADES Arcmage Low quality sound 🙁
Sades a6 very good 22 $

NickTheBoss Gaming says:

Dude the turtle beach is better you don’t here the background noice.

Quantity beats Quality says:

This is a under $50 gaming headset but I found something that was advertising headsets and one of them was $3,999 that’s in my budget

Mud Rider says:

You missed the afterglow level 3. It is 30 dollars and it’s audio quality is the best out of all of them and it has amazing hi’s,mid’s, and low’s with a good bass

Slimjim says:

The Logitech’s mic sounded like shit.

Zero 123 says:

i do not like the scroll because of how long the cable is it ended up breaking because it got twisted and for those people who say cable management i did have it but it still got tangled and broke.

Bill21 says:

i’ve got the hd1100g its very similar with the one you saw us at 4:18 what’s the difference?

brandon marchant says:

nice custom built pc

JoshTehGameh says:

Sades is my favorite price efficient gaming tech company.

ZiNG says:

The microphone quality of the Etekcity Scroll H5GX is unbelievable

Ismael Ait says:

Give me your pc

Feno Rossi says:

why do you need a flexible headset??

Leinnar Ranniel says:

What is the better headset?

Max Jefferison says:

My Turtle Beach X12 broke im my hand (after a couple years but still)

Pyrocelleration says:

I’ve had the Creative Fatality ones and they didn’t last 6 monthes but they were great while they lasted

UltraTank PRO says:

What about Afterglow Level 5s???

TylrrM says:

Do not get the scroll headset, it broke in 2 days

t_anky_ s_chmanky_ says:

I don’t know why I’m here, I already bought myself a turtle beach headset for 120$

Devilikg says:

logitech? are u retarded or fanboy? turtlebeach sounded way more clear and better.

iRay says:

what about the logitech h151 stereo?

longdick69 says:

Logitech G439 or HyperX Cloud Stinger for CSGO??

TheHexorZ™ says:

Should i buy Logitech G230 or Logitech G231??

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