Top 5 Gaming Headsets 2018!

Let’s check out some of my favorite gaming headsets from 2018!
• Sennheiser GSP 300:
• Steelseries Arctis 5 2019:
• HyperX Cloud MIX:
• Corsair HS70 Wireless:
• Razer Nari Ultimate:

Honorable Mentions & Other Options
• HyperX Cloud II:
• Logitech G433:
• Corsair HS60:
• Mpow EG3 Headset:
• Razer Kraken Pro V2:
• Turtle Beach Recon 200:
• HyperX Cloud Stinger:

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My Setup Gear!
My Camera Gear:
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera:
• Sony A7III:
• Sigma 18-35 Lens:
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
• FalconEyes LED Light:
• Rhino Slider:
• Blackmagic Video Assist:
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:

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Aida Rasmussen says:

This paper shredder is incredible, very useful. I already bought and I am very happy. Thank you for helping us choose the best and at low prices

Don Stevens says:

I bought the Aurora one based on this video, it’s working out very well so far! Thanks for the info!

Gary Lane says:

My HSM PS820C shreds 31 day medication blister packs without shutting down every month. How many packs? 75-200 each shred session. These are heavy card stock with foil over the back of the card and plastic molded to hold pills in 31 cells per card. Standard computer printer paper are no problem even if more than the shredder’s rated capacity are loaded. Spare parts are available if needed. Cost was similar to Stapes and Fellows for similar paper capacity rated shredders. Used for over 18 months now.

musicluv80 says:

Question guys. I just bought a headset with mic but I can hear everything except for my own voice in the headset. Is that normal?

TH Gaming says:

No Astros??

NotDellor yee says:

I just bought HyperX Cloud stinger

And it’s awesome

FoyBoi YT says:

I love they never actually cancel the backround sounds

Volts 44 says:

I need a headset with a great mic, any help???

Iain Apollo 12 says:

i’ll get em’
here’s the catch
i buy them, you pay

Lord Fezerellii says:

Just turn the TV to 100 and your good

ConcΞpt IIIM says:

I like the crosair most

Brett _1605 says:

Look like jager from rainbow six siege

Secretcodrin says:

Hyper X stinger still going strong

abood 56_a says:

I have the kraken tournament edition

Max Kappinga says:

i really need help, i got the hs70 headset yesterday. and i constantly hear a white noise my parents don’t hear it, i do and it’s quite annoying, do you also hear it hissing? and how do i fix it cause otherwise i’m gonna send it back and buy a wireless headset

Justin Y. says:

steelseries sound like t series

Mauricio Issa says:

Sennheiser Mic its the best, good vid bro… sub

kur ain says:

All the same other than design

pokemon go says:

Could you do some lower price ranges from like 30 dollars to 60 dollars

Vanchin-Erdene Altan says:

What mic did you use this video?

EP1C says:

Does the Sennheiser work well with small head?

Mas Gilang says:

Razef nari or cloud flight?

Goatbe Bryant says:

I’ll stick to my Astros they’re the most comfortable headset for me

MVPcoolice 21 says:

The headphone made your voice deeper

Hoodie Roky says:

I got the steel series one but it didn’t come with the chat thing

SuperSoldiers says:

Should i buy razer nari ultimate or any other?

cody pannell says:

The razer nari doesn’t pic up my voice!!

kaw taur says:

Don’t get sennheiser gsp300,
mic is good, broke soon after purchase though and the earpads came off the base and would fall off often.

Nicolas 99 says:

HyperX top mic and corsair top design +sound

hahaha haha says:

this is bs.for the money..rig lx so far and I’ve had astros.turtles most the top brands. the Dolby atoms is amazing

Test Meme says:

SoundblasterX h6 vs coolermaster mh751 which one should i go for?

And if there are better headset for around 100 dollar then i am all ears.

Skrilxzz says:

the reason i got razer products is because i like the packaging……. yes that is the only reason.

3esawy record says:

sennehiser GSP 300 OR Steelseries Arctis 5 .. which is better ?

eVoconKO16 eVOconKO16 says:

Hyperx alpha or gsp 300 ?

Imam Hossan says:

i bought the corsair hs70
and i regret buying it
it’s heavy.built quality is not that good

ZEUS_re says:

In my opinion Astro A50s are the best I’ve had gen 1 gen to and is using gen3

Nayuchi says:

i use my old IPhone earphone lmao

SwordRax says:

bruh mans is playing phantom forces roblox 0:55

Mira_Me says:

Too much money for all of them. They might be great but not affordable

Daniel Öhrqvist says:

LoL. Unless you are a pro and need to shut out gamers sitting beside you, gaming headsets which are not open back are missing the entire point of gaming headsets… The sound stage of open back head creates the illusino of the sounds actually coming from a distance. If you listening to classical music it sounds like you are sitting in the middle of an orchestra. Closed back headphones however sound like the sound is coming from within your head. The experience is completely artificial.

So… only two of the ones in the clip are even worth considering, unless you go to lan-partys a lot, or are a pro gamer, or you share the room with someone else when you game.

Speed Effect says:

tuve que buscar el vídeo en inglés para un vídeo decente

unnamed af says:

Steelseries is by far the cleanest and the best headset I’ve ever used

Big Boy says:

I want to buy a new headset… i have the Razer Kraken V2s but i want to enjoy music and stuff even more

King Nilbog says:

0:00 0:01

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