This Razer Headset Lets You FEEL Sound

Dave2D review of the Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset. The best gaming headset from Razer for the ultimate immersive experience.
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LucWideyes says:

Overwatch is 6v6 12 in the game

Ultraitor says:

watch ali a intro earrape ten hours at max volume with these on

TheStarShooter says:



they sound so similar to some trust headset i had they were called like bass boosted vibration or smthing like that and they were like 60 dollars or smth like that and its basically all the same but just notbluetooth i dont remember the name but defenetly a cheaper version u should get if u want something like this

Aryan Jaipaul says:

What about the skull Candy crusher? It’s sensation drivers do the same and they cost $50 less.

Zaid Kaboni says:

fuck u

Floofeh Moofin says:

still overpriced. Without the Razer logo it would cost like 50$

Crazyrzy Q8 says:

*sees almost level 600 on OW account* Impressive.
2:35: “Overwatch is a 5v5 game.”
Excuse me what the fuck.

David Scott says:

I wonder how these compare to the Sony pulse headphones that I had a number of years ago, at the very least they look more comfortable and the dongle is smaller.

kevin garzon says:

the skull candy crusher is the same thing and its like 120

Meme Boi says:

There’s ONE Sony headphones that cost $300

Elijah Ferris says:

who else thought of katamari when he put them on?

Nikz says:

does anyone know the name of the movie at 3:58?

Combo says:

am i the only one who got triggered when he said 5v5 when he was talking about overwatch

Nxtrogen says:

I’ll stick to my DT990 Pros

The human robot 72 says:

3:03 rip NiggaMan

beshjs says:

oh god fuck off

Leigh Smith says:

Can you make a video on noise cancelling headphones to check out?

hentai nat says:

0:27 “Xiaomi”

DracoKen says:

2:55 lmao niggaman

JustAnotherGamer says:

You look really tired like you’re spending too much time on editing or staying up too late. Great video though.

Kris343 says:

200$ is really cheap, well atleast in my country, a kraken 7.1 costs like 300$ here.

Goods Lp says:

i want one ;:D
its wireles ( nice ;:D )
its perfect for me ( i have glasses and it gets sometimes uncomfortable using headsets ;:D )
Nice video very informative ;:D

ItzYaBoi says:

i dont want to watch this and i dont want to know the name becuase then ill waste what ive been saving for the last months

Just a Zebra that does minecraft totorials says:

cool, it thuds, just like rtx i think il wait a few years

Bowser From sonic says:

But does it make you FEEL like Batman?

Kenneil says:

ohhh dude! glasses cut out is the best idea!!!

Dave Lee says:

These feel REALLY cool for certain games. The immersion is rich and if it’s a slower paced game, it can definitely help with positioning. It’s expensive but a very unique experience. Thanks for watching!

ErYien says:

so basically skullcandy crushers with a mic and a razer logo?

[BWC]Rexigo says:


Сергей Филипчук says:

Чиво блять??? Нипанятно…он говорит на непонятном языке…

PedrosTacos // Wuts says:

Imagine listening to earrape with this lol

Varnex says:

The vibration think sounds weird so I probably won’t be picking these up. But they look really comfortable ngl.

Hezze says:

i really like the feature about the glasses, since i have a pair:)

Kenny says:

he has never experienced haptics like this on any headphones… umm… the umm… skullcandy crusher wireless has a decent mic and has this haptic feedback as a slider, which makes the haptic feedback a toggle, and it’s battery lasts for 40 hours. have fun selling this rip-off RGB flop for even more money than the crusher’s worth.

Nyan :3 says:


Lennox McFly says:

So, i like the idea razer have. It disappointed me that the battery life is up to 8 hours but the man o war is around 12 hours or more. But they look absolutely great.

Grzegorz Bartos says:

overwatch is now 5v5 game kappa

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