This Headset VIBRATES! Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset

The Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset offers a unique haptic feedback system that vibrates during gaming. It is a unique experience but does it actually improve the experience or cause other problems?

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Buffafett98 says:

skullcandy krushers also vibrate

Cpt. Hotah says:

Maybe next time Razer

Off Topic says:

Razer products aren’t worth the price IMO. Gimmicky and don’t give a good audio positioning. Buy Sennheiser hd700 and and GSX1000

Nyan Cat says:

I’m just gonna go with the Razer Nari. The ultimate’s feature is cool, but a bit pointless. Plus, it costs 50$ extra.

JOnathan Gonzalez says:

This video feels so sponsored

Synergy says:

Mine vibrates too if I turn the bass up loud enough

Probably a DM says:

You’ve gotta be real careful with these. I know someone that got a nasty concussion from a head mounted haptic system that caused years of side effects.

Also, man that sound sucks from the mic. Get a set of Sennheiser HD598s or HD558s and a cheap condenser mic and interface. It’ll sound better at a similar price. Won’t be wireless, but wireless audio is still shit.

Forbidden Office Derby says:

yes, yes. I’d love some feedback playing games!

Burnt Dabian says:

Would these be good for siege

Frencho9 says:

What a gimmick…. Fellas do yourselves a favour pick up and audio technica adg1x gaming headset for 200$ (price drop this holiday season). Enjoy best in class audio, outstanding sound separation and no need for cooling gel on the open back variant. Also the mic is hands down the best I’ve heard on the 200-400$ headset range.

aWildTomAppeared says:

My kraken mic sounds better than that

Crawfy says:

Let’s be honest everyone prefers the other guy

Brandon Bigham says:

i wonder how much you were paid to say they were good

Glitchy Mountain says:

12:27 it *hertz*

KeyTech says:

So its HD Rumble on a headphones?

EH - 135 says:

Your not even playing the game bro you jus took some other peoples content

QeXDee says:

Gonna get this right after I purchase my Asus Strix PG348Q and RTX 2080Ti

RK Adi says:

My autocorrect in my eyes keep sending “Rarer nazi” to my brain, someone pls help

Jordan Hart says:

That mic sounds like garbage. Yes, it cuts out some background noise, but…. Good God, that is my definition of naisely. I can live without the haptic feedback. Even some really cheap desktop mics and a pair of good headphones with dac/amp.

xToxicFir3x says:

Does anybody know if mic/sound quality changes using 3.5mm jack over wireless?

house sg says:

Mic is good? You sure? Or high?

Xmans___ says:

Watch porn and use vibration to ur dick?

Ryan Thomas says:

I like how dimitry makes personalities when talking to himself. Eber just talks to himself

stuntman014 says:

Pft. I had vibrating heatset over 10 years ago.

ZatZ says:

Went to watch a YouTube video on a headset with gimmick feature. Ended up wanting to know where you got your sick hoodie. Lol

Izak le Grange says:

These are the only guys that can make sponsors interesting and worth it to watch!

YSoAggressive says:

Why would I want a headset that can tickles my ears while I play?

Lucian says:

watching this with my new nari ultimates

Elijah Rodriguez says:

Mic is actually really good in game sounds bad in the YouTube videos

GingerSupremacist says:

Bass Boosted $200 Headset!

RAGman says:

I’m not a Razer fan, but I can actually appreciate them trying to do something different. Out of their stuff as of late, I’m particularly interested on learning how their new optical switches behave in the long run, because MX switches and clones just became frustrating for me with the key chatter thing they seem so highly vulnerable to.

As for the headset itself, the mic sounds awful, but it certainly did a good job isolating environmental noise, which is still good. Does the headset need to be so massive, though? Seriously, it looks stupid as hell….

Ez Pizza says:

HyperXcloud mics are my favorite it’s mainly made for Pc but I use it on the PS4 it’s great recommend it and it cheap

Eddie says:

I’d have to try it.

Marc Nürenberg says:

Can you fully use the Nari, like haptics and RGB in wired mode? And can you actually use it more or less fully wired like a Kraken TE n co?

Techtosterone says:

Lol no. It aint different. A 20 dollar headphone from lazada had been doing that for sometime (3 years) now.

peanuts inpoo says:

I’m disappointed that they sell the nari for ps4 but you can’t use THX spatial sound as it’s not supported. And no one seems to tell you this on reviews, I’ve personally bought the razer nari, which has no vibrations but does have the THX spatial sound. Only to find out you can only use 2.0 on ps4 .

VE SACÉ says:

Intro reminded me of maxmoefoe

Elijah Rodriguez says:

Sucks in Overwatch great un COD4 love these headphones!

Anshuman Sen says:

The last Razer Headset I bought back in 2009 was the Megalodon, and gave up on it within a few months due to quality issues. Switched to Audio-Technicas and Sennheisers since then.

Drunk & Steamy says:

How well does it perform in VR?

Sean M. says:

AKG K553s and DT880s or DT770/Custom Studio are just flat out better headphones. The 880 and 553 having a more balanced sound signature, the 553 being that and closed back. The AKGs don’t even need an amp, and neither do the 80 ohm Custom Studios/DT770. You want actually less bass for gaming, competitively at least for hearing enemy locations, but the bassier ones are more immersive. I wouldn’t get an ATH M50x, they don’t have much soundstage, and their imaging isn’t great, M40x is cheaper and more versatile. I don’t see bluetooth being that useful for something geared towards desktop gaming use, and this makes a lot of sacrifices for that. The haptic feedback seems like it could be immersive, but would probably interfere with your ability to actually pick out footsteps and gunshots accurately.

vmoda boom pro or antlion modmic are both better than this mic as well. I fail to see where the 200$ goes. Oh yeah it’s a Razer product.

System Failure says:

No thanks!

Zake12 says:

Very good review man! i’m not really a razer fan since having a bad experience with it years back. For me the mic is not really that good tho :/

LazyGibbon says:

So for this money you could get a Arctis pro without DAC or an Arctis 5/7 which are all amazing options once you’ve adjusted the equalizer with the software.. I’ve had Hyperx Cloud 2’s and Logitech G430’s but I don’t like either. Buy an Arctis pro and you won’t need standalone headphones unless you’re an audiophile like me of course.

emil ferrer says:

Sennheiser eats this bulky crap any time of the day.

MitchL85 says:

Please review the 1more gaming headphones. I bought the triple driver earbuds and they are pretty bad ass for the money.

Fatality57 DE says:

When I turn up the bass on my G933, it’s shaking my head too… nonsense

Eivom says:

Meh we all know razer’s headsets are going to break in a year due to them cheaping out in materials.

Micah Smith says:

Isn’t this like the Sony headphones. PlayStation gold’s I think it’s called.

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