These Are The BEST Wireless Gaming Headsets!

We set out of find the absolute BEST wireless headset that combines comfort, price, audio performance and mic quality. Headsets from Corsair, Logitech, Razer, Steelseries and HyperX were tested and we actually came to some surprising conclusions.

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Sudoku says:

shp9500s + vmoda boom pro destroys almost all of these tbh.

Adam Grinnell says:

Can we see a head to head with the stealseries?



Eduardo Ramires says:

So, none of these actually stand out 🙁

GMDDeter says:

G933, I always loved Logitech for their quality control on these (also the G633), and has pretty much all I need: RGB lighting, good enough (and replaceable) battery, enough cable inputs, and amazing sound quality.

Cyclon3 says:

If HyperX Cloud Flight had foldable mic, I would instantly buy them, I just don’t like detachable mics

Omnic Sage says:

The best gaming headsets (wired and wireless) are non-gaming headsets. I know you’re doing a review specifically for gamers who think gaming headsets are the best, and helping them find the best of the worst options. What would be nice is to follow it up with what are actually the best wireless headsets to be used for gaming. Possibly include how some really great choices can be made wireless with the choices we now have (given bluetooth 4.0+ is a game-changer).

Slade Day-Carreiro says:

Great round up, I’m doing something similar currently, there are a few i think you should have included such as the Sibera 800 and RIg800.

Tobias F says:


MalachiTheBowlingGod says:

Are you rating mics based on voice isolation alone? The three you said were ‘boomy’ – Thresher, ManOWar, G933 – had better balance for a more natural sound. In comparision, all the others sounded thin and harsh. Also, I wish you had normalized the sound levels, making it hard to judge the much-louder Thresher.

sadomasothebest says:

SteelSeries Siberia 840 ?

Pedro Romano says:

DO NOT BUY ANY OF THESE HEADSETS IF YOU PLAY ON PC ! If you have a PC you’re better off buying a studio headphone and a separated microphone. Something like a SHP9500(50$), Superlux HD668b(30$), and a Sony Microphone ECMCS3(20$). They’re going to sound a thousand times better than any of the headphones on this video and way less expensive. And if you want to spend more money just go ahead and buy a better studio headphone, like a sennhaiser hd 599, Akg k533, Audio Technica AD700x (or ATH m40x), DT 770, Philips Fidelios, etc. (just do a little bit of research about good STUDIO HEADPHONES for gaming).

All of these GAMING headsets are pure MARKETING.

John Willbanks says:

Review the plantronics rig 800HDs!! I own the rigs and the corsaire void pro rgb and the plantronics blow the corsairs away, I’d like to see how they compare to the others.

Only2Genderz says:

Arctis head to head

Thank The Moon says:

The G533 is not the new flagship… that’s why. Logitech was asked to make something in a lower price range than the G633 and with wireless. Logitech made the G533 a little worse to encourage the higher price tag purchase.

Erik Hendiana says:

Why there is no range connectivity test for which is the most longest range for wireless headset?

PanaMacSpana says:

Was about to order the G533 because of the significantly better battery life over the G933s. Are they actually worse than the 933?

sadomasothebest says:

I wish to see Cloud Revolver and Astro A50 in this comparsion, but thank You Dimitrii, this is the vid I was waiting for !

Ethanoux says:

Clooud Flight FTW

Rudy says:

still prefer good old 3.5mm

Zamblot says:

I own the logitech g933 myself. I own this because they make my favourite mice + keyboards so i got the headset. I absolutely love it but my only complaint is the earcups arent comfortable… If anyones got money (i assume you do if your buying these headsets) then apparently it might be worth getting lambskin earcups, someone did it and said it was amazing and made them way better. I live in the uk cant get them though (and i dont have the money anyway… i got these for £50 used 😉 I also got my logitech g710 and g900 used for around £50 each and have no regrets… they are amazing logitech all the way)

Nexus says:

this is only my experience but i would caution people wanting to get the corsair void pro’s. the battery life is just awful. no led’s on lasts barely like 2 hours from full charge. compare that to my last pair the logitech g930’s which lasted 4 hours at least. the void pro’s have a great fit, the sound quality is good. but its jut not worth it for me. the battery life is just terrible.

sadomasothebest says:

I wanted to swap my G933 to smth else, but still there is no competition for Logitech !

OnceAPunAThyme says:

I couldn’t believe the prices, so many of them look so cheap and tacky. Thanks for the review.

Bestlifestyle 101 says:

Arctis 7 or HyperX Flight I’m guessing. I’ve heard a lot of good praise for both.

Martin Rennison says:

arctis pro

Hector Gaming YT says:

Can you use the corsair pair wirelessly with my ps4?

Sze Ki Li says:

what’s the difference between arctis pro wireless and arctis 7? a comparison video maybe?

_GR0077 _ says:

I have the G930 with faux leather on the ear cups. I also owned the razer kraken xbox 1 edition. They both cost me around the same price when i got them. Between both headsets I have thoroughly enjoyed the G930 because of the way the ear cups are shaped. I prefer headsets that sit around the ear and not on top of the ear and it allows me to game for hours on end. With the Kraken, my ears would start hurting from the pressure of the headset and I would have to take them off every hour. I can also say the G930 has last me longer although i cant speak for the faux leather on it. One of the joints for the Kraken snapped in half and it was disappointing that a company like razer would take shortcuts on these parts. With so many options out there on the market i appreciate the fact that you made this video and thoroughly reviewed each one. I was more interested in seeing how the ear cups were designed and it seems like the logitech G933 is a worthy upgrade.

Bupowski says:

I’m looking for a wireless headset which would work on PC and consoles without any problems, but it must be comfortable and it must have really good sound quality.

greekgod41 says:

Dumb question….how DO these wireless headphones connect to your P.C?….don’t say Bluetooth because my desktop doesn’t have Bluetooth so I’m kinda screwed then aren’t I?

GAME ON says:


Naethe says:

In terms of microphone quality the Game One is indeed the benchmark. However I think the Razer ones sounds more natural, compared to all the nasely sounding ones.

Jeff Hill says:

Where are the LucidSound LS40’s? Would love to see a review/comparison on these.

Devon Moyet says:

Logitech the the more expesnive one

Christian G.G. Nielsen says:

Not fair for arctis the headband is adjustable

Solo Dolo says:

Astro A50 4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Wullum says:

Do that to a headset again and i will fucking kill you

justin rivera says:

I don’t know if anyone has found Star-Lord yet but we can use him as a replacement until we do

Sinister ZaDjALi says:

People saying astro’s (specifically 3rd gen a50) “garbage” and “shit”.. damn the ignorance.
just would’ve loved a comparison including it since am thinking to replace it with the steelseries.
quality wise, never seen better imo.

Whyamibzsdmhalt1 says:

If you’re buying a wireless gaming headset you’re making a mistake

Der Martinez says:

Hey Dimitri! Good job, as usually! But What do you think about the Audeze Mobius? Can you get one and present us your results?

Original Purple YT says:

Logitech G933 all the way

Rizky Arbie says:

why only this video are on 18:9 ?

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