The Wireless Headset of my DREAMS?! – SteelSeries Arctis 7 Review

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a great wireless gaming headset available for JUST $150, but it’s not perfect. In this Arctis 7 Review, I cover what I like and dislike about what seemed to be the headset of my dreams.

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The Arctis 7 is incredibly comfortable and high quality for the price, for a wireless headset. It has a great microphone, a comfortable headband, surprisingly great ear pads, and great chat mix functionality.
The Mute button is awful to try to press. The multiple USB ports is confusing and seemingly over-engineered. Virtual Surround sound is still trash. The drivers are a bit weak compared to the H Wireless, and there’s no RGB despite the Arctis 5 having RGB.

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Earl Mangubat says:

Is arctis 7 also good in ps4 even without 7.1 sorround sound?

Jose Willstatter says:

Amazing review! Do you recommend this, or arctis 5, as an upgrade from hyper x cloud 1?

TheDiegoMovies says:

2:58 Hey! You preordered Sonic Mania:D Didn’t know you liked Saaaaanic

Eyad Isa says:

thumbs up

Claylex says:

Great review as always Epos

YetiMacheteHD says:

Didnt you upload this already? But the review was a bit different?

Armacalypse Roguewind says:

Tbh I think my Sades A6 headsets mic sounds better than this, and it’s only around 25 dollars so yeah

Daniel Dela Cruz says:

do not buy this if you have a large head and ears
the ski band,even if u adjust it,will pull your ears upwards and its gonna hurt after awhile.
clamping force is strong too.

Damir Franc says:

I kinda don’t think at all this headset is worth it. It’s better to get a proper wired headset or headphones and get an actual good sound, the 7 sounded incredibly boring to me and were lacking a lot of things.

gopex 122 says:


Ian paul jonnie Petersson says:

Sorry I’m bothering, I’ve hung up on my webcam lifecam 3000 HD, you had a video on this
I wonder where I find the picture and settings for the camera. everything is in the app camera in windows 10. Paul from Sweden.

Jeff Estrada says:

Does the Arctis 7 “ChatMix” dial work on the PS4 now after the latest update? Ive read some people say it does not work on PS4..others say after the latest firmware update it is now working on the console. Can anyone confirm this?

Argon says:

i love headsets so much lol

Romvnly Plays says:


gopex 122 says:


Jeff Daniels says:

I imagine the adapter could be used for Xbox controller connector

Jason Mehlhoff says:

The packaging says; PS4, XBox, PC. They work with XBox but not wirelessly.

WWE Stooge says:

how doesn’t he atleast have 250 k sub his videos are great

gopex 122 says:


Eric Fortin says:

Do you feel like there was any delays or lag in the sound ?
I’ve tried bluetooth adapters for wired headphones and didn’t like it, now looking for a good wireless Headset.

cheespuff36 says:

I have tried 3 different wire less headsets and all of them have this annoying ringing sound in one of the ear cups, usually the one that is opposite from what ever side the microphone is on. i was wondering is the steelseries arctic 7 do or dont

beezy yo says:

Does yours have a lil play when u plug I. The micro USB charger in the headset? Like slightly?

tigerfanman says:

Reviews are all over this place.. Most say it sucks ass

PotatOwy says:

Hi! I’m looking for a wireless headset for gaming and movies, my budget is like $170, should I go for these ones or is there another wireless choice for this money? Thank you!

Larco says:

Are you going to review the Audio Technica BPHS1 that you showed on your ModMic video? Also why do you have a RE27 sitting on your desk not doing anything?

TheVenatoS says:

Im really afraid these will not be loud enough for my liking. Not sure what to do here.

insidia says:

Huh. Might have to check these out. I really want to go fully wireless; I’m so so so so so so so sick of cables. I hate them with a passion lol.
Sadly there’s no wireless K70 with MX Reds, so I’m doomed to have a wired keyboard forever it seems 🙁

Brohamos -Let's Plays & More says:

You can install Dolby Atmos from the Microsoft Store with these and it beefs these up the sound a bit.

Glasofruix says:

Jesus H christ, you actually have NO idea how virtual surround works, do you?

For it to work properly you have to set your games/movies to output actual surround, the VSS will then mix all the channels properly for a stereo output. Applying it to stereo, such as the ASMR and binaural recordings or youtube videos (youtube doesn’t do surround), makes absolutely no sense because those are stereo sources to begin with, it’ll simply add some reverb and it will sound shitty. That’s the big mistake people make, they blindly hit the surround button and expect it to magically to turn their stereo into something more, the algos actually need proper channels to work with so yeah, it will turn your sound into a “soup of audio” when your games are set to output stereo only.

Now, most modern games do not let you change their outputs (if i remembrer correctly, you can still set diablo to 7.1 manually), they will look at windows’ control panel and if they see a 7.1 device they will output surround, if not, only stereo. A good vss solution will present such a device for games to see (this is why windows sonic and dolby atmos do not work in win 10) BUT it will not work midgame since the check is performed at startup (dumb idea if you ask me). If you want to verify whether your virtual solution works properly you need a game that will show you it’s audio settings, Titanfall 2, Shadow Warrior 2 or Nier Automata show if they are outputting surround or stereo in the audio settings.

Aaron says:

TL;DR: Not the OBVIOUS “best gaming headset” to a somewhat average user.

Bought these after my old Sony Golds passed away; they would not recharge anymore for some reason but had served me well for several years and I was happy with that product. Since I have moved away from console gaming and into PC gaming, I wanted something a little bit more mature looking with higher quality audio and microphone. My hour or so of wireless “gaming” headset product reviews and comparisons seemed to indicate that the SteelSeries Arctis 7 was the best choice for me.

The unboxing experience was pleasant. The feel of the headset was also pleasant, very nice build quality. The strap required no adjustments to fit on my head comfortably. The airweave material and foam made a comfortable seal around my ears that did not get hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable after hours of use. The cups almost blocked all quiet ambient noise in my environment; significantly more than my Sonys which seemed to amplify some noises, such as a door shutting.

I installed and updated all drivers etc, turned the EQ to “gaming” and “immersion” with DTS 7.1 ON. I was honestly excited for the sound quality I was expecting, never before had I owned the “best gaming headset.”

I fired up PUBG and immediately was confused by how awful and tinny everything sounded. After lots of research and EQ tweaks, I discovered that the DTS 7.1 was the biggest issue to the sound quality. It really does sound like a soup of audio. Since I was previously unlearned regarding the horrors of this virtual surround sound setting, I was a little upset that this is used to market this product as a feature that can help you pinpoint enemies in games like R6 Siege and PUBG.

I am not an audiophile, but was expecting more from these headphones. Like EposVox said, the Arctis 7 just seems to lack that “oomph” I was expecting. They seem acceptable now that I have the EQ tweaked and the microphone sounds better to my friends than the Sony Golds, so I understand the argument that these may be the best wireless gaming headphones with integrated mic, but I am going to trial the wired Audio Technica ATHM50x. I am willing to sacrifice wireless convenience if the audio fidelity is markedly better and am also willing to get a wired microphone to clip to my shirt if I feel the increased fidelity outweighs the value of the Arctis 7.

Hunter Long says:

I just ordered these in the 5 version. If I don’t find them better than the Monster headset I have now I’ll send them back. Is the Hyperx Cloud II good or should I step up to the revolver? Any other suggestions around these price points?

Capp00 says:

Another excellent review!

ABP Will says:

So the Arctis 7 is okay but the fucking microphone is so damn low. Friends can’t even hear me. It’s barely registering on Discord and as well as in my games. If you know a solution, please tell me!

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