The Ultimate Gaming Headset Mic Comparison!

Which gaming headset has the best microphone? We set out on a mission to find out by using the best wired gaming headsets, some awesome wireless ones and offerings from ModMic.

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ModMic Wireless:
Steelseries Arctis Pro Gaming Headset:
Corsair HS70 Gaming Headset:
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* Wired Gaming Headsets *
Antlion ModMic 5:
Antlion ModMic 4:
G PRO Gaming Headset:
GSP 300 Gaming Headset:
PC37X Gaming Headset:

Cooler Master MH751:
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Tams80 says:

No V-Moda Boom Pro? I appreciate not needing to attack anything to my headphones and the sounds quality is great (it may even be better than any of these, but I don’t have any other boom mics to test).

As for the ones in this video; the ModMic 5.0 was definitely the best, followed by the wireless ModMic, the Sennhesiers, the Logitech, and the ModMic 4.0. The Razer was decent, but not quite as good.

The rest will do, but frankly are a waste of materials.

SuAside83 says:

My annoyance with headsets has virtually never been sound quality of the headset or mic, but rather the long term comfort (especially when wearing glasses). If you compare dedicated gaming headsets to noise cancelling ear muffs used by military or sport shooters, the gaming headsets don’t come anywhere close to things like the gel filled seals of a MSA Sordin Pro-X Supreme. I wonder why (to my knowledge) no gaming headset is offered with the same (quality of) options as high tier noise cancelling ear protection muffs as this is old and boring technology for ear protection vendors. The ability to swap out the foam seals with gel filled ones is just amazing for comfort. Sure, the gel can be cold on the ears when you wear them initially in the winter, but they warm up very quickly. The ear muff manufacturers also refer to this as a “hygiene kit” because you can swap the seal and the inner foam cover to keep them clean. (for reference, I use a Sennheiser G4ME One)

Tarun Kumaar says:

Modmic Wireless has a little bit compression in the highs(can’t hear it all the time only for some words) and not as much bass but mids are just as good. Some might prefer this sound over 5.0 but 5.0 does have more fidelity.

HyperX Cloud Flight is compressed across all frequencies and particularly had bad pickup when you emphasized on some words and also picked up you inhalations. But the compression makes it the worst here.

Corsair HS70 is a great value as a headset. The microphone has no bass pickup and it has much less compression than Cloud Flights but it picks up a hiss at the end of some words.

Razer Thresher Ultimate has way too much bass and highs pickup is bad. I don’t notice much compression but my headphones have bad bass already. After the HS70 they might not sound as bassy as they really are though.

Logitech G933. Not bass or mids and with volume turned up I could hear some artifacting(right term??) in the background and some compression.

Logitech G Pro doesn’t feel completely natural with a bit too much bass overshadowing the mids but this is some of the best you can get for gaming. Also I can hear PC fans in the background with very careful concentration. I think messing with some gain settings could make these as good as Modmic Wired.

Sennheiser GSP 300 sounds good and to me(might be due to my headphones – M40X) a bit more natural with slightly better bass levels and mids but there are surges in highs especially when you say “spick and span”. Might be due to noise cancelling but there is no background noise whatsoever.

Arctis Pro has decently balanced sound but a bit more bass and less compression would do it favors. It gets too sensitive when you emphasize “billions”.

Sennheiser PC37X is great and picks up bass and mids and highs decently not much compression and no background noise heard. But some of the sounds get it spiked up for a moment and I think it could be oversensitivity. But at lower volumes its just as good as G Pro and GSP 300.

Modmic 4.0 is still great but it lacks something similar to compression that is evident when you listen to 5.0. For most people it won’t be a problem.

Modmic 5.0 is great and seems to have better mids and the frequencies in between the mids highs and the lows. It picks up your accent properly. Best microphone you can get if you don’t want something on your desktop.

But do remember to hear these differences the guys on the other end should have a good pair of headphones so don’t pay much more than 100$ unless you do other stuff with the microphone than just game and stream. YouTube noticeably adds compression to the sound of even the microphone he is using for audio in this video{what mic is it by the way??) and does it to the other mics as well. You should have added in the Game One and VMODA BoomPro as well along with Cloud II.

Venkat Bhaskar says:

Beyerdynamic dt990 pro

SirTrebor says:

Mod Mic Wireless, Razer Thresher Ultimate, Logitech G Pro are all good picks in my option, they all sound clear enough to understand the person on the other end of the call.

simezra says:

ModMic 5, G Pro

Damir Kadric says:

1. Modmic Wireless
2. ModMic 5
3. Sennheiser GSP
4. Logitech G Pro
Rest are not too solid

BigDaddyLinux says:

Can I ask about the mod mic. Putting aside the wireless part of it, which sounds better, the mod mic 5.0 or the mod mic wireless. I was also surprised how well the the Logitech G Pro sounded. It was actually one of the best sounding mics IMHO..
Thanks for the video Dmitry, I always find your videos very informative.

Fetus PC-TECH says:

G pro and ModMic 5 sounds best to me .

Pedram behzadian says:

nice comparison.
may i ask why you never test roccat’s products?
the khan aimo is better than most of these headsets in my opinion.
check it out, give it a try. bet you will love it.

Abaddon Oculatus says:

im blown away by the logitech g pro…my god..

Korup7ion says:

does the modmic wireless also work on consoles?

K2 Gamer says:

Mod Mic 5.0

PrivateSoup 1982 says:

void pro void pro void pro void prov void pro void pro void pro void pro

AltF4Gaming says:

1. Modmic 5.0
2. Sennheiser GSP300
3. Logitech G Pro
4. Modmic Wireless
5. Modmic 4.0

I personally own the GSP 300 because right now it is a really well rounded headset. Good sound quality in games but also in movies or for music, a really good mic and it is light and comfortable to wear over long gaming sessions.
I would buy the Modmic 5 if I didn’t have the GSP. The Modmic Wireless is just usefull if you have a good wireless headphone. With anything wired the GSP 300 is a cheaper way to get the same sound.

davetechme says:

Modmic 5 sounded the best. As a cheaper alternative, I would recommend the Massdrop Minimic which is half the cost and has comparable sound.

Brewzzer says:

The best gaming headset mic imo (not including modmic) :
1. sennheiser pc 37x
2. logitech g pro
3. sennheiser gsp 300

the others are not even comparable to these 3

Djuntas says:

Always fun to watch these videos then read the comments after…Glad my ears works the same as the rest 😛

Dan Kestra says:

I have the Logitech g pro but in my recordings of raw mic recording whilst gaming (From shadow play) and it sounds no where near as good as the g pro quality in this video

penguin says:

I thought starlord died in infinite war

Banonda says:

And G Pro is as cheap as Cloud Alphas

Pedro Simões says:

mics always sounds worse on videos like this

RAY.S 3523 says:

How would the Logitech g433 mic compare to the Logitech G Pro mic? The G Pro isn’t available in my country 🙁

Kimi Na No Wa says:

Can we please get a updated version of best gaming headset of 2018 before the year ends?

Brandon Grant says:

I think the Logitech G Pro had the most natural sound, much closer to your studio mics than the rest. GSP 300 was pretty good too. I think the Modmic 5 was a close 3rd.

Rickson Denden says:

Wait…the arctis pro mic is shittiter than its mid level counterpart the Arctis 5?

BadRusMan says:

Logitech G Pro, GSP 300, pc 37x does not sound like yours even on many other reviews on youtube. Something is wrong here.

Brett Smith says:

Timestamps. The wired ones are vastly superior among these particular mics.
1:43-2:00 ModMic Wireless (WL)
2:00-2:12 HyperX Cloud Flight (Wireless)
2:13-2:26 Corsair HS70 (Wireless)
2:26-2:38 Razer Thresher Ultimate (Wireless)
2:39-2:48 Logitech G933 (Wireless)
2:49-3:04 Logitech G Pro (Wired) One of the best mics and headsets. GSP 300 has better audio but is uncomfortable imo.
3:05-3:11 Sennheiser GSP 300 (Wired) Sennheiser is always phenomenal.
3:12-3:22 SteelSeries Arctic PRO (Wireless)
3:23-3:30 Sennheiser PC 37X (Wired)
3:30-3:44 ModMic 4.0 (Wired)
3:44-3:52 ModMic 5.0 (Wired)
3:52:4:05 ModMic Wireless (WL)

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