The Perfect $99 Gaming Headset?

Today we test the $99 gaming headset from Sennheiser… and it does not disappoint! The GSP 300 sets a new benchmark on what we can expect for sound and mic quality below $100.

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Taylor says:

Which one is better HyperX Cloud II’s or the Sennhieser GSP 300?

Kaan says:

Compared to arctics 5 which one is better

Shack says:

I like how mic sounds. What about room echo?

Mein Comfy Chair says:

This or Cloud revolver s?

The TF2 Fast Playstyle Community says:

Eeehm, how bout the sennheiser hd558 wich is 100 dollars and much better at everything.( it doensn’t have a mic tho, because it’s a headphone)

guildarius says:

I think the mic sounds “nasaly”

Tanim Mahfuz says:

this or arctis 5?

dynastes says:

Intros like that are just brillant xD

One Liner Timer says:

does anybody have an ID for the mouse in this video? the one that matches the crazy art on the pc case 🙂 ty

marlinn says:

ugly looking

Adam Feffer says:

That intro

RyV3TOficcial says:

g633 is perfect

Mamun Ahmed says:


Jared Van Cooten says:

kinda looks like chris pratt

Samjanss0n says:

Does this headset has a removable cable?

Glasofruix says:

Haha, “naushniki”

Icefly says:

I need it in Black !

Ramolm42 says:

would you pick this over the Sennheiser game one for streaming fps games?

Patrick Lima says:

Will the noise isolation affect target position ?

TheCe1ticZombie says:

Good review, bestbuy in the States just had this for 79$. Just wish the microphone had some flex in it. Later

kiwijinxter says:

Oh look it’s Chris Pratt’s brother!


He looks like Chris Pratt a bit

Bartuhs says:

I’ve recently bought a gsp 300, and I have to say that altough it is very comfortable and has great sound quality, the mic is terrible, sounds bad and has poor pickup.

Theodoros Xanthopoulos says:

this vs the gsp 350?

Will Wiggins says:

I agree, this headset is pretty great!

Nathaniel Wicks says:

Any review incoming for the GSP 350s by Sennheiser? 😀

Kyle G. says:

But I still hear noise when I have it on…

Duggy says:

It’s ugly

steven escobar says:

You look like the actor of Guardians of the Galaxy :v

ADankPancake says:

the intro was beautiful

Vicente Ribeiro says:

for rainbow six competitive player on ps4 and pc would you recommend gsp300(or 350) or hyperx revolver S?

TheLazyist says:

i can’t fucking bieve i understood the first 40 secs sequence

Cornelius Tobbagon says:

This or the steels series articus 3 and why?

Rhode says:

I have been looking for a new pair of headphones because mine are starting to get small (skullcandy Crusher fully extended )

j s says:

How come the GSP 300 is so much heavier than the Gaming one? Can you get velour pads for the 300? All the closed back sets with pleather are too hot… have seen these for $80 and the gaming one for $160 is the double price worth it?

That guy Chad says:

He looks like that asshole from John Wick.

CaptainKlotz says:

Holy shit. This is one the best gaming headset mics I’ve heard.

Ilya Kharlamov says:

A keyboard banging test ?

MICHU T says:

Great reviev Dimitri
But what is better in your opinion:
hyperx cloud II or sennheiser gsp 300? Both are at similar prices

lamela 85 says:

these headphones or HyperX cloud II?

NinetyFour says:

Watching this after the Arctis 5 and the mic that vid and this vid for the same headset are vastly different.

Renan Melo says:

Best intro ever

Juuzou T says:

Hyper X Cloud 2 or Game 1 or GSP300?

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