the New $60 ASTRO Gaming Headsets!

My New Astro A10 Headsets 😀
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Video Uploaded By HollowPoiint


K Glizzy says:

Ka chow suck my cock pussy

Patricio Ramirez says:

How do they feel on the head? I’m on edge between the hyperx cloud stinger gaming headset and the a10s

Edwin Alvarez says:

Baby Ryan is sooooo cute


They were my 1st and last Astro’s and they were amazing I would still have them if I didn’t use my stupid brain, what I did was I made shitty slime stuff and it was watery and the shit about around it in a ball popper and it fucked up my PS4 controller but it also fucked up my headphones so now I hav razor which are so much better than Astro’s bit that’s not the point so yeah that’s my story

Supreme Buba says:

since there’s no mute button do I have to put my volume all the way low so other people won’t hear me?

Bryar Coleman says:

I accidentally broke my friends a10 headset and he can hear it’s just the mic dosent work when he is trying to talk thru it does anyone have any opinions on how to fix it??

Dank Gaming says:

If anyone is considering buying these for your ps4, then don’t. The sound is way too low and lackluster when connected to the ps4 controller. Every review I see praises the sound but the sound isn’t anywhere near as good as people say when connected to the dual shock 4. Sure, you can get a amp, but why pay extra money on top of the price of the headphones when you could just pay for different ones. If you’re looking for good gaming headphones to hear gaming sound, these aren’t it. If you’re looking for headphones for chat, listen to music connected to a mobile phone or tablet, these might be ok. Buyers beware

[AnbU] PlasmaRuler101 says:

Im watching this woth a Astro A10

thechaozgamer06 says:

Personally went with the a20s

Ben WKirk says:

Watching this on A10’s

your dead says:

yo hollow your code doesn’t work bro fix it I WANT EACH AND EVERY DISCOUNT THERE possibly be BOI thx for sharing these to me. hollow

Ice Wallow Come says:

I watched this video with these headphones

Katie Contreras says:

I have the same exact ones but mine are blue and they look huge on me.

Anbu Safari says:

Awwwwww Ryan is so cute

Fear_KiLLz YT says:

Does the discount still work?

PurpleVortex says:

when he edits himself in twice I just think how on the first recording he just stood there in silence… cool small edit though.

GalacticGamerX7 says:

Ca you find these at your local Walmart lol

Lil_JK 47 says:

I have the call of duty astro A10s

Big Smoke says:

Dat editing

Michael Poole says:

3:24-3:42 Is someone getting fucked?

Lowcountry Adventures says:

can u plug it into usb with a converter

Speedeee says:

*Skechers Performance*

Russell Ellis says:

Is the sound really good??

Silverblink says:

Wtf your’e identical

cmm silencer says:

They also come in a call of duty addition that is 10 dollers extra at 69.99

Ryan Salutan says:

The A10 Astro I have but on the top padding it hurts after a while

Edit:Btw I have to blue ones

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