The NEW 2018 Sony Playstation Gold Wireless Headset REVIEW

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Sony has finally decided to revamp their classic wireless headset. The NEW Playstation Gold Wireless headset has a new sleeker look and a much lighter weight……..but how does it sound? And have they fixed the bad microphone from the originals? Enjoy!

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pussicat pusicat says:

not BT connection? STUPID Sony!

Ricky Spanish says:

So now you can hear people call your mother a whore at virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Warped Games says:

But does the material around the ear cuffs start flaking off and getting all over your face so when you walk into the restroom and look in the mirror you start slapping yourself because it looks like your face is being attacked by bugs!? Will these do that also?

Drew Lakebrink says:

But would you recommend the Platinum or Gold version? The Platinum headset is only $30 more on Amazon. Should we wait to get the Platinum in case Sony refreshes them as well?

BIG FESH 927 says:

thanks for making this video. im currently using the OG gold’s and am looking for a new set. i think i decided im going with the hyper x cloud alphas.

Audy Bryan says:

Never used headphones before if I use these headphones can I have great volume without turning up my TV volume so that I keep quiet amongst my also?

Wolfz 224 says:

Gave up on Playstation headsets and switched to astro a10 probably the best headset I’ve had so far

MLG Vincent says:

Why is there no mike????

Juan Duarte says:

Hi, thanks for the review, I have a question, I had a playstation pulse headset and I loved it until I screwed it up and literaly broke it, and I loved the sound quality specially listening to musicc with the vibration thing on it made the bass sound amazing, I still remember my friends faces when they first listened music with the pulse on. So I have a few questions, 1 – does gold wireless headset vibrate as pulse used to? If no is there any sony headset that does that availabe on the market ? 2 – which one is better platinum or these new gold? In regards to audio quality, thats what im interrested. 3 – would it be possible for you compare the audio quality with another brands in the market? Thank you so much for your time

Burl Schnarl says:

God Youtube commercials are the worst. Infomercial 2.0 crapfest!

Oh yeah, nice review! Thanks!

E Rice says:

Do these work with PS3? I use PS3 as my BD, Netflix and Hulu player.

Tee Bee says:

Please, how much can I get a play station 4 gold console?

AdrienCortez says:

I shit you not I just tried this on a PS3 and both sound and microphone completely worked. My mind has just been blown

MrNiceGuy80x5 says:

Still wish I could buy the first headset PlayStation put out

Garry Fam says:

so sir , which is best mic with low budget ?

Saman22 says:

4:52 but can you do THISSS??!!

Jason Weber says:

Just bought them, they are arriving friday.

Roberto Pérez says:

No, it is not ok to have a boom mic, it is stupid, the sound quality sounds OK, why the fuck you want to hear quality on the mic when there’s a lot of people that plays music through the mic?? It looks way better without the boom mic

Samuel Puchau says:

I should buy these ones or the Astro a10 ?

Surry2k says:

Surprised this man only has 16k subs, you deserve more man keep it up

Wenshell Jérémy says:

Do you think too much frictions could damaged the leather pads easily or they feel strong enough to last for a while?

Shadow Heart says:

New Gold, old Gold, Platinum, Elite,….
What is the top Playstation brand headset as of now?

JacobGamez says:

Great…I just bought the old ones.

Warped Games says:

Holly cow! what camera are you using? The video looks great! This is the first video of your I watch so you may have already talked about this.

Amateur GamingEX says:

I’m getting the steelseires 7 ive had issue with Sony.

Swaggymc Swaggyman says:

So should I get these or the platinums?

Azyatic says:

Can you use the dongle from the first gen GOLD for the newer gen Gold?

mochi65 says:

My old ones started peeling around the ear cushion after a month so I tossed them.

s h a d ø w b a n n e d says:

The fact that their headsets _still_ require an addition dongle… means I will not be wasting money on another one of their headsets, ever again.

And the mic absolutely sucks dick.

Cs Scott says:

Is it worth to buy

José Muñoz says:

4:53 and why would I do that to the headset, lol

MrJoltz says:

Is it PS3 compatible?

rick hunter says:

Not gonna lie looks cheap AF

Ultimo D says:

Lmao! These are just Platinums with a new headband. There is absolutely no difference other than that. But since these are cheaper than the Platinums, you might as well buy these. This also means that there will be new Platinums coming soon. The head band is definitely better on these. EDIT: #2 switch is a higher bass than #1 by default.

Azyatic says:

Better packaging i see

samuraispiritsx says:

god when the hell will Sony start using USB C port for charging on the newer products, micro usb is trash.

ZEKO TV says:

Astro a10 or PlayStation gold because this is the first headset i wanna buy it :p

Radpha G says:

The last ps gold headset fits kinda tight. Maybe i just have a huge head idk lol. Is this new headset the same fit or is it a bit more loose compared to the old one?

Geezusotl says:

Lmao the biggest complaints for the old ones was literally the hinges breaking and that the Mic was so bad it made you sound like you were in an old movie , why they wouldn’t improve the mic I don’t know

Aziz74 Wah_sh says:

Hmmm… I wanna buy it but my father is
saying your brain will get damaged and its 400 in uae

ironmatto3 says:

Honestly I hate how cheap and ugly it looks.. glad I bought the Razer Thresher. Good video, cheers!

Pete Rogers says:

As I age, it seems my ears grow. Is there a set of headphones that have bigger pocjets for larger ears?

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