The Headphones to Buy. Period. – HD6XX Review

These headphones used to retail for close to $500. Nowadays, they’re $200, and that makes them one of the most sensible choices in the category…

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Josh Carter says:

I disagree G4me one for sub 200 headphone.

Popcorn Sutton says:

I just picked up a pair of these with less than 2 hours of use for $215 shipped. On one hand, it kind of annoys me I paid a 15 dollar mark-up on (very lightly) used headphones. On the other hand, it still feels like an incredible, almost unbelievable, deal. 10/10. And I like the dark blue.

Jwoshy Woshy says:

Senheiser HD6XX or Monoprice Monolith M1060? I mainly would use them for gaming and music.

David hunsinger says:

No angry porn? This is a no sale then.

Paul Cotton says:

Never liked open back headphones.

Kim Honkaniemi says:

ft. Massdrop 3month delivery

Brennan Miller says:

ah crap i cant watch porn next to everyone on an airplane.

justmeeagainn says:

Wtf is this douchebag talking about?

Alex Muli says:

Share the headphones sob sob

Samin Amanat says:

Available again

Mario Bastidas says:

Watching this video with my HD650 on my ears! <3

SimsForever says:

I have the bose quietcomfort 35

Revenge Spork says:

Spends $200 dollars on headset, just to hear who did his mom in high quality



Nape Star says:

theyre finally back on massdrop

Water Bottle says:

“angry porn” Guess he does not want mrs Linus to know his fetishes?

Pagão Paganis says:

I wish I could buy one of these. Aside from the price, a bit prohibitive for a person who lives in brazil and receives a brazilian salary, there is the problem that Massdrop do not ship to Brazil. So for me, Massdrop sucks.

Dylan Jones says:

Hi, just wondering if these would sound great with the Creative Sound Blaster E5? Thinking about buying it for my cans coming in the mail.

Chris Claudet says:

It’s back on Massdrop today :O FINALLY I’m getting one!

John Parry says:

These are available for the third time on MassDrop, $199.99 again with an estimated 28th of March delivery. If you join early then you could well receive them early as I received mine a couple of months before they were due.

A wonderful headphone even if aesthetically they don’t quite match up the to the HD650s.

Piet Hoedjes says:

Here is a shot of Linus that will make you say, that’s not a shot of Linus, that’s a shot of Colton

I find your lack of proper grammar disturbing.

top kek says:

I love this listening with hd598s and i hear all the background noise and that constant cracling xD

acomputer8me says:

1:55 those both look like 3.5mm…

Lucien Immink says:

these make the HD580 Jubilee look more awesome!

KawaiiPedoPie says:


teknowafel sam says:

you’re comparing HD6XX to HD600, but i heard HD6XX is the same as *HD650*

riseuplight says:

OMG who’s that psycho wearing the headphones??!

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