The Gaming Headset Buyers Guide 2017! (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

The comprehensive buying guide to help you find the right headset, with all my personal recommendations along the way!
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HyperX Cloud Stinger
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Razer Kraken Pro v2
Amazon UK:
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Astro A40TR
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:

HyperX Cloud II
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:

Razer Kraken Chroma v2
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:

Astro A40TR W/Mixamp Pro
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
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Corsair Void RGB Wireless
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:

Razer Man ‘O War
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:

Astro A50
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:

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riftys short hair says:

can you please tell me a good headset with a good mic under about 100 dollars? (sorry i dont know what it is in pounds lol)

P E says:

Your thoughs on the HP Omen 800:)

mattyrs4 says:

Why mention the MMX 300 twice in the summary but never mention in the video? Also, video is “new” yet comments are 10 + months old? Something janky…

Jalen Ribera says:

You should test out the HyperX cloud alpha headset it’s HyperX’s best headset except for the revolver series

Thorz says:

Amazing video! Thanks a lot.

Monkey D. Luffy says:

Razer makes the absolute worst audio products of any any brand

theextraordinay streame says:

What was the name of that Astro on is it a Turtle Beach please let me know if you get a chance my friend I’m a streamer to I just bought a Microsoft wanted on headset and I like to know the best one you can get with it already built-in docking station where you don’t have to connect the parts to the wireless headset that doesn’t give you difference in Distortion won the last you three to four to five years please let me know

eladGN says:

This headset is the best headset ever, it’s amazing! (for it’s price point…)

The Collector says:

so basically you tested the a40 without its mixamp

Granyte says:

where is the kraken 7.1 v2 review…. ?

ken san says:

is thear any diferanc for the mike quality on wierlis vrs wire ?

jj jj says:

i am confused regarding headsets, i already have Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo PCI-E sound card in my
PC and it doesn’t have any USB ports to plug in USB for wireless handset so if i purchase wireless headset which works on USB, will the sound card be kind of useless on my PC?

Brahma CREATOR GOD says:

The only reason why I came on this is because people where making fun of me because they couldn’t hear me clearly

- Knight - says:

Great informative video bro…by the way I started watching your videos when you were younger with only 20 subs…look at you now doing well..You always replied also to my comments when I had a question back than…great work

Captain Krabs says:

2018 guide?

kabronplay says:

corsair are terrible dont buy

mohammad aboukar says:

IMO, the steelseries Siberia 800 Trumps the Astro a50 with it’s swappable batteries, and comfort.

j_bal_60 Streams says:


exile says:

If Harry Potter became a tech guy instead of a wizard

Cringlez says:

I’ve got a h270e mb and I’m curious if I need a seperate dac if I use analogue headsets… any help?

Arief Arfiansyah says:

Which is better kraken pro v2 or electra v2? For ps4

A_Balding_Father says:

Dude, great video. Thank you very much.

Erick Alvarez says:

Should I get the Man of war or the Astro a40 tr?

Rcomps says:

Intro sound copied by raghav digital

Akash K says:

Popular and Best Gaming headset @mydaytech

Shubham Jaiswal says:

Can these be used with an iPad?

Berserkir 79 says:

Got one thing to say.. Save the money, and get Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO combined with a Modmic 5.
If you go for the 80 ohm (or 250 ohm), you would have to get an external soundcard as well, Focusrite Scarlett Mono for an example is a excellent choise, good bang for the buck.
If you want to cheap out, you could go for the 32 ohm version.
I suggest getting the 80 ohm version with an external soundcard, so you can up the quality (i run mine at 96000hz studio quality).
This combo, will put pretty much any gamer headset to shame, and for a little bit more than a mid/top range “gaming” headset.

There are just a few true “surround” gaming headsets on the market, as most gaming headsets like Logitech, HyperX, TurtleBeach and what not, only got 2 drivers (speakers), which obviously makes it a 2.0 headset, and not 5.1 or 7.1 as advertised.
The “7.1” is just a fancy software which really doesnt do anything special, apart from adding bass, distorting and twisting the sound, to make you believe it’s surround. This often degrades the overall sound quality quite a bit, and it turns to be more of a gimmick than anything else, and it doesnt help that they use cheap drivers (again, speakers) either, as this as well brings down the sound quality quite a bit.

For most gaming headsets these days, you pay more for design, brand and rgb, than actual sound quality. Some are indeed better than others, but most of the time you wont notice a real big difference in most common “gaming” headsets.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is a pair of high quality studio headphones, they are awesome for studio/content creators, they are awesome for listening to music, and they are absolutely brilliant for gaming, and they will last you 10 years atleast, unless you rage and smack them to shit and beyond.

Super Saiyan says:

Thank u it has been usful

Of Hells Design says:

You should consider using a banner or something at the bottom or changing the color of your text. I had a hard time reading the white letters on the screen.

Green Katana says:

astros are supre flimsy i had astros a50 and from wear the arm on top stared to show carks one day i dint place it properly on my table it fell from a height about 1 meter and it broke and no blue can ficx it cause how weird the head band is

BeatByATaLi says:

What about the Sennheiser G4ME Zero? Heard good things about it but I don’t know if they are worth the full 170 euros. (got a good sound card so no issues there).

Violins of Violence says:

Well explained,thankyou.

Brandon Hardin says:

If you are recommending Astro A50 for anything, you have no idea what you are talking about. Stay away from A50 bad charging problems.

BrownGalil says:

I would definitely recommend the SteelSeries Arctis 5. it’s pretty affordable (~100USD), works on all devices (mobile, pc, mac, ps4, xbox 360/one, etc.), looks clean and sleek and lights up, is very comfortable, durable, and is a headset I want to take out with me to listen to music, not just play games with! I did a video on my channel about them if you want to know more 🙂

bro bro says:

Im a noob when it comes to headsets. Any suggestion for the best gaming headset mainly for hearing footsteps for ps4? My max budget would be $150 AU dollar.

pigeon says:

Hey man would you prefer the razer kraken usb or hyperx cloud stinger?

jonathan adiputra says:

can i use a soundcard on wireless headset?


Audiophiles are never pleased it’s fucking annoying.

Mark Pacatang says:

What kraken headset is good for the ps4

Dr Despicable says:

Came across this tonight looking up Corsair Void Pro Special Editions and I only got one question. I’ve broke many of the “arms” or headbands that hold the earphones in position, Is this one I have now more durable than Striker Pros?

ShokzMayKill says:

looking for a headset that can be used on xbox one, ps4 and PC and all i care about is microphone quality, any recommendations?

Rawan says:

You bought all these yourself?

Sly Sight says:

Hi, would you still recommened astro a40 tr and mix amp going into 2018 for a top end gaming headest or can you suggest something else as im looking for a new gaming headset and was considering this as i have game one by senheiser but isnt great:) appreciate any advice 🙂 thanks

TheReal AMG says:

Astro A40 TR with the mix amp (PS4 version) coming tomorrow.
anything i should do or be in the lookout for?

ChickenTato says:

I can’t connect my Corsair void pro to my Xbox one, please help

EM1 Tuning says:

Holy crap I gave up half way.

xav Muller says:

Wow man this video is exactly what I was looking for! So detailed and super helpful.

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