The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones… Bose or Sony?

Bose QC35 II (USA Link) –
Sony WH1000XM3 (USA Link) –

Bose QC35 II (International) –
Sony WH1000XM3 (International) –

The Bose QC35 and now QC35 II are widely regarded as the benchmark for wireless noise cancelling headphones. The new Sony WH1000XM3 headphones are looking to change that. So the question is… Has Sony done enough to dethrone Bose? Which is the best pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones for 2018, 2019 and beyond?


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SkyPotato 68 says:

bose is my vote, I have a pair of these and they are killer on an airplane.

RickJason says:

I found the Sony’s very uncomfortable. My friends got them after this review.
Great product, but I just can’t wear them for long. Got the Bose on EBay for $80 cheaper and love them.

Fed says:

Was comparing those two in a shop and Sony’s were a total winner if we are talking about sound quality. M2 are about the same as QC35 but they also cost cheaper, but M3’s are huge step up.
I didn’t know about the functionality, and they feel even more attractive now!

Nentheless, QC35 are a solid number two!

cole hairsine says:


Rob Scherer says:

Sony’s $278 on eBay…just saying.

Ulugbek Abdullaev says:

Watching this with my Sony 1000x m3

San Ansa says:

i bought Bose Noise Canceling Headphones for $350 to block outside noise when I am at home doing work. They SUCKED, especially for that kind of money. I returned them to the store. The Bose rep said it won’t block out variable pitch sound, so what’s the point. you can get decent noise canceling headphones for 1/3 that price.

Hussain Al-Khalaf says:

@unbox therapy you should have tested the Sony with APT-X HD & LDAC modes; sound quality should be noticably better. & You should also test them wired to see the original audio quality without the Bluetooth limitations.

Ansh Grover says:

sony’s for life. i currently have the sony wh h900n. they are 1 model below the wh 1000x m3 but they still sound incredible. not a great fan of the noise cancelling but the touch gesture and software interface are quite similar. qc 35 2s are legendary as well but sony gets the upper hand for features and sound quality. but bose it always better in terms of active noise cancellation and the over the ear comfort. google assistant is similar on both

Kenn M says:

I think the Sony are a better headphones when it comes to sound, but just slightly….but I’ms choosing the Bose because of Alexa. I use Alexa a lot at home and it would be nice to do it on the run too.

Lucia Gunn says:

BO X SO…I gotta a BO and I’m SOOOOOOO impressed! Multi device pairing and comfort wearing…sang/recorded in Smule and listened to music for over 12 hours straight and still got a 90% battery charge announcement when I was done! The one “beef” I got with Bose is the non conventional 2.5mm auxiliar audio/mic cord cable jack! What were they thinking? And the Bose mic cord (which obviously comes with 2.5mm male plug that fits the QC35 II 2.5mm female jack) has got a pretty mediocre mic when compared to Beats mic cord. So I’ve been on the hunt for an adapter that actually works well and can’t believe how difficult it’s been to find something that won’t cause sound issues. That’s the only beef I got as far as the Bose QC35 II. I don’t know anything about the Sony but I’m pretty impressed with everything about the Bose QC35 II…well, to except the 2.5mm proprietary jack.

My husband was talking (to me) about a foot away from me and I couldn’t hear A THING out of his mouth! He then yelled my name…well, he told me later on, after physically removing the Bose off my head…LOL…I couldn’t hear a thing! That’s pretty BOSE impressive to ya!!! Highly recommend Bose but don’t doubt Sony is also very good. They both have one thing in common that they stink at: PRICE!!!! TALK ABOUT RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. HEY GUYS AT BOSE AND SONY: THESE ARE HEADPHONES! NOT NASA ASTRONAUT HELMETS! LOL!

Kalnins says:

BS that Bose cancels voice! Of course you can hear the voice. It is quieter, but unfortunately it cannot cancel voice completely. Works perfect though with some humming noise like aircon or plane jets.

Unbox Therapy says:

Bose QC35 II (USA Link) –
Sony WH1000XM3 (USA Link) –

Bose QC35 II (International) –
Sony WH1000XM3 (International) –

Dan Hertz says:

Bose is more comfortable

Elbert Cuevas says:


Ryo KGU Ryo says:

I got both and I ended up using the Bose more because of the double pairing function allowing me to pair to both my private phone and work phone and switch from one to another by only pressing the bluetooth button on the right side of the headphone.
I usually use the Sony when it’s only for listening to music on the train or at home when there are people around so when somebody speaks to me I can just cover the headphone with my hand and deactivate the sound cancelling in less than a second ! What’s funny though, is that people do not understand that I can hear them while wearing the Sony headphone so they keep waiting for me to remove the headphone before speaking lol.
However, the Sony makes me feel a little sweaty after wearing them for a long time, something that does not happen with the Bose QCII and is much more recommended for long usage.
The mobile app in the other hand allows a lot more on the Sony side with a lot of customization possibilities.

Maybe I am strange, but I do prefer how the Bose QCII looks…
Regarding the battery life, I could use the Sony XM3 for 26.5 hours with Noise cancelling on and music at its maximum volume while the bose could hold for 21 hours with the same conditions. I did the testing on the first charge after unpacking them of course.

For the Jack, I aggree with Unbox Therapy… Bose are always using those crappy Jack wires that are more difficult to find than the normal Jack on both sides…
Regarding the Microphone, i use Bose with my Iphone and S7 Edge (Private and work phone) and I am always perfectly heard even when I lower my voice.
The sony on that side has no problem either, but I need to speak slightly louder than the Bose in a noisy environment, but It does not make it inconvenient at all.
The Sony MX3 indeed cost me 49 bucks more than the Bose QCII.

Nightmare Core says:

Do Dolby dimension

Dani I says:

Bose f**king sucks

Owen Wilson says:

Why are they always wireless, doesn’t wireless make the sound quality worse

emilio alizadeh says:

Damn I need these to be like $20 so I can afford them

PM Shaun says:

I have to be honest ..right off the bat ..BOSE 100% ..but base on what features and new inventions >>> Sony got this Hands down!!

Lloyd Lausa says:

Love the sound signature of Sony M3’s but the most amazing feature for me is the ability to release cabin pressure during flights when reaching high altitudes and when landing, by activating the atmospheric optimizer of the headphone. I used it for a couple of international flights and cabin pressure on my ears hurts no more.It’s so great.

J says:

Can you do a sound leak test between these two. My biggest problem is that my headphones are always too loud and people around me can hear my music, which I hate.

Harinder Singh says:

Which are better sony m3 or Skullcandy crusher 360???

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