SteelSeries Wins The Headset Game // Arctis PRO + GameDac

The new Steelseries Arctis Pro line aims to push the audio ranks within the gaming industry. These new headsets are Hi-Res Audio certified, delivering incredible sound quality for you to enjoy. Today Dmitry reviews the GameDac edition but stay tuned for Pro Wireless coverage soon!

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Review unit provided free of charge by Steelseries. This video is sponsored by Tesoro. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

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Ed Jackson says:

Arctis 5 vs Pro?

wazzuppoo says:

Yeah its obvious hardwarecanucks is getting paid more and more for good reviews

Luna _9351 says:

Nice to meet you.
I am considering purchasing this product.
Can Arctis Pro + GameDAC connect PC & PS4 at the same time, and play the both sound?

Reaper & Sylum says:

All those cons…I’ll keep my PC363D.

poopsy la piss says:

yeah… i’ll stick to my AKG’s and modmic 5 combo…

shine says:

Cool features, just can’t justify spending more than $125 on a *gaming* headset

Idtech Celestial says:

Dimitri please compare to logitech g pro headset

PG productions HD says:

Get this or ASTRO A50 Wireless?

BurninZero ZeroDuel says:

tried out the equalizer with the to fix the long distance sound fire if they let u custom of it

buddy9499 says:

can you edit the arctis pro rgb color you want in the steelseries engine like arctis 5?

BMAN says:

No they are ok lucid sound blows them out for 50 dollars less

FuZioN MoNsTeR says:

These or Astro A50’s

Martin Garcia says:

Can anyone give me their feed back on these for the PS4?

Anime Anime says:

When is the wireless review gonna come out?

Tony Santos says:

not too nasaly? sounds like ya got ya thumbs up ya nose bro!

iiRoYaLTy says:

is worth upgrading from astro a50’s last gen ?

JJ Pablo says:

Sennheiser hd579 + mixamp tr or any other dac/amp combo is all you need. Not this crap.

Erik Joyner says:

Are there any seperate Dacs that have a chat mix?

Hydra says:

I actually find the audio share port useful, when i’m gaming or doing something intense on my pc i can just throw on music or youtube on my phone or tablet or laptop and just play that audio through the same headset.

ps3dubbs says:

If you have a big head or lots of hair on said head then these headsets will feel very tight and rigid – the Astro A20 will be a good headset to go to for comfort.

All Tech Together says:

Can you connect a pair of headphones to the 3.5 mm line out port?

Kry Sosereybot says:

funny thing I found on Arctic 5! so after about 6 months of using, the adjustment volume on headset works Chinese-ly. I have to keep it at 100% all the times or it will unbalance the R and L (tho the setting shows it’s balanced) so I believe it’s hardware problem from Steelseries! and Software problem, as I keep updating my SteelSeries engine 3, RGB now always shows green :v

PhatdudeAlfa says:

so these wont work with xbox one in any way ?

Radus says:

*laughs in Planar Magnetic*

wnash7 says:

What do you think astro a50 pr this one? Or just go to another choice?

Hard Reset says:

Steelseries are crushing the gaming headset market. Finally a worthy opponent to the Kraken or the Void…

Joseph Guy says:

stay away from this shit i had these only 3 days and i am now takeing them back to best buy, these are crap they were working fine but then the audio got very very low then no audio so i tried my old headphones which are hyper x and they worked fine i checked all my usb ports and to make sure i used the usb dac that came with my old g430 with my hyper x and they worded fine, I tried my ps4 and xbox and the same thing no sound stay away from this crap

Ryan Crockett says:

how do i change the hz for my headset it only goes up to 48000hz for me?

Shwt1me 818 says:

Does it work on xbox

Gerald van Buel says:

When on PC mode you can’t use 96 kHz – 24 Bit
You have the only option for 48 kHz – 16 Bit

is there a way to get it working?


Crazy with so many headsets and opinions on which is best. Ive read and watched sooooo many articles and videos on which is best, but they all end up leaving u scratching your head and more confused than when you started. Ive had older turtle beach headset 1st on my xbox360 and they gave me headaches after every use. I then bought a standard jvc non gaming and used the dss2 dolby 5.1 processor and the surround detail has always been so much better to give me a nice open space surround. Eventually i wanted something new to test and got the hyperx cloud 2 with the 7.1 dongle. However for pc its fine, but ps4 its just a more clear higher sound. But it doesnt really give me the surround detail to pinpoint exactly where someone is in fps. So my old dss2 is still offers me the best surround with any headphones and on any console using the optical port. Ive been looking for another headset that i can compare to my older dss2 but im no closer as everything i read, the nxt person says its rubbish, falls apart, etc. I just might stick to what i know and trust. Ive had it years, never let me down, save money and put a little more towards the money to buy a decent 4k, hdr tv. lol.

ToriksLV says:

Really important question. Can this have PS4 and PC audio at the same time so when i play ps4 games can hear audio notifications on pc or i cant. With astro mixmp you can only with some workaround.

Clay Sprinkle says:

Are you making an Arctis Pro wireless review?

WillyWonka says:

Another awesome review, I’ll be waiting on the wireless one! The Arctis Pro seems to be my next headset

Sif The Sun Praiser says:

Now the gaming accessories companies will use the Hi-fi tag (which is the audiophile pride) on a gimmick products they will release. Oh Lord.

One Punch And A Half says:

What’s is a game dac?

cr0wnest says:

My Arctis Pro RGB lights don’t work, and the firmware is unable to update as well.

Shahzad Khan says:

im excited to see the Audeze Mobius.

Vladislav Frost says:

i need recommendation for a headset. What about Beyerdynamic DT 990 or other similar models? First of all i need good sound quality and sometimes i will use them for gaming. And i need good internal soundcard i think? (not big fan of external dac’s. Or i need it too?)

Jasper Pin [Charon] says:

What’s the specific name of the bladerunner score?! Cause I can’t find it anywhere somehow 🙁

Mike Auger says:

I saw the wireless edition in Canada Computers the other day. HOLLLLLY MOLLLY was it pricey ! ! ! It was $399.99 Cad :0 I mean I think for this headset, for what you get, I mean. . . I dunno. . . this is WAAAAAYYYY outta the ballpark people.

For instance, I just got into the latest Massdrop buy for the Mass Senns HD 6xx. It was $199 usd. I factored in the 25 usd delivery fee, and our oh so lovely 13% provincial sales tax, and it comes to a grand total of $328.13 Cad. That’s $123.86 LESS than the Steel series, AND the 6xx’s are high-end cans. Whereas when you buy these steel series headphones, you get….well….a set of steel series headphones that barely cut the mustard as far as audio quality goes.

Peter Kjær says:

Only good things to say about this headset! Quality headsets need an analog converter to achieve their full potential. I feel Steelseries are going the right way. The clearcast microphone on the Arctis pro is surprisingly good, which cannot been said about most other gaming headsets. And finally the fact the headset can produce 40,000 hz just indicate how clean the sound is!

poodle safari says:

The volume actually makes sense because the headset isn’t boosting the audio, it can only reduce it

Ghost HD says:

This headset its better than cloud flight hardware canucks?

Jorge Silva says:

Need some help here .
Is this arctis pro + dac better than the sennheiser gsp 600?
Im divided on wich to buy for ps4
The gsp would be used with astro mixamp

Neo-ReXX says:

What was the game with the squad base levels? Rainbow Six Siege?

Jack Crow says:

Advertising with you must work. I went to check out the keyboard and they are sold out. It looks like it would fit nicely in my laptop backpack.

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