SteelSeries Arctis 7 – The Almost Perfect Wireless Headset!

The cable struggle for gaming headsets is real so today we review the feature-perfect Arctis 7. Let’s see if this makes the cut for the ultimate wireless gaming peripheral set.

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Raiden Dot says:

So… what happened to the Siberia 840 review??? 😛

Engimato says:

Am I the only one who has a really muffled sound when I use this headset ? It’s really annoying since it really ruins the sound quality when I’m gaming and listening to music. Is there any help on how to solve this problem ?

Menthix says:

Why is it so hard to make a GOOD wireless gaming headset?

Ian Dave Manguira says:

$149~ welp imma buy a sony then :V

Said Asım Altun says:

Gençler Arctis 5 almaya niyeti olan varsa almasıni bunu alsın. Elimde Arctis 5 var ama satıp bunu alacağım çünkü kablosunun üzerinde kocaman bir Chat Mix Controller var. Bu yüzden kablo ne kadar uzun olursa olsun Controller yere düşmesin diye sadece 1-1.5 m^2 bir alanda hareket edebiliyorsunuz. Sizin için sıkıntı değilse Arctis 5 gayet güzel, hatta belki mükemmel. Ama eğer Arctis 7 alma imkanınız varsa düşünmeden alın. Umarım yardımcı olmuşumdur.

Ethan Sanchez says:

Don’t buy this headset, it’s personally the worst sounding and worst comfort from a headset I’ve experienced. Just buy Senheiser HD598 and a blue yeti or snowball

Astraldymensions says:

I got this as a Christmas gift this year and I think overall it is a great headset. Though upon using it I also noticed it has a weak bass. Some may enjoy that but if you like bass… I’d check the HyperXs instead. The only other issue I have with it is personally I don’t like the way it sound wirelessly. Now that could just be the fact that I’m a bit of an audiofile due to recording sounds on film sets, but I will say it sounds okay. Wired I find it better. It feels fuller with a more noticeable bass and just better balanced.
Still, I’m enjoying them a lot, but I definitely lean to using the wired cable.

Markus Andersen says:

The best Headset!

Chaz Hansen says:

HardwareCanucks I use the PC363D what do you think a good wireless replacement set would be?

Martin Parodi says:

I have this, they are good, except for the god awful flat bass.

Lodath says:

Can you use the headset when its charging ?

Blueberry_ Gamer says:

Can this be used for xbox

Michael says:

Amazon has it for $99 atm great headset love it.

LucaVon 't says:

Guys, I’m looking to buy one gaming headset, but, which one? Arctis 7, Sennheiser 373D, Razer Man O War, G933?

sergeant big p says:

Even my Microsoft livechat lx-3000 has better microphone

EssenceOfTrance says:

Hey I’m looking to buy a new headset to upgrade my HyperX Cloud 2’s. These are crackling when the audio gets low and the mic range is terrible.

I’m looking into these… Would you recommend these, the SH Game One, any other, or headphone+ modmic? Price isn’t that much of an issue but 300 is pushing it 🙂

popo kuo says:

Is it better than asus rog strix wireless?

Jeppe Werring says:

Picked up the Arctis 3 today for $60, the drivers touch my ears just barely, eh whatever.

Matthew Driene says:

why do the mic tests alwasy sound worse in your videos?

dns15r says:

Been using arctis 7 for a month now mainly for Overwatch, the sound quality is pretty bad, everything sounds muffled, sound stage is bad therefore the positioning and details of sound in comparison to my old G633 are just bad, i tried to tune it using the software but the adjustment is very minimal, I don’t get why all the reviews gave it good score. It’s VERY comfortable but the performance is sub-par, it’s so bad that I switched back to my wired Logitech, felt like money down the drain.

zed0kun says:

Please review the Sony Pulse Elite for gaming

Vince says:

Looking for a review for Xtrfy H1 hope you would do one!

Kristoffer Nielsen says:

Good and comfortable headset!

Steadfast Whiplash says:

How’s the overall audio quality on these? You only mentioned how they work for games.

HYDRA says:

i have them they are good for gaming but not that good for music, they dont pump like my 65 euros old playstation Sony Wireless headset. These Hardware faggots are obviusly sponsorized

Søren Benzon says:

The mic is Terrible alot of static noise same bad qual as always

Lars Madsen says:

Good review! I love a good headset with a good mic!

Thiago David Moreira says:

Hey guys. I’m missing a top headset of 2017 or maybe a top from price range, like $50, $100, and over $150. Would that be possible do create?

JakeFio70 says:

Dmitry, any chance you could provide us with optimization settings? Thank you for all the great videos.

Croogemccuk says:

Will the wireless feature work on ps4 too ?

MusashiSolid206 says:

The mic sounds awful and not noise cancelling at all. Was the test sample recorded with the software configured? Noise cancellation is important to me because currently my keyboard is so loud it sounds like I’m inside a giant type writer.

Arangahat Timamangoyamtirumgee says:

Is the sound quality the same between lossless 2.4g and Bluetooth?

jeremy mcneely says:

Still prefer my H-wireless

ToXiC_PaNdA 1 says:

I honestly don’t really like wireless headsets because you have to charge them so I think I’m gonna get the arctis 5

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