SteelSeries Arctis 5 Review: Best $99 Gaming Headset!

SteelSeries Artics 5 brings style and quality to Gaming headset

SteelSeries Arctis 5:

Battlefield 1:

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Products in this video:
SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset with RGB Illumination and DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, VR, Android and iOS – Black –


Khoa Tran says:

Should I get this or Logitech g933 or Astro A10???

Alexandru Dumitru says:

Please dont buy this crap headset. It’s only marketing. Crap piss of garbige, i will take my money back. I got Siberia v2 and compare to Arctis 5, Siberia v2 is way more powerfull and have more mid-low. Arctis 5 feels like you got a auto tweeter in your ears. The software is good but dont do nothing. Crap, crap crap omgg so crap that my FLuX is way more good then this shit. Ok the mic si good, better them FLEX KRAKEN v2 Siberia v2, but i dont fucking care. I dont hear myself in game. Its a piss of 20 $ garbige headset. BTW : i got then with a promotion with 55 $ from 130 $ and i want my money back. even 55 $ is expensive for this crap.



SG-9995 {SG CPT Taggart GAR} says:

I have it, Got it this past Christmas, and now it isn’t working as well… I love it, but the Audio cuts out at times. I will be picking up a new pair at some point hopefully.

Damian Huerta says:

Does the rgb lighting work on Xbox one and mobile ?

iAmBleu says:

how much did steel series pay you

The Man says:

I think this channel is a bit underrated.
The reviews are solid, spot on without all the jabber and videos arent too long.
Good solid reviews always, thank you! 🙂

Monsieur Nugh says:

hey sir is the earpad washable/removable? just in case if it became smelly.. any recommendation how to clean earpad ?

Airsoftwarrior345 says:

If any of you guys are trying to figure out what headphones you should get for gaming check out my post

Rio Bitut says:

looks sick

Black Ice 311 says:

How is the sound on the PS4 Pro? I saw it’s only 7.1 on the PC.

Siddy Boi says:

Would this be good to listen to music like indie rock, classic and jazz?

Triando says:

Is that better than Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 ?

PeRFeCTioN says:

are they on ear or over ear?

hypeR says:

Do the RGB lights work without the cable plugged or do you need it plugged in for the RGB lights to work

Tasty Tuba says:

This or the 7.1 Man O’ War (wireless) which should I get

Intryckk says:

SteelSeries Arctis 5 VS Siberia 350? Which one is better and why?

ForgivenessSaveMe says:

I clicked this because at first glance i thought its Martin Lawence doing headset reviews.

Arthur guima says:

Is it good to wear with glasses?

GoldenPheonix says:

I think im becoming a headset addict… I just got another pair of astro a40 tr’s and now im looking at getting these and some hyper x clouds

Pandabuse says:

I have some problems with this headset that when i don’t speak in the mic people can hear me breathig

James Mcintyre says:

Does the mic work on xbox one?

Othman al usaimi says:

Nice review 🙂

Logan McCallie says:

The Wonder Woman background looks like a white power ad because of the fact that it says “power” with a W under it.

Jaylen mills says:

These or the Astro a40 with amp for sound whoring

Victor Mcvic says:

A black guy with a strange american scottish accent? haha

asusmo cruz says:

So far this is the best package of Gaming Headset you can get

Vincent Dang says:

What settings do you use for when you’re gaming on the steelseries engine?

Nathan Kong says:

Hi I got a quick question does the RGB lightening work on the xbox one ?

Dekto says:

the problem is, that the Arctis 3 is 80 euro and the Arctis 5 is 120 euro… which one is the better option?

Émilia Tokes says:

Really helpful ! I compared your video with the 7 and yeah, the 5 does sound crisp-er and clearer

Jake Boger says:

Hi BoredatWork, first of all, what a great video. Both informative and engaging. I wanted to ask about this headset as well as two others that I have been considering and that is the Arctis 5 from steelseries, the hyper X cloud II’s from Kingston and the GSP 300’S from Sennheiser. I own a pair of steelseries V3’s that are just starting to get worn out and if possible I would love to have your thoughts on whether or not you would recommend the Arctis 5’s, Hyper X cloud II’s, the Sennheiser GSP 300s (or possibly something else). The ones mentioned are primarily the 3 headsets that I am stuck between buying as they are all right around my $100 benchmark. Thanks!

maxwell hardy says:

awesome well made review. Sold me on the cans

TheFruitsClan says:

the – point, absolutely NO bass in the mic… like NONE… i hate people who uses mics with no low or mid tones

Rolando Vega says:

Is this headset 7.1 surround sound on PS4? The only other gaming headset I know that does that is a few Razer headsets and they do a pretty good job of that.

justin johnson says:

On Xbox the rgb doesn’t work because you have to use the 3.5 jack but other wise your good I was disappointed t tho

Mr.MustacheTako says:

what is everybody’s deal with the mic on this thing!?!? look up mic tests of the turtlebeach p11, the mic is MILES better than the arctis mic. and the p11 headset is only 40 bucks

Cole Robinson says:

good review mate

Gloria Donnell says:

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info mation says:

is this headset wireless?

Joe V says:

Why does the cord have to be grey? -.-

Ruupeni says:

u are a sellout. I bought these and these suck. Even 30$ headsets are better. Dont buy these pls

TheFly212 says:

Why doesn’t it connect via USB to XB1 and PS4? It’s only stereo on those… Why?

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