Steelseries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset Review and Mic Test

The Steelseries Arctis line of gaming headsets have nee some of the most requested headsets on this channel I hadn’t had the chance to try them out until recently. I decided to start with the cheapest and maybe work my way up. These things fall into the same price range as the Astro A10 and the HyperX Cloud Stingers. Are they as good?

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TheKeithvidz says:

my wireless version is a strong performer 24hr battery.

Deadcorification says:

Arctis 3 is the worst pair of headphones I’ve ever used. Terrible audio quality, extremely flimsy and fragile. I fully regret wasting over $100 on this cheap headset. Don’t waste your time with this crap.

hoopla Pr0 says:

So im debating on switching to arctis 3 from a10s rn since they are on sale for $40… Tbh a10s have better mics but theyre pretty uncomfortable.. And $40 on sale? Thas a steal

Marcus Chan says:

Should I get this pair for Xbox one???

Matthew Howlett says:

These with a Astro mixamp are a good combination

No Content says:

Do they leak sound??

Jake5753 says:

I own the a10, and they pick up a lot of background noises, does the mic on the steelseries pick up background noises?

TrxppySharp says:

I wanted to know that Steelseries Artics 3 are compatible with a ps4 slim controller.(CUH ZTU2)

Jizmo says:

so i just bought this headset and when i get it the sound was fine but the mic isnt working but the pc knows its there but when i play fortnite my mic doesnt working idk what to do ive been stuck for 20 minutes on how to fix this mic

Mai Va Lee says:

Should I keep my HyperX revolver S or buy this cheaper pirce?????

futuramabender20 says:

I got those today 12/27/18 as a birthday gift and mine didn’t open the same way as yours? Mine was a pop the top kinda deal.

DeAn H says:

People say 7.1 is only if you have the drive on PC, True, however it supports microsoft sonic 7.1, cbox one HAS that, it also has dolby atmos. So if you have an xbox one its a Great BUY

Wendalka says:

Mic test at 5:00 cause it took me forever of scrubbing through to find it

The Geek says:

Can you give a review about the steelseries arctis 3 2019 edition?

SG121 SeriousGamer says:

I won a Give Away for it,Im going to try it,Hopefully their like I want,Thanks for your help

TheWavetwister says:

How did it feel with the thick arms on your glasses? I have a similar frame on mine and find that a lot of headsets get extremely uncomfortable after an hour or so of gaming.

Yooo ItsCarmie says:

I’m thinking about getting the 2019 Artics 3s. Has anyone used them and reccomend them? I really want a surround sound/heavy bass experience when I replay RDR2 lol.

Self Made says:

how come I didn’t get that cable -_-

Jon Frost says:

I use them for music and solo Xbox play. The mic cuts in and out on Xbox when in a party. I won the headset so I won’t be using them till my Trittons break and that’s saying something

DevilAnse1977 says:

Does this work well with dolby atmos on the xbox one x? You shouldn’t need to adjust anything.
They were on sale for black Friday for 49 dollars. So I thought I would get a pair.

Joaquin Gonzalo says:

CAN you make phone calls with it ?

Fin says:

So is this worth it for pc i need to know asap! 🙂

Tyke Man says:

Anybody what reviews headphones that have not been broken in knows nothing about headphones.

cuLAB says:

Can you do a comparison/follow up of the 2019 edition??

Jon Anderson says:

What would you say is the bet headset for the PS4

DanK MelonZ says:

I got these for 40$ on black friday wel theyll be here friday i have a 2 year replacement plan maybe ill replace em

Jared Chai says:

Idk. I use these on xbox one and I can hear exactly where people are (siege, pubg, battelfield). This headset made me a footstep whore and a better player overall. I’m just waiting for these to fail or break so I can buy the wireless ones, it’s only been 1.5 years.

Aquanox 19 says:

Getting a gaming headset for my girlfriend for christmas, idk if she wants or likes surround sound so should i get these? Or get the Hyperx Cloud Stinger

Jane Howarth says:

Bad video

Schumi says:

Don’t buy arctis, just don’t. I wasted my money (old siberia v2 sounded 2x better)

xxtoxictrooper akaninjaxx says:

Hyper x is better in my opinion

J vD says:

I have the PS4 gold headphones for a while and today I bought the Arctis3….. My opinion is that this headset sits 10 times better then the PS4 Gold… not sweaty and not painfull or anything.. I almost forget that I have them on my head. Love this headset.

Though the volume is a little but low if you use the PS4 controller, but it’s loud enough for me.

Tay TayPlayz says:

For PS4 do you connect it to your controller

Kartik Mahajan says:

Imho, I can never trust steelseries in terms of build quality. I bought siberia series headphones and the build quality was absolute garbage. Left band broke after 1 month and other one after 3. Unless the build is of metal or alloy, I cant trust plastic headsets.

YTBySIB says:

4:58 Mic test
5:18 Astro A10

Markey 403 says:

Which headset should I get these or the hyperx cloud 2

Rescinded says:

The head rest parts of the SteelSeries headsets are comfortable. The problem (at least with the Siberia v2) is that even though it’s made of some type of metal I assume and you just can’t break them – they fit like a vice grip and you can’t stretch them. 5 years later, they still feel like you’re being tortured by a carpenter. I just hope the next pair of SteelSeries I buy is comfortable.

Allen Hasbun says:

Sidetone on these?

. says:

For those watching this in late 2018 or 2019 wondering why they have no registration code:
You don’t need to enter any code or download software anymore, just right click the Windows 10 speaker icon and select “Spatial Surround: Windows Sonic for Headphones”.

Daniel Elo says:

A10.100% Better sound quality

Don Dan says:

Got mine, first day I found out the phone cable only drives one ear. Make a ticket with steelseries, tell them to send me another damn 5cm dongle their idiotic tech support asks 3 times for the receipt, I live in france and bought it from Amazon, I followed the steps their told me and what do they say ? “thats not the receipt it’s the tax invoice, whatever the fuck that means. Told the guy he’s getting on my nerves and send him a picture of my screen following the steps he provided, then he closed my case and basically told me to talk with amazon. I explained fhe situation to amazon and they offered me a replacement or since only the cable was damaged a 30% refund of my purchase which means i can buy another cable.


What’s that gold one please send me a link to what headset that is

Dantw says:

its the legacy edition?

AJ Playz says:

On call of duty you can go to audio and put it on supercrunch which is a lot better when you are hearing footsteps

Classic says:

I have the 2019 edition and lowkey regret the buy

Sound quality and comfort is pretty good but the mic is just so bad like i would rather use the first headset ever made the mic is just bad

Yustin Fan says:

Which sound better the 3s or the a10s?

Rooneysithmaster says:

Probably best buying a decent pair of stereo headphones and then get a 7.1 dac, problem solved.

camaroboy1905 says:

are they better than pioneer ms5t?

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