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karan saxena says:


Sir Psycho says:

Those look good bro

AKDz NUTz says:

Me ish haffing fun watching kami, sadly i weep for paladins, though wont leave that game. #kamidebest

Usama Mughal says:

no the old mic is better… new one is too much robotic T__T

TheDragons 9999 says:

HAPPY NEW YEARS! I know im late…. sorry

RKY says:

kami is not fat..

Azmi kho says:

I am from Indonesia, and i want to say Happy New Year Kami. Don’t forget to upload paladins gameplay everyday.

Maybe i’m the only one from Indonesia here.

Sorry if my english too bad

Red Eye Wolf says:

I don’t feel the difference =D

SomeDude96 says:


Quality Headphones.

ROG MMC says:

Happy New year

Itza Prefix says:

Can I win this cat <3 ?

Loganas Lukas says:

Nice video as always and headphones look cool

DI DOU says:


Asim Ahmad says:

You are the best player I have seen in paladins. And you are verry good with pip. Can you give that headset to me please????

Ren - Paladins - Streams - Vids says:

Happy new yers :7

Fabio Monzani says:


jamesbrook81 says:

Dear Kami, thanks for the year you’ve entertain us. I hope this new year will be a graet year for all of us! Happy new year Kami <3

demerio pottinger says:

Happy new year every1

Yip Ha Ha says:

wished it worked for more games like paladins. sick sound effects tho.

ashraf aledrissi says:


Kalu sharma says:

I’m so sorry for spamming on 2 of your videos.
Kami can you please share your DPI, FOV, In game Sensitivity and how big you mouse-mat is please ?

Also any advise on how to get better aiming with Androxus? I’ve did what you taught in your video and i can do Flick shots in training nearly every time but in real match i cant do shit..

Root 4761 says:

it s highhhh noon!

Mala says:

Kami’s voice made me wet

Mohammad Bilal says:

Happy New Year guys xD

MrSucuk says:

Happy New Year

Vít Kuldan says:


Zephyr 123 says:

Ah, the good ol’ McCree Stun and Gun. Always works.

Thegamingcop says:


Blue Fire Legacy says:

Happy new year kami:-)

Arman Hossain Mohan says:

Ah I think kami should stream overwatch sometime

ramakrishna Komalla says:

hey kami … i need the headset man ..

Hyuga says:

Happy new year everyone <3

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