Splat & Chat Headset Review for Nintendo Switch + GIVEAWAY!

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Officially licensed by Nintendo. The Splatoon 2 Splat & Chat Headset is the first chat-enabled headset for the Nintendo Switch. You can manage your in-game sound and voice chat at the same time in Splatoon 2’s online multiplayer mode. The headset was designed as a replica of the male Inkling character’s in-game headset, and it features interchangeable decorative plates to reflect your personality. Check out the video for my full review!

*I was NOT provided this product for review.

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Yoshizilla says:

Turtle beach, get on this

ducus10000 says:

Connect an AUX cable to Switch and PC, then install an Android emulator.


Not gonna lie I kinda like looking jet grind radio. I got this one graphic hoodie and the prescription goggles I ware glasses but yeaaaaaah.

CuZImBurak says:

Just f#ck this headset.Just use skype or something else..

RonnocGames says:

For fuck sake can someone help Nintendo made a decent party chat

Balázs Máté Tóth says:

the volume lowers so you can hear your friend over the firing and explosion etc.

Duco K. says:

Wehere is the winner

Erana Manu says:

Do they. Work as head phones???

John W says:

Can they be used with Discord on the computer?

TheMiner644 ! says:

Can I buy the chat thing by it self? I already have headphones

LuigiCore says:

They should just let us use the voice chat on the console instead of using an app

Game Theories For Your Thoughts says:

Maybe they did it this way just so people could chat with their friends everyone has played Cod and we all know there’s at least one troll every once in a while

Joey Giesbrecht says:

Why would you want this, just FaceTime with your friends

Duco K. says:

Wait did he or se got a email back or ar you making a video of the winner

isak larsen says:

I have another headset that is way better but works the same. Steelseries arctis 7. It can connect to a wireless usb dongle connected to a pc, it has an aux out and a wierd port that can be used on aux devices thanks to the aux to that port cable that comes in the box. So basicly it can be connected to 2 aux devices and a wireless usb dongle. The way i use it is that i connect one aux to my switch and uses an aux to bluetooth adapter to connect it to my phone where i talk using snapchat. Thos do cost around 200$ tho but i got it for almost half the price on sale. This is a really good gaming headset and i bought it to use it for my pc not the switch.

Zain Khan says:

who won the giveaway?

Dan Heisenberg says:


Patriotix says:

Is this headset good to other things, like, computer games etc.?

Cyclone35 Jokesays says:

I was thinking of wether or not I should buy them, thanks for the review, it really helped

Icemann336 gaming says:

But do they work as standalone headphones?

EpicMario says:


Disappointed Optimist says:

I think Nintendo just wants to troll us with this crap voice chat

Richard Anthony Jose says:

Nice headset..

Iker Bañuelos says:

I need a Nintendo swich and splatoon 2 with amibo and the head phone

yoshi tuber 95 says:

But there was game chat in minecraft wii u edition

Smiffmaff says:

Is this also worth while as a plain chat headset

Filip Mirowski says:

Do ulubionych mnie Filip is Polish name and I hawe it

Ziranos says:

This did NOT AT ALL fit on my head. Wasted money.

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