Sennheiser GSP 300 Review | THE BEST headset I’ve ever used!

This is a review of the recently released Sennheiser GSP 300 gaming headset, and what an amazing one it is, imo for the price currently ubeatable, watcht the revirew to see why… (affiliate)

00:44 Content & Overview
02:36 Comfort & Fit
05:05 Mic Test
06:26 Sound Gaming
08:04 Sound Music
09:29 Conclusion

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Alex Rowe says:

I finally bought one of these and I can’t wait to try it. Great, thorough review!

Tai Nguyen says:

Mate, is it good for PUBG? How it compares to GSP 350?

hallajavel says:

Do I need a proper sound card for this headset? I have a old motherboard with integrated soundcard on it, I think its pretty shit too. Should I buy a USB headset instead?

RobinNX says:

for gaming,music and movies what do you choice,this or game one?its the difference on price compensated?

warriorprince101010 says:

Sennheiser GSP 300 or Logitech G433? Thanks.

Erafune says:

Won’t fake leather start to fall apart and peel after a couple years? Happened with the g930 at least.

Guilherme Al says:

Great product…. but why da hell does it have to look so stupid !!

crudex says:

driver size

papec122 says:

Hey, I’m in front of a choice between HyperX Cloud Alpha or GSP300 will there be a comparison? Alphas are the newest version of Clouds

me me says:

just got gsp 350 and i gotta say im very disappointed. the right headphone is loose and leaks sound, the surround sound and the sound presets “music esport game” sound a lot worse than just off. my ears get hot really fast. 120£ wasted.

Petr Marný says:

What is better for fps games? This headset or Razer kraken V2?

burns0100 says:

How do you clean this headset?

DracoSapphire says:

Watching this on my new GSP 300, Thank you, my German friend!

Presanth Michael says:

Is it true that this headset causes discomfort when wearing glases?

CatGaming HD says:

Should I buy this or the Arctis 5? I’m going to use my new headset for both PC and iPhone. Is the Headset any bulky?

Mat Can says:

Bought them, returned 30 mins later. For some reason they hurt my ears, ringing sensation similar to the pressure while in a plane.

This Is Tino says:

My HyperX 2’s broke. Pretty sad over it because i payed 80 bucks and was hoping they’d last over a year and a half. I think I’ll pick this up over another pair of HyperX’s 🙂

burns0100 says:

Bought them… haha, couldn’t help myself when i seen they were on sale at my local EB Games. Were $147, i got them for $117.

So far so good, haven’t had the time to give them the biggest test but they get loud, the volume control on the side works and actually goes from 100% to 0% volume (some don’t on other brands), didn’t get any complaints when i used the Mic in Destiny for the 10 minutes i was on and they sounded decent. Not amazing but solid which is a good thing. Build quality was outstanding and the comfort was ok, had to find the sweet spot.

My couple of complaints would be i wish the cable detached and i wish the mic was a little closer to my mouth, i find i need to talk about normal volume to get it to pick up my speech, so late night gaming sessions while everyones asleep are out of the question lol.

tchien k says:

hey damir awesome vid i just subscribed your channel! May i know if its comfortable and not suffocating to wear around your neck? im planning to bring them out for music and to chill loll

Jose Martin Arbis says:

Is this good for all around use, music, gaming, movies?

Mr.Mostwanted11 says:

Hyperx Cloud I or this?

Krista says:

GSP 300 or GSP 350 or Game one? Whats the difference

MojoMyster says:

I have one, but all my friends say my mic sounds like ass, and they all sound weird


i have the same mouse as you! Razor taipan battlefield 4 edition for the win!

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