Sennheiser GAME ONE Headset Review

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Testing methodology:
Headphones are left to burn in for 48 hours with white noise using the following track: The 12hr interval on the track is looped. This burn-in method wakes up the drivers and allows for minimal variations in tonal changes for short term testing. We understand some headphones require much longer burn-in periods (eg. 6 months to fully shine) but given the nature of our reviews that is not possible.

Equipment used:
Game testing is done using Asus DX 7.1 sound card that allows EQ tweaking to test for driver handling and potential distortions throughout the range. Audioengine D1 DAC is used to test for default audio signature.

Songs tested : (All FLAC or 24bit/96Khz files)
September – Earth, Wind and Fire
Angel – Mezzanine
Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
Codex – Radiohead
Elegia – Alexander Popov
Puzzle Piece (Heatcliff’s Farewell Remix) – Tania Zygar and Space Rockerz
Burn Out – The Cinematic Orchestra (Every Day)

Games used (Mainly the most recent titles):
Battlefield 4
Metro: Last Light
Assassins Creed 4


Alex Hancock says:

game one or the dt990’s?

SomeRandomGuyOnTheInternet says:

Ouch, the price. Just got a 150 dollar one, but 250 dollars for this, just too much for me… The quality and everything is amazing though!

Max Holloway THE GOAT says:

these or fidelio x2 with vmoda boom pro?

Dankjuicebox says:

Is there a black and red one?

Martin Ho says:

Hardware, are u the actor of star lord in guardians of the galaxy?!

ReL0ad3r says:

I have tried many many different headsets in all shapes and sizes and quality.

I play first person shooter games and find 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound headsets not compatible for most games as far away sounds are not optimized and this will cause you to die quickly

after doing my physical testing of multiple headsets I found stereo headsets work best in first person shooter games!

I like Sennheiser Game Zero for Best Quality Sound and Hours of Comfort over many many other gaming headsets!

This is without a doubt the very best and comfortable headset I have ever used!

Nightwing says:

this or logitech g933

Brian Sheehan says:

dont like the white and the price is high for a gaming headset in my eyes…. would really love to try out a pair though!
awesome review thanks!!

CloakOG says:

do these earcups have the same material as the hyperx cloud 2’s velvet plush cups because the clouds plush ear cups make my ears and head itchy

Thread212 says:

Dmitry sir. What is ur favorite headset for gaming?
I found that Hyper x cloud 2 is great but the sounds they produce is not quite good.

dirty jew56 says:

Does this mic have mic monitoring?

Prahalad Kangeyan says:

whats your most favorit gaming headphones

ChapolinO says:

fuck man $250 ?
in brazil this is $1400

easo91 says:

If you aren’t aware, these are using the same driver as the HD598.

Jayden Valentine says:

can this be compared to the PS3 7.1 wireless headset?

Dark Exsphere says:

No surround sound?

ZeruVia says:

Whats the difference between the GAME ONE and the PC 363D

OpTic KTG says:

MSI has a $49 headset that sounds WAY better

danny yee says:

These or ADG1X?

NovaRaccoon says:

After watching this review, I am actually saving up money for this headset. The mic quality really makes this a must buy for me.

Wingadium Leviosa says:

how much “mm” have the jack (for example) for the PS4? I mean both jacks.

Vivni says:

NOTE: For everyone complaining, it’s called gaming headset for a reason, I have no idea why you bother with music. They’re obviously not designed for listening to music.

Outland says:

But do I need a headphone amp for these?

GunShot says:

How do these go against hd 598 in terms of soundstage, sound quality, comfort, build everything?
Ps. Here at my place the game one is actually a TIIIIIIIIINY bit cheaper than the 598, just a tiny bit.

I'm dumb Cassidy7 says:

Is it glasses friendly

Carlos Carrillo says:

These or some used HD650’s + mod mic??

Jesper Giørtz-Behrens says:

What camera do you film this video with?

Roland Thio says:

Does it has qr code on the box?

Anthony M. says:

Help me out here, guys. I’m torn between these, Astro A50s or Turtle Beach Elite 800X.

Halfcentaur says:

I was not impressed by these headphones. They felt good and were super comfortable to wear, but the sound quality just wasn’t there for a $200 pair of headphones. The bass was deep, the sound was low, and the clarity was not crisp or detailed as you need in gaming. Im just going to fix up/rebuy a pair of the hd 515 sennheisers that I’ve used for over 10 years for less than a 100 bucks, and sound wayyy better than these. Don’t bother with these “gaming” gimmick headphones. Just get a standard good pair of headphones. This gaming shit is trash.

Mario Petovar says:

Hey Dmitri would you recommend this headset in combination with GSX1000? I recently got GSX1000 after your review,and now im looking for headphones/headset that would be perfect in combination with it.

Moritz Hauser says:

does it have usb or 3.5 jack

Roland x says:

this or astro a40 tr ?

Edvardas N says:

Which are more bassy ZERO or ONE?

CantBeatMyScore says:

I would buy this of it had 7.1 surround sound.

Wayne Tang says:

1:38 for mic test

Ignotus says:

Been using a Razer Kraken 7.1 (i know right) and ive been lookin for an upgrade thats actually good, and 3 years later this review is still helpful as apparently the game one is still one of the best $100-200 headsets on the market.

Ironfist says:

where can I get the drivers? dont find it lol

John Fletcher says:

Sennheiser GSP 300, or Sennheiser G4ME ONE?

Hans Yolo says:

It looks basically like they took an HD 598SE and strapped a mic to it. Is that what they did?

Alkhan Baluch says:

I got the headset yesterday and I have this low sound problem. Previously I had USB gaming headsets and they were all fine loud and good but this time I decided to go with 3.5 MM jack and bought this as I saw a stupid amount of good reviews about it like everyone saying its awesome, best headset they have ever bought, you hear every sound, amazing quality for gaming, etc. Now that I have them I can’t even get them loud enough to hear my game properly like foot steps and stuff. My Mobo is MSI Z87-G43, it has Realtek ALC1150, High Definition Audio, Sound Blaster Cinema (I don’t know what all that means btw re this headset).

Now I don’t know if this is how this headset is supposed to work and everybody loves them like that or there is something wrong with my Mobo, or maybe everyone uses it with an external dac/amp, I don’t understand. I have ordered a FiiO-E10k dac/amp to see if it makes any difference, if not I’m gonna have to send them back and get a USB gaming headset. Should I not have expected better quality audio than USB headsets especially for gaming? how do you get the best out of this headset? I’m disappointed as F**k, I really hope I’m doing something really wrong. On a positive note, they are the most comfortable headset I have ever used!

Martin Kargo says:

This is by far the best all-in-one solution headset on the market at the moment. I’ve tried numerous of headsets throughout time and i’ve never come across a more comfortable and great sounding headset than this. Have had it for almost two years now and its still going strong, still comfortable, durable, looks new etc.
The sound is stunning, whether its gaming or music. Remember, the g4me one is better than the g4me zero when it comes to sound and comfort!
It is so comfortable that I often forget that im wearing them.

The only bad thing I can come up with is that they’re so damn good that they will be hard to top meaning I wont get a new headset for some time and I really love gettig new gear. But this is of course a luxury problem.

Mozart Gaming says:

do you need a driver because it doesnt sound good with my pc

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