Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset Review

Today I review the Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset; an open back set of gaming headphones with that typical Sennheiser tone. You get a wide soundstage to help locate where sounds are coming from, and a relatively neutral tone. The microphone doesn’t sound amazing, but it does a good enough job for gaming.

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00:00 – Intro / Price
00:29 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:46 – What’s in the Box
01:02 – Build Quality / Comfort
02:19 – Specifications
02:40 – Background Noise Test
02:51 – Polar Pattern Test
03:07 – Direct to iPad Recording Test
03:27 – USB Soundcard Test
03:45 – Windows 10 Motherboard Input Test
04:05 – How Did the Headphones Perform?
05:30 – How Did the Microphone Perform?
05:57 – Pros & Cons
06:51 – Recommendation
07:49 – Outro

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tim twijutsu says:

Whats currently the best sound card?

Cat Man says:

I’d like a review of the the creative k3+

FoodTechLife says:

Sounds like a headset.

Dark Magician says:

Will this work with Xbox one?

brtcobra says:

sounds like a telephone

Șerban says:

what I would appreciate from headphones review is to say the following: this is how I felt after 1 hour of wearing them, after 3 hours, after 5 hours..maybe it’s just me who is comfort sensitive, I don’t know, it’s never covered by anyone. You can be a casual gamer 1-2 hours ever so often or hardcore 3-4 hours every other day, they might be awesome for a casual gamer, but get so uncomfortably hot for longer sessions which is a dealbreaker no matter how quality they are, don’t you agree?

Unit95 says:

Thumbnail look like youre an esport player on championship. XD
Nice review btw 🙂

Jack Zubyk says:

I have the Game Zeros and love them for gaming. I’ve been using them non-stop for over 2 years on my XBox and really just enjoy them.

David says:

Can u suggest us a better headset alternative in your opinion? Maybe the SteelSeries Arctis Pro (cable)? Pls test it. Btw nice review as always.

Paresh Koli says:

Very bad sound. Earphone mic sounds better than this.

Emil says:

Applejack said? “How’d you like them apples” then you said? 2:02 “How do you like them apples”

aXBlackDeathXa says:


Stargate Pioneer says:

Another con I didn’t hear you mention is the open back aspect of the headset. I’ll say this is a con because people around you will more easily hear what you are listening to as well as you’ll pick up surrounding audio. In those configurations I would prefer just using speakers than a headset. Overall a really good review. I’m looking forward to you review the Platronics Rig 800LX someday

MrMalpa55 says:

Hello, what would be the best mic for streaming computer games for something about 90$?

Andrew M. Sheppard says:

(7:26) Reported for #ZOMGCyberBullying

Roptor says:

If you review more gaming headsets, reviews on the GSP 300, GSP 500, and GSP 600 would be great!

Michael says:

What USB mic would you recommend for gaming/discord? Since these don’t seem up to snuff. Your recommended ones on your website are very expensive in the UK. (Mainly the Audio-Technica ones and the Samson Q2U which is 70 pounds) Do you know of any affordable ones in my region? MPM1000U and MPM2000U are affordable at £50 and £80 respectively but I’m unsure if they’re suitable for what I want?

Petr IVANOFF says:

Hey. Please help me with BOYA by-m1 to boya 35c adapter (or rode- vxlr) to behringer u-phoria um2 not working

BeigeBoy says:

how so you liike them apples, good movie

Gnarly Soundscapes says:

I’m severely disappointed you didn’t test it for mic’ing your guitar amp.

flox says:

Whats the best microphone for recording deep voices and streaming?

Wrotis says:

Nice review man. These get more comfortable the more you use them.

Synchroplastikum says:

What’s your motherboard? Sounds surprisingly decent.

reggiep75 says:

Headphone sweaty ear syndrome is a killer!

Charles Eads says:

I have owned these for about a year and I love them, they are far better than the turtle beach I owned. I use them for console playing. The negatives that comes to mind are, the mic picks up noises from quite a far distance away, friends can hear crickets from outside my house. Secondly the plastic over time gets squeaky and just noisy, it is noticeable with minimal head movement. Overall I have zero regrets about this purchase. Thank you for the review, just thought I would share my experience.

X-RaY ViDz says:

I recorded videos with the game zero mic but now i only use it as my primary headphones, baby bottle SL baby!!

Maarten Bos says:

The clamp will decrease over time, which happened with my headphone.
This headphone is based on the HD598/HD558, and I got the latter listed, and the audio quality is really good. The microphone of course is a different matter compared to dedicated ones, but surprisingly, the audio quality is quite decent. At least it’s a clear audio.

For my headphone, I have a corrected EQ that lifts the veil and makes everything more “flat”/balanced


Plz can u review ( the mxl 440 )
Its mxl and its really cheap

serafin1499 says:

Good day Podcastage. I don’t know how to suggest a review but theres a curious audio interface mostly known simply as V8 audio interface. It’s a chargable adio interface that is compatible with phones and PCs and I think you will do the best job explaining it. Thank you very much!

The Linthicums says:

Anything as good but costs less?

Anthony C says:

Out of curiosity. Did you try them on the xbox? I have been switching between headphone on the play anywhere titles between the xbox and pc. The sound is completely different between the 2.

Desolo Zantas says:

You should review the MPOW EG3 and Purple Panda

Manoj Chowdhury says:

You are no1 mic reviewer in this planet, i m a big fan of your reviews.

JooshBag says:

Awesome review. I’m going to pick these up for sure.

RiseOfTheFlutes says:

Your reviews are really high quality. Thank you!

BBQ Crasher says:

Thank you for doing a headset mic review. Would be helpful if you can review or reccomend a great setup up comparison. Not all of us have a soundproof room and ambient sound rejection.

Jorik Sonneveld says:

An all plastic build quality…


Is it full plastic or is there a metall headband

Keb Andrews says:

Banging on a keyboard with those cherry mx blues

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